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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s a waste of time because only bank shareholders and union members will pay the millions in fines.

Fine the CEOs of banks and Secretaries of unions and just sit back and watch the thuggery vanish. But don’t expect our politicians to think this one through.

…and if they do, just watch Shorten and the Greens confine personal fines to bank CEOs only.     


Many tears back, a strike by Qld train drivers stranded many people far from home. For days!
Premier Joe Bjelke-Petersen demanded a return to work, or he would publish the names, and addresses, of the Union leaders. Trains started running the next day!

Labrador ObserverMany years back, a strike by Qld train drivers stranded many people far from home. For days!
Premier Joe Bjelke-Petersen demanded a return to work, or he would publish the names, and addresses, of the Union leaders. Trains started running the next day!

Dead right Larry.

Kissinger, the Fat ugly corrupt criminal jew has been working with them for years ,no doubt Dictating to them their next move ..........

New Zealand bitching that we are returning/deporting their criminal trash they sent here ,and how hard done by they are [boo fucking hoo] that we are returning their scum they thought they got rid of,Typical kiwis with their sense of Entitlement from Australia, like we owe them something,FUCKING NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't about time unions paid TAX on their billion dollar investments??????

The Guardian this morning via MSN News continues the discussion about Murdoch being the one determined to get rid of Turnbull. Don't know if it is right or not but if it is Murdoch needs to get the gong for Australian of the Year even though he no longer is one.

Here in WA, in some cases, the courts have ordered that union thugs must personally pay the fines and not the union. That needs to be the norm.

Unions are now into investing, building and providing superannuationfunds and as such must be taxed. "Union funds understand that they benefit from about $10 billion in guaranteed default contributions that flow through modern awards each year, along with enterprise agreements that earn them an "illiquidity premium" that other funds cannot access.

However, what union funds fail to disclose in their marketing and lobbying campaigns is that not all union funds perform equally despite their privileged position."

Another soft cock Turnbull clone is under pressure and hopefully he will go. Deputy PM McCormack, a useless "yes man" from Turnbull's camp is under some pressure from within his own party. The end always justifies the means and if the current dispute about agricultural worker visas ends in him being turfed from office it will be a good thing. The logical alternative is to reinstate Barnaby Joyce who, whatever his other faults may be, will not be a "yes man" to Morrison.

Corporations and unions do not commit criminal offences. Only individuals commit crime. Because the individuals who commit these crimes are at the top of their institution, any fine will only be passed down to shareholders and members. So instead of fining these criminals, maybe a gaol sentence would be more appropriate. Having a custodial sentence should also disqualify them from holding an official position ever again.

Short and sweet and absolutely on the money Laz.

Well, apparently the CFMEU and any naughty member are rotten bastards. Throw a blanket- and the arseholes who didn't pay the (Chinese), workers on the Hobart hospital are just changing the company name. The wonderful Govt appointed inspectors didn't even notice nobody got paid - FOR 2 MONTHS. Yes, prosecute the crooks, but don't leave out the rotten apples on the other side of the fence.

Too right, both are murky bastards and no amount of fining agent would clear them up.

Keep saying the miners who pay their dues to the CFMEU which they are part of, who prop up shorten WHO has promised that adarni will not go ahead if elected No mine No miners does,nt appear to fkn bright move to me.



You are right Larry, It is not as if the people who make decisions in these highly profitable businesses do not get paid enough to do the job is it, If the Libs will not tackle the problem what hope that any other political party in gov will stuff all i suspect.People accuse the libs of protecting the big end of town but we also know that the CFMEU an the like will be running the next labour gov,so little hope of union/business reform there .

How about fining/firing politicians when they are caught lying? Start by getting rid of "Parliamentary Privilege" laws. will find no prouder defender of the Union Zio mafia than the Liberal Party..ensuring that unions remain tax free, union businesses remain tax free..and the jewish lawyers and financiers controlling them clean up..probably tax free...and yet you never see or hear any of this mentioned - by anyone..its astonishing