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Friday, 16th November 2018

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…just don’t do it!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Embassies and Consulates of most countries are sited in the host country’s capital city, and relocating the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is about the most provocative move that can be made.

I suspect Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has his fingerprints all over this mad idea, despite previous threats and promises over decades to relocate the embassy. But not now, not now that there’s a slim chance that talks may progress the deadlock of whose sacred city it belongs to and what Israel will need to give up from the West Bank.

It is so sensitive the Christians, Jews and Muslims have been killing each other over it for centuries in the names of their respective gods.

Trump has also made remarkable headway with the Saudis who were given a free pass after the last world war in return for the West being able to rely on oil. Now that the US is fast reaching oil independence the Saudis have realised their exposure and that their Wahhabist form of Islam is simply not acceptable anywhere. 

Trump has made more ground in the Middle East than any previous envoy including Kissinger… so why is he about to undo it all? The embassy move he is proposing tomorrow will set Islam and a dozen of its, and Palestine’s, terrorist cells alight. Blood will again flow through the Holy City like shit through a Rohinga open drain. 

It will be a pagan Christmas to remember for the Christians and for all the wrong reasons for Jews and Muslims.

Trump has shown rare US judgment in his twelve months’ Administration. But the Democrats, supported by a corrupted FBI still wallowing in the swamp, will go to any lengths the destroy him.

Surely he will not actually give them a helping hand?  

Thursday Morning: Well he did it and how it can progress the endless peace process is a complete mystery. But he is a smarter man than I am and there will be something I don't understand. I agree with the move but not just now.  


About bloody time someone in the world showed some balls and actually did something about the cesspit that is the Middle East. Jerusalem is located in the ancient traditional home of the Jews, Judea, where that part of the city called “City of David” has been inhabited since 4000BC - 4600 years before the paedophile, Mohammed was even born. To even suggest in a cowardly transcript of bullshit that it somehow belongs to Palestinians is a cowardly, craven act of appeasement.... I repeat the wise words of the greatest ever US President, Thomas Jefferson, “Some prefer the relative calm of despotism to the turbulent seas of liberty”. Many here seem to prefer the calm - not me - give me the turbulent seas any day... Do what is right, not what is easiest...

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Larry,hate to tell you this mate,but the peace process that you speak of,has been dead for a very long time.The muslimes do not EVER want peace.They want WAR and will do anything to get their way.The time is fast approaching when the WEST will have to do something about these"Sand Monkeys."

quick way in Australia to curb religion is to make them pay rates and taxes as we must do.

the solution simple get rid of religions all of them,they are all violent and kill people of other religions as well as differing groups in their own religion.

the world has two huge problems too many humans and two many religions.

Larry though your advice was well intended I would suggest that there is never a right time to do what the President has done but he knows better than most that if you have hard decisions to make best make them at the beginning of your term than scratch around mid term or even worse in the lead up to the next election. The one promise he has so far failed to keep is to go after Clinton. I am sure there are good reasons for this as I am sure he will go after her at some time in the future,possibly when he has got more reliable and competent advisers in the DoJ. Anyway however you look at it he has begun making America great again, a task that will take many years after the decades of poor leadership that has marred the US and the world.

Our political representatives shamed us today in voting for SSM.

"Love is love" was the moronic slogan of the SSM brigades, yet throughout history and probably for the majority of people today and historically, love is not necessary for marriage. It's the icing on the cake when it happens - and it often does, even in arranged marriages.

Australia could have been a shining light of sanity in the West, standing for decency, but our politicians failed us.

That postal survey was so flawed and open to abuse I maintain the level of support for SSM is very iffy.

If we'd had a proper plebiscite where people's names were crossed off the electoral roll I reckon there would have been a very different result.

Muslim Aussie Sheila,

"Same-sex marriage bill passes, our other anthem fills the House of Representatives"

This is an absolute disgrace, our Parliament has been trashed by sodomites and others who practice same sex against the order of nature.

We are/were the most tolerant country in the World yet we have 'tolerated' ourselves into a PC world where we have surrendered our freedoms without so much as a whimper.

Brave men who gave all for our freedoms must be rolling in their foreign graves.

Bolta's having fun enjoying a Whiskey on his show. Funny stuff.

Just how many Australian male homosexuals have already died from AIDS and now homosexual marriage, what a great idea from Malcolm & bum chum Barnaby.

ABC reporters never change their left leanings, ex ABC's Chris Uhlmann now on channel nine, stated that the Greens were responsible for the ssm as they tried the hardest and the longest. Malcolm did get a very small mention. So now we know who to blame for all this mess.

After todays parliament approval, I promise to never vote again in any election. I'll get my name marked off and that's it, they can all go fuck themselves.

by cairnsnews
Minister Cormann refuses to answer questions regarding the security of the postal ballot
by Lex Stewart, President of Vote Australia
Possibly, Yes. Massive frauds cannot be ruled out yet.
It might be that the officers of the ABS (with staff seconded from the AEC) have conducted the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey in an honest and accurate manner, so that the Australian public can trust the result.
However it is also possible that massive frauds have been conducted, and that the true result could have been 60% no, and 40% yes.
We do not yet have sufficient information to rule out the possibility that the AMLPS result was massively frauded.
Liberal Finance Minister and Acting Minister for State Mathias Cormann has so far refused to answer questions relating to the bona fides of the Same Sex Marriage plebiscite.
Over the period 26 September to 8 November I asked about 30 questions of the ABS and of the Minister Cormann.
In the absence of answers at this stage, it is impossible to verify the accuracy and integrity of what happened in the AMLPS.
I say this from my perspectives both as President of Vote Australia, and as a Consultant Engineer who does Audits of factories and farms for Workplace Health and Safety and for Food Safety, issuing ‘HACCP’ compliance certificates.
It is almost meaningless if I inspect a factory and find that the food being produced is free of contamination, or that nobody was killed or injured on that day.
It is not just what happens when I am present in a factory or farm that matters. There needs to be in place a robust “quality assurance” program, with transparency and accountability.
Before I can issue a compliance certificate, I need to check the management, methods, training, etc to make sure that hazards have been assessed and that procedures are in place to ensure food safety or human safety for the other 364 days of the year.
The lack of evidence of a robust “quality assurance” program and procedures in the ABS is alarming.
Based on the somewhat limited information to hand so far:
Website ?, notably the two sections with titles:- “Quality & Integrity Statement” and “External Observers”
The “Fraud Control Plan and fraud control measures”and its related ‘comprehensive risk assessment’ mentioned on ? have not been made public
And this plan and assessment seem not to have been audited by independent experts
Unsatisfactory answers by the ABS to some of my 9 questions of 26 September
Lack of answers by the ABS to my questions numbered 10 to 22 of 7 and 8 November
Lack of answers by the Minister’s office to my 8 questions numbered A to G
Apparent anomalies in the mathematical patterns of votes

The refusal by Protoviti, the auditor engaged by the ABS, to answer my questions
The ABS not making public the Protoviti reports (likely they have done excellent work, but only within the scope of the ‘terms of reference’ set for them by the ABS)
The strange phenomenon that Protoviti employees were forced to sign a “non-disclosure” agreement – the sort of thing only relevant to matters of defence and commercial competitiveness re tenders etc
The lack of any publicly-available knowledge as to whether the ‘terms of reference’ (i.e. the scope of activities that Protoviti was asked to address) were adequate or had been set too restrictively by the ABS
The inherent possibility that ABS computers could have been ‘hacked’ unless the “cyber security controls including extensive use of data encryption” were of a higher standard than that which normally prevails in Canberra public service agencies
. .
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New post up. Sorry IE. :-)

Our Parliament no longer represents us. Our Parliament is THEIR Parliament. Canberra is self serving and most, not all, seek only to feather their comfortable nests. Sadly, we have no viable alternate news outlet. People blindly follow the MSM. There was a a time when PP was a place to come to learn an alternate point of view. But trolls have a tendency to chase good posters away and, now, coming to PP is like facing a barrage of ridicule for a post from the heart. We have no where else and Australia has no where else. I wish we had Breitbart Australia.

Free KY jelly at the doors of parliament house.


The fix was in from the start and I and many others said so. We didn't lose. It was a FIX. Absolutely undemocratic and will be overturned in the future. Even with the fix 52% of voters DID NOT vote for queer marriage.