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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Dollar Bills smother the Reef

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has become a money magnet for those with green political agendas.

The climax of this green racket was the sudden dumping of $444 million by the Australian Government into a small foundation controlled by big businesses and groups committed to one side of the man-made global warming debate. 

This gigantic green gift is designed to polish the green electoral credentials of the embattled Turnbull government but has prompted an Inquiry by the Australian Senate. (A couple of days later PM Turnbull announced $180 million for drought relief).

Naturally the ALP Opposition wants the money returned so they can re-use it to buy green votes for themselves when they take power.

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation (whose Brisbane office is far from the Reef) has a huge board whose members have current or past ties to the Commonwealth Bank, BHP, Esso, University of Queensland, Boeing, Qantas, Shell, Rio Tinto, Peabody Energy, Origin Energy, AGL, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Queensland Ballet, Suncorp, UNICEF and James Cook University. 

All are infected with the green religion or see it in their interests to polish their green halo. There is even an Al-Gore-trained climate alarmist on the board, plus a Director of Tilt Renewables Limited and a Partner of Affirmative Investment Management, the world’s first dedicated green bond fund management company.

The board and senior management of this newly-rich foundation is so openly biased towards man-made global warming alarmism that the Chairman in a TV interview felt free to say “There are no climate sceptics here” (or words to that effect). And the Managing Director said that “without a doubt”, climate change was the biggest threat to the reef.

This tsunami of money will thus flow to the alarmist side of the climate debate - the Green Team is drowning in dollars. Where are the funds for the Blue Team?

The need to be seen to be doing things will now create a new threat to the reef – an invading army of day-tourists and resort residents - academics, students, reporters, UN busy-bodies, photographers, federal and state bureaucrats, doomsday merchants, company directors and politicians from all sides.

The Great Barrier Reef has been “under threat” for at least 50 years. Each new “threat” brings a new flood of tax-payer money. The alarmist “science” changes but the reef remains.

Corals are the great survivors on planet Earth – for millions of years they have endured ice ages and global warming, mass extinctions, fluctuating sea levels, rivers of sediments, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and have even re-colonised the Bikini atomic testing site.

They will certainly outlast the Turnbull Government and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.


the last straw ....

Turnbull is a dick head to leave the farmers high and dry and give the airy fairy reef dwellers a half Billion Bucks

Good . At least we'll get to hear both sides of the story.

Reefs the crown of thorns was destroying for ever............yeah....very healthy reef now. How come coral grows on dead coral? It would seem coral adapts to rise & fall of the seas & the rise & fall of tempretures & the polution from volcanic ash & debris, on land & under water, & has been doing so for millions of years. How about an honest debate on these matters....

Bananas in Vanuatu are $1:20 a hand . The best ones are smaller than lady finger bananas and taste beautiful.

#ReefGate: extinct disclosures and the Karl Metric
"..................One thing which has hitherto been lost in the furore over #ReefGate is that the GBRF has long been subsidised by taxpayers. It is difficult to establish from its accounts whether certain “grants” are from government or industry but it appears the lion’s share of the Foundation’s funding has come from government.
This means that every taxpayer in Australia contributed in a small way to Karl’s trip to the Whitsundays.
A cynic might contend that, besides sponsoring Karl’s suite at the island resort, this amounts to taxpayers subsidising the public relations initiatives of GBRF’s corporate sponsors. A cynic might also claim Malcolm Turnbull is effectively borrowing money to give to the GBRF, money which will earn $10 million in interest a year on term deposit for an entity controlled by a group of multinational corporations.
Bear in mind that government debt has doubled under the present government and the cost of issuing $444 million in ten-year bonds is also roughly $10 million.........................."
"................To the GBRF accounts then.
We looked at the annual reports for the past four years and found:
Key management pay shot up four times in four years
Transparency and disclosure fell
A number of irregularities
As corporate and government income rose, efficiency in administering funds fell.
First to remuneration. Pay for key management personnel has risen by a factor of four in four years, from $223,000 to $884,000. This would appear not to cover the six employees but managing director Anna Marsden, who took up the role in 2016 after running Queensland Ballet. Total employee expenses are $1.4 million in 2017 and, of this, $884,000 is for key managers. Directors do not get paid, although the Foundation does appear to cover some of their costs.
Transparency. Disclosure has declined over the four years, which is not a good look for an operation showered in taxpayer funds with, as yet, no plan as to how to spend the money. There is a lot more information in the earlier accounts, pictures of the Foundation’s projects and so forth, and more information on efficiency ratios.
As the revenues rise over the years, the transparency declines along with the efficiency.................
......................................Strange accounting
GBRF’s 2017 accounts show Research Investment Contracts worth $21 million in the Directors’ Report but not in the balance sheet. The biggest asset is $3 million in cash.
Notwithstanding this inconsistency, it would seem they have spent $21 million on research projects. The 2014 accounts show Research Investment Contracts totalling $7.7 million followed by the inconsistent claim that the contracts are valued at $24.5 million.
Now the GBRF has $444 million of government money at its disposal, greater transparency will be needed. Research contracts will presumably be doled out by the International Scientific Advisory Panel which is headed by chair Dr Paul Greenfield. Greenfield was embroiled in a nepotism scandal in 2013 when, as Vice Chancellor of University of Queensland, his daughter was parachuted into medical school ahead of hundreds of more qualified students.
No doubt, in the present climate of high controversy over Malcolm Turnbull’s Captain’s Call, the Greenfield Factor, along with the Karl Factor will be matters for further debate.
More broadly, the scandal engulfing the GBRF can be seen more broadly against the backdrop of a government which increasing does the bidding of corporations. As further government functions are outsourced to consultants, costs are on the rise. There is no rise however in transparency and good governance.

$3.50 at Coles Stockland Hervey Bay. The hardest part is getting something near ripe.

At my age I don't believe in buying green

New post up!

Gone up from $1.99 to $3 / kg here in Bananaland. Coles, Woolies, Aldi all the same.

trooper I had 'occasion' to visit Dan at the Bay this morning. They are taking donations at the checkouts for the farmers and people seemed to giving freely for what the governments should be giving..... or at the very least matching..

Cop this shit.

We need a quota system for women in politics and business, say 2 to 1 women over men. And let the fun times begin.

There are plenty of heated arguments and unanswered questions about aid in the Pacific, especially when it comes to China's role.

Key points:

Despite a decline Australia is by far the largest aid donor in the Pacific region
The US has largely pulled out of the region while Japan is a top donor
Up until 2017, China and New Zealand donated only one sixth of Australia's aid
However, China has made big promises recently which could see the gap close
Now foreign policy think-tank the Lowy Institute has got some answers. It's crunched the numbers and put together an interactive map which charts a comprehensive ebb and flow of aid dollars around the vast region up until 2016, and includes the limited available data for 2017 and 2018.

I just opted out of the myhealth con......I noticed they still ask if you are male.female or other....I thought male and female didn't exist anymore..We should be Proud of what we are...I am proud to be a White Australian Male....Since when did that become an offence?....Women should also be able to say what they are without being called a "phobe" of some type...I am not a politician, so why do I have to conform to Political Correctness???. Being a Conservative minded Australian I am forced to yield to this crap, and the Political meddling in our lives, but it does really piss me off when I am told what to call my humble pissed off opinion anyway...

O/T: Let me get this straight, the Transport Minister of Victoria is telling me/us what I/we should or shouldn't watch?

We constantly hear the bullshit from politicians and police that there are no African gangs in Melbourne, yet almost daily we read about gang violence and criminality from groups of people described as being of "African" or "Sudanese" appearance. So what is this? Are people inventing this stuff or is it happening or not? Well, I can tell you that I have friends living in the western part of Melbourne and they are telling me that residents are terrified of these African gangs, who are invading homes and attacking residents, committing carjackings, street robberies and other crimes.

So what do you call a bunch of African thugs who are gathered to commit violence or crimes? That's the definition of a gang, yet Victorian politicians and cops seem to be in complete denial of hard facts about this. And this report says that no arrests had been made, yet a police car was attacked. That merely tells these African hoodlums that police are too damn scared to act against them and that they can get away with their criminal behaviour.

When the situation gets to the point where residents in these areas have had to install security roller shutters and are looking at moving out, you know that there is a real problem with this African-based criminality. When police come around and tell residents to say indoors for their own safety, then you know that some suburbs of Melbourne are becoming war zones.

The African vermin are not scared of police in the slightest, as was proven by one of these thugs screaming at a resident that the police could not touch them. So these bastards trashed a police car and the police merely stood and watched them do it, before dispersing them. Why did the cops not arrest them? I cannot imagine that I would ever get away with damaging a police car in the presence of cops, which shows how scared and politically correct the police are, that they just allow these crimes to occur and do nothing.

Why the hell are politicians and police not acting proactively to deal with this threat to the Melbourne community? Do they not understand that if they don't do something about this, things will just get worse? There may come a time when the citizens of Melbourne see that police are not acting to deal with the issue of African gangs and those citizens might start taking the law into their own hands, with disastrous consequences.

This nation has to realise that taking uneducated and uncivilised savages from a lawless third-world nation and transplanting them into Australia was a massive mistake. As I always say, you can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the monkey. And these African monkeys are merely doing what they did back home - they live by the law of the jungle, but they are doing it here in Australia.

This has to be stopped. The most humane solution is for Australian politicians to admit that they were wrong and that all these Africans should be rounded up and sent straight back to Sudan, Somalia or wherever they came from. These Africans are not fit to be citizens of a first-world nation such as Australia, let alone allowed to come and live here at any time. We made a mistake in allowing this and now we have to rectify it for the safety of our citizens.

Our power prices keep going up and up. The Turd gives the Green group near on a half a Billion to get their votes. AGL this year has posted a profit of $1 BILLION . We are up shit creek people. The Arrogance of the Turd has no bound. He, Turdbull has achieved his dream and that is to totally destroy the Liberal Party and most of all to turn Australia into a third world country. Well done Turd. Arrogant Bastard. Arrogant.
adjective: arrogant

having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities.
"he's arrogant and opinionated"
synonyms: haughty, conceited, hubristic, self-important, opinionated, egotistic, full of oneself, superior; Remind you of someone?

Just back from the shops, i smashed the camera lens cover of my Samsung S5 phone and was just kicking tyres seeing what the options and cost would be to repair. The camera still works fine it's just the glass cover that needs to be replaced. At the Kawana shopping centre there are three of those phone repair counters in the middle of the walk way. The first said the whole camera had to be replaced price $50. The second said only the cover needs to be replaced price $40. At the third counter i couldn't understand what the Chogie said but the price to fix would be $80. Just got home and checked Ebay. I have ordered the part from the US with free postage total charge AUS $2.95. Now i just have to Google how to install it when it arrives. How hard can it be?

If he agrees to give evidence to the Senate Committee Assange's testimony could ‘destroy the conspiracy theory that Russia hacked DNC’ – "The WikiLeaks founder should “absolutely” agree to speak with the US Senate Intelligence Committee – but his testimony may cause problems for devout followers of Russiagate’s main tenets, according to Henningsen, executive editor of 21st Century Wire. Assange could in fact provide information to the committee that would “destroy the sort of mainline conspiracy theory that the Russians hacked the DNC servers and stole the emails and handed them to WikiLeaks. The whole Russiagate case more or less hinges on that conspiracy theory.” RT.

Jacinta Allen Public Transport Minister in Victoria has banned Sky News from being shown on public TV screens in Victorian train stations because they interviewed Blair Cottrell although that interview was never aired on the TV News that are shown on those TVs. .

Laura Jaye and David Speers are ripping her to shreds as she hasn't got a bloody clue as she makes various excuses.