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Tuesday, 21st February 2017

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Barack Obama will give his farewell speech tomorrow and it will be interesting if he can find something to say that will induce applause from anyone bar the stick insect, Turnbull and hard Left Democrats. The truth is that he has been an unmitigated disaster for America and the rest of the world. He leaves the Presidency in far worse shape than when he won it. 

His legacy is a flammable Islamic cauldron of discord.

One hundred years ago T E Lawrence (of Arabia), described Arabia this way: "Their idea of nationality is the independence of tribes and parishes and their idea of national union is episodic with a combined resistance to an intruder. Constructive politics, an organised state, and an extensive empire are not only beyond their capacity, but anathema to their instincts…Unless we, or our Allies, make an efficient Arab empire, there will never be more than a discordant mosaic of provisional administrations.”

Guilty of war crimes the equal of the Turks, his homosexual disposition was hidden from the Arabs he considered his friends. But the Arabs never trusted him for good reason.

He wrote again on August 22 1920: "In Mesopotamia (now Iraq), the people of England have been led into a trap from which it will be hard to escape with dignity and honour. They have been tricked into it by a steady withholding of information. The Baghdad communiqués are belated, insincere and incomplete. Things have been far worse than we have been told, our administration more bloody and inefficient than the public knows … We are today not far from a disaster."

 It appears nothing has changed, yet the West still imagines there’s a light at the end of this endless tunnel.

Bush the younger, Obama, the British and French are responsible for millions dead (many of their own) and almost a billion displaced and the fomenting of a deep hatred that now expresses itself in guerrilla warfare in our cities, malls and back yards.

Armed with a suicide vest, a knife in one hand and the Koran in the other, the modern jihadist has displayed a military cunning borne in Bedouin tribal warfare devoid of any competitive army, navy or air force. It knows what it wants and death is merely an inevitable token cost.

But there are two main players in the wings, Turkey and Russia. They sit, waiting for a far more costly outcome. Both have been dismantled, the USSR and the Ottoman Empire were once bitter enemies with Russia demanding Constantinople as part of the carve-up post Lawrence’s Arab revolt.

The League of Nations (now the U.N.) decreed 56.47% of Palestine be given to the Jewish State and 43.53% to the Arabs. The Palestinians violently opposed this plan but the Jewish forces immediately wrested control of their U.N.-allocated share of Palestine, as well as some extra Arab territory. Yep, the good ol’ UN was at it way back then too.

Britain withdrew from the region on May 14, 1948 and a State of Israel was proclaimed for the first time in nearly 2,000 years... and they will never relinquish it.

The next day, five Arab armies from Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq invaded Israel. 

But historians will never agree on Lawrence’s arguable “successes”. Back in England his victories were seen as romantic ones and had captured and held the public’s and the film studios’ adoration of him.

In 1917 Lawrence wrote in utter despair at the insoluble complexity of Arab tribalism and Western arrogance: "I've decided to go off alone to Damascus (Syria), hoping to get killed on the way ... We are calling for them to fight for us on the basis of a lie, and I can't stand it."

But he didn't die until back in England when he was riding his motor bike flat out. He crashed at 90 mph trying to avoid two kids who suddenly appeared in front of him. He was just 45 years old.

Whether it’s John Kerry, that fool Hillary Clinton, or Lawrence of Arabia, the West will never understand the dysfunctional Arab mind and it will continue to cause wars that finish on our doorstep. 

And the Arab world is not now something we can divorce ourselves from, not now that Pyongyang is assembling ICBMs with nuclear warheads that can reach Hawaii if not LA or New York.

Kim Jong-un had an invisible seat at the very table where Obama and John Kerry gave the Iranians a path to nuclear weapons. Everything Iran knows, Pyongyang knows. Each has had observers at every weapons test and each has exchanged nuclear secrets and material for the past 20 years.

North Korea is not a loony Arab nation we can ignore, it is under the wing of China, it borders Russia and is within our and Japan’s region of military concern. Thanks Obama!

America cannot take out the Zika Kid without the unlikely agreement of China. 

The fact is America knows little of the Crusades and even less of the danger that Turkey now represents and nought of the Russian-Crimean-Ukrainian fuse. It is merely intent on starting a new cold war with Russia and inexplicably has Turkey as a partner in NATO. 

That is an incendiary mix and it’s doubtful even Trump will understand the consequences of ignoring it.

                                                                The Turkey carve-up

TE Lawrence and Obama both left the Middle East in an horrific state where the carve-ups are yet to be settled with likely a million more deaths and millions more displaced with evil intentions in Europe via a Turkey, which conveniently straddles both Europe and Asia, and it is determined to regain its Islamic Ottoman Empire just as fervently as Russia is determined to regain its Soviet States.

Trump, Erdogan and Putin will now be in a battle of the minds where Trump can at least be competitive. Barack Obama had no chance. He simply deserted Israel and left it to take out Iran alone... again.

So when Obama rises to give his departing address this week he will speak of himself in glowing terms and be met with a thousand pairs of rolling eyes.


OT...Another printout I found was " Unauthorised Arrivals and Detention" information paper put out by Dept. Of Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs. Interesting because it covers every aspect of immigration to our country.Also of interest was a paper describing the qualifications needed for intending electoral candidates.Section 44 disqualifies any person who is under allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power.That should cut the mussies out! But it doesn't, does it? I would love to see someone take a couple of our pollies to court over it!

OT...For those posters who would like to know more about who owns Australia,I found a Liftout from the SunHerald when cleaning out paperwork.It was dated January 3,1988. I am sure that if you log into Trove you can find it. It covers Mineral & Energy Resources, Manufacturing Industry, the Service Industry, and Real Estate...4 full pages...mind boggling even though it was almost 30 years ago!

She of the"Long Knives"is probably shopping around for a new place to put them ,along with Scott Morrison and what is left of the 54 bed wetters.

As the great British political thinker,
John Dalberg-Lord Acton was quoted as as saying,
"The issue which has swept down the centuries & will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks"
That war is now in it's early stages & the Jews & Israel are just one of the theaters of operation!
The EU,which is the political front for the Central Bankers is based on the Welfare State & administered by the Social Democrats.
The Welfare State & the EU are collapsing due to,among other things,the creation of the the unworkable currency known as the Euro which is bringing poverty to the member states.
When the Euro goes under it will take the EU with it & bring the European financial aristocracy down as well.
Europe will once again consist of independent nation states.
The financial & political power given by the defunct EU,behind the scenes,to their Arab thugs will cease & a very big part of Israel's terror problems will also cease.
For what it is worth.......,when this great day arrives most of the rest of the Middle East will witness peace as well!

A Smart Ass


"Whether it’s John Kerry, that fool Hillary Clinton, or Lawrence of Arabia, the West will never understand the dysfunctional Arab mind and it will continue to cause wars that finish on our doorstep." That's only partially true, Larry. Please don't buy into that nonsense argument that if we just stayed out of the Middle East then Mohammad's soldiers would leave us alone. THEY started it 1400yrs ago. It was always going to end up on our doorstep whether we interfered or not - it's just what they do. Obama, Kerry and Clinton promoted the risible Arab Spring that enabled the resurgence of theocratic jihad states and then invited the militant hordes into the West to live among us. Bush was clueless but the weakness of Obama and his beloved Merkel and the gormless Europeans own the current mess.

"Hollyweed".... Democracy at work, BK. Free doobies on inauguration day, you know ?

BK giving you grief Marco. That's the way, shoot back.

IDK why you continue to blame Labor, when it's the Liberals who are sending the letters out! They need to top sending the letters out until he flaw in the system is fixed! Now there is the threat of a class action against the Federal Govt! It's completely out of hand!

Australian Digger writes outstanding letter of concern to Senator Payne: May I congratulate you on becoming the first female to hold this position.  You may have mountains to climb in this position, Senator, as we have not really enjoyed the privilege of such women in Government as the expensive Gillard and Bishop girls, plus the sadly lacking in all theatres, Sarah Hanson Young – all rather pointless  exercises in female promotion.  We all realise male domination of Parliament has attracted the most fearful crowd of no hopers this country could muster, and lived in hope our women could do better.
May God help Australia – our last chance.

It's a stressful and unpleasant experience, BK. A couple of years ago I received a letter asking for clarification. I'd been retired a couple of years and had to go back to my employer and get copies of old payslips and join the queue at Centrelink. I was cleared but it was a horrible experience and I understand the anger people are feeling, especially when politicians are so greedy.

She changed dramatically after her 'lift in John Kerry's plane, she was positively flirtatious after that trip, wonder what he offered en-root/I mean en-route. Treacherous cow. And how grateful of the Timorese after our lads put their lives on the line for them. Hope they don't come whining when the Indo's decide to take them overagain.

Your reperitive, badly run ABC "News".
Half of Australia is baking and a good slice of The Northern Hemisphere is freezing, that's climate change? So what?

All part of stick insects long term plan for a top position in the UN.Wouldnt surprise me if Krudd was working with her behind the scenes.

My prediction about President Barry Soetoro? He will face up to 40 years in jail (unless pardoned by Trump) over the now infamous Obama digital birth certificate that was recently proven beyond doubt, to be a forged document based on two independent forensic experts... in Hawaii and in Italy. The Italian experts even proved that Obama's birth certificate was based on Johanna Ah'Nee's birth certificate, which was issued 16 days after Obama's alleged birth date. The forensic evidence is now with the US Congress, and Trump's attorney-general is going to have to deal with this crime. Meanwhile, the chief investigator of the Sheriff's Office, Maricopa County, Arizona - Mike Zullow - has filed a law suit against Obama over the forged digital birth certificate.

Well I suppose the Timorese haven't been doing much to grab the headlines lately. Doesn't help that our mutual neighbour has been making some very loud noises about building stronger ties with other Muslim nations around the world. Heaven forbid that the Indons get smart and import some eastern european/middle eastern 'refugees' and settle them in West Timor. That, and with the way Turdball is going, the stick insect will be sitting on the other side of the chamber next election, so the other worry is what horrors await us with the next ALP government has in store for us. And then there's the problem of Smithy himself. He really doesn't have the same following here that he once enjoyed.

What?....................not drawing a crowd?