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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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... or maybe you do

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


J.BISHOP: Foreign Minister here, put me through to Joko Widodo please.

J. WIDODO: Ah, Ms Bishop, I much hoping you are very well. What I can do for you?

J. BISHOP: Well, you can put those two Australians on a plane back to here instead of shooting them please.

J. WIDODO: Ah, Ms Bishop you are too late, I must support very much the intergity of our Islamic judicial system. Death row problem very, very expensive to fix.

J.BISHOP: You can’t even spell the word integrity you scrawny little wanker, now put those two on a plane or I’ll be over there tomorrow to shove one of your shiny floral shirts right up your floppy little clacker!

J. WIDODO: Ah, Ms Bishop, you know I stop playing sex games now I become President. Anyway, why not you fix this problem at police stage? Only $A50,005 each then. Even at court stage only $1,000,005 each. But Ms Bishop, at death row stage... ooh very, very expensive intergity now.

J.BISHOP: How expensive?

J. WIDODO: How $A20,000,005 sound... each of course, Ms Bishop?

J. Bishop: That’s outrageous!

J.WIDODO: Oh, Ms Bishop, you so outside the loop... we use 10 per cent of all um, “donations” to get our criminals off death row and on a plane home from other participating Islamic countries.

J. BISHOP: How come we got nothing when we sent all your people smugglers back?

J.WIDODO: Oh, Ms Bishop, you not a participating Islamic country, not yet!

J.BISHOP: So, $A20,000,005 each eh? What’s the bloody $5 for?

J.WIDODO: Oh, Ms Bishop, we need a little something for your AFP, a sort of “spotters fee” I think you call it.

J.BISHOP: Okay so I’ll get Peta Credlin to pay you $A40,000,010, we can become a participating Islamic country and you’ll put the boys on the next plane home?

J.WIDODO: Ooooh yes Ms Bishop, I fix now, lovely to do business with you, bye bye Ms Bishop.

Ms BISHOP: Get me Peta on the line!

P. CREDLIN: Yes Julie?

Ms BISHOP: Take another $A400,000,010 off Joko’s foreign aid account will you?  


In 1998 my son died from a heroin overdose, he was 21. I spent a bit of time at the Glebe mortuary after this because it took a while to get the death certificate, the ladies there pointed out to me that there were 8 white kids a week being brought in there dead from heroin overdose. They made the point that no asians were being brought in while at the same time apologising for sounding "racist". I would happily be first in line to pull the trigger on these low life that peddle this shit. I really don't understand why our government is trying to save them, they should have been shot a long time ago as should all pedlars in this and any other drug.

Two foreign drug dealers with Australian passports are not Australians. And even if they were, the death sentence is a wonderful thing. We should have it back in Australia. And use it frequently. Especially for treason, sedition, rape and murder.

How do other Pickerians feel about Pliberseck's performance? There she is, dolled up like Morticia, showing an unseemly deep cleavage, bumbling on about that her amarato could have been shot had he been caught, not in Australia, but in Asia. It seems Australia would have been "deprived" of three lovely children. What? She'd have soon shacked up with some other loser ( that's what Labor women do, remember Gillard, Roxon et al?). Anyway, Do these two pampered socialists, on the huge public serpent salaries ever think that this bloke's drug dealing may well have bought about the premature deaths of others? They're incredible! That is what you'll get as a socialist deputy prime minister, God help us.

Horse, transfield wasn't doing the security sub contracting at the time. So once again you are Bull shitting.

She was told by members of the labor government not to hold the enquiry they just had before the federal election, she didn't and waited until after the election and has acted in a partisan way with all the untruths such as "there were armed guards in the detention centres" there are no armed guards, Ten women had committed self harm, one had, she lied to the Senate Committee, This all come out in the senate investigation into this silly woman. Do a bit more reading puppy.


You funny!

Well said Bruce. We are here for each other.


Bruce don't let yourself get sucked in just BOYCOTT IT.

Casting family aspersions aside...;) Who cares? I don't...this is after all [just] a political blog.

What's your view on the criminal labor family?

Yes, indelible ink! -

O.T. The captain of the Costa Concordia got 16 years in the slammer. On top of that, he can't command a ship for 5 years, As Inspecor Hoo would say ".........

Actually, mav-t, that last part of your post describes Shorten quite well. It supports my post above. Thank you.

Yet he allows you to post your libellous garbage on his web site. Unlike your criminaly perverted comrades.

We all make mistake BR. Shit i thought i made one once but i was mistaken.

I think John Elliot got it wrong, it should have been, "Horses Ass". Bruce are you kidding, unless you have read all of 'Francis the Talking Mules' posts, you are leaving it open for interpretation that you are indeed a dope. Please take care defending this chameleon as he will lead you to dark places and play with your mind. This creature is one of Satan's pets and will turn on you with it's fangs dripping violet venom. Be aware Bruce , everybody is warning you. Begone Lucifer incarnate you have formally been exorcised.

What followers?

I have no way of knowing the man for real; in the absence of insider information, assumptions is all that anyone can make. But from from his posts it would seem pretty clear.