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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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... unless you have a good supply of brown paper bags

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In 2012, the Cole inquiry's findings led to a court case that found the Australian Wheat Board, between 2001 and 2005, had circumvented UN agreed sanctions on Iraq and paid millions to the Saddam Hussein regime to secure wheat contracts in a food-for-oil scam. 

ASIC agreed with Victorian Supreme Court Justice Ross Robson who imposed on AWB Chief, Andrew Lindberg, a penalty of a $100,000 fine and disqualification from directorships for two years. Other executives of the AWB also suffered varying penalties. 

Lindberg admitted to serious breaches of his duty as a director. 

Trevor Flugge, AWB Chairman and PM John Howard’s Senior Agricultural Adviser, is pictured here in Iraq while organising “kickback” deals that were just plain dumb.

How the scam worked was simple, transparent and unsophisticated, it had no hope of not being detected and it went like this: 

Once a tendered price for wheat contracts was agreed to, the AWB transferred millions for trucking costs within Iraq. Naturally these millions did not go to truck drivers but instead finished up, via a Jordanian trucking company, in Saddam Hussein’s pocket. 

But, as with all tender processes, there is one winner and many losers and those angry losers, fully aware of what had happened, tipped a bucket on the AWB. 

The Cole inquiry eventually found that, “At the insistence of the Iraqi government, the AWB had agreed to pay artificial 'transportation fees' of around $290 million”. Cole's findings were in line with a UN report on the illegal Iraqi “kickbacks”.

The rort was remarkably similar to the Reserve Bank’s note printing subsidiaries, “Securency” and “Note Printing Australia”, and that also involved Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. 

Everyone, including Tony Abbott, knows if you wish to deal with Muslims you’d better have a good supply of brown paper bags... It was suggested here two years ago that Abbott would certainly be able stop the boats, but it would take cash to do it... and that’s exactly what it did take. 

The Indonesians had refused to budge until the cash arrived, once it did arrive on Abbott’s first rushed visit after his election, we turned the boats around and they immediately stopped leaving. 

Or do you think it was Scott Morrison’s superior negotiating skills?

Gillard had continued to spend billions on boat arrivals, saying they couldn’t be stopped and Abbott solved the whole thing with a lazy two million.

It was a shame that the Aussies in the AWB were so damned naive. Outright stupid actually. Blind Freddy and his dog know that trucking non-perishable goods from Jordan to Iraq does not cost $290 million. 

The AWB blokes should have known the world had moved on to a far more sophisticated form of international “kickbacks” called “halal certification”. 

All the AWB needed to do was ask Saddam to simply impose a halal certification fee on Aussie wheat and no-one would have questioned any of the transactions. 

A Halal certification fee implies a religious component that will never be questioned... and it is imposed on just about every commodity exported to Islamic countries and every product, including milk, smoked salmon and plastic containers, sold here in Oz.

The only difference is that these Islamic countries now impose the fees themselves under threat of the exporter losing his contract. It has developed into a multi trillion dollar international extortion racket that has been proved to finance terrorism. 

Many countries, including most recently Canada, have already closed these Islamic extortion rackets down, banned an array of tax-exempt “charity” front companies from operating and prosecuted those responsible, but Australia is lagging badly behind. 

In fact media and Government Ministers deny the destructive scam even exists.

As with all surcharges, the consumer pays one way or another and when they complain of the same Islamic scam imposed on most domestic products, they are called bullies and rednecks intent on hurting Australia’s trade. 

Well, that’s a normal reaction from Muslims and from those who have no concept of what is going on and from those who refuse to look any further than profitable trade contracts.

Authorities jumped all over the Iraqi trucking scam but when it comes to the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on Aussie shoppers (halal certification) they prefer to stay asleep, despite being handed documented proof that Islamic leaders in Australia are using an array of tax-exempt “charities” to launder millions in certification funds to terrorist organisations.

Barnaby Joyce now refuses to take my calls.

Just where does Barnaby think these jihadists get their bucket loads of money from? Bloody chook raffles and meat trays?


Your post was so intelligent, nobody bothered to answer it for two days.

Is unequaliser a dumb yank who voted for obumma, fail.

Gees most of you people are soo ignorant correct. Cant you see this has nothing to do with religion or halal certification. This is all the doing of human being fighting for greed and power. Religion is harmless it cant hurt people. But people can hurt other people. Don't be soo blind to blame on religion easily. Blame yourself's for it and coming out with religious tainting remarks is not going to help. Think about what have these muslim people ever have done to you on a personal level seriously. Let's see what the definition of terrorism by dictionary for you who are stupid is - "the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims."(Nothing about being muslims or anything). Get your facts right people you are being brainwashed by media rubbish

If we do nothing, sharia finance (which is here and growing) will overtake us like the proverbial "lobster in the water".

That's great news for a guy travelling. Thanks CY2. And so true barra b.

Aussie farmers would not need to export if our population was larger. we need to get our women where they belong, on their backs with their legs in the air making babies.

I wouldn't serve you anymore shit, you already have enough in the gap where the brain suppose to sit.

Canadia has come of age.

Well said BB. You are so right in what you say and the way you said it. No-one has to have qualifications to say what you said. DJT couldn't pick his nose. He is so hung up on mr rabbitt and I have to admit so was I but I can see what needs to be done but no one is prepared to do the doing.We all know he was lumbered with a huge hard to do job but he also knew what he was getting into so I ask " whats with the excuses " and why is it so vital that the first cab off the rank was to attack the age pensioners when the bludgers are sitting back doing sweet bugger all, oops collecting the dole and having kids. Good money spinners. The illegals, well that speaks for its self. DON'T TOUCH.

Must admit I'm not fond of it myself, especially since he/she said almost the same as what I did.

I was looking at the meat at coles a couple of weeks ago when thin m.e male stood next to me and ask the butcher if the meat was halal and the butcher said he packs the shallow packs of meat and they ARE halal but the deep packs are pre-packed and he didn't know if they were halal. I threw the packet down and demanded to know why I was paying a ransom to a mob of pedephiles. Now I have a fataw or what ever they call it on me. What ever.

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."
Abraham Lincoln
This particular quote should be written on the back of every politicians business card!

jc, you take what comes on this post or you take a hike full stop.

That was a bit of a hard hitting comment.

djt at it again. Disraeli it is no good asking him what mr rabitt is not doing. He has no answer.We all know what should be done but the team Australia with no balls will do what they do about everything --------- NOTHING.

Why don't you shit brains wait untill results of investigations prove if she is guilty or not. Now she is away from the domination of palmer given time she may turn out to be not to bad. We all have to learn and that comes from practice, don't forget Pauline was given heaps but in her own way she made a lot of sense. Only time will prove if I'm right or wrong and if I'm wrong you will all know about it.

Hi all. It`s taken awhile, but I`ve cleansed my house of Halal products. Admittedly, there weren't that many. Vegemite being the main offender but no more. Today I was checking all the cereal packets and canned food. All clean..............

Yeah well jc a good root and a green apple kills most poms.

You can see it in the demographics. When Curtin brought the men back from the Middle East, they landed at Fremantle (I think), then they went straight from there to PNG. No time for cuddles. One of the reasons we have such a large baby boomer population was there were lots of cuddles after the war ended. UK's demographics quite different.

A brilliant article. Sooooo funny, how the truth becomes unbelievable.