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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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... my bullshit detector is off its scale, and I'm no conspiracy theorist

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


NICE: What we have been told is an amateur video, taken from a flat opposite, shows clearly a 20 tonne truck parked by the side of the Esplanade. It is then shown moving off and gathering speed before it begins a two kilometre killing spree. Okay, now I start thinking. Why would a Bastille reveller watching fireworks and a million people celebrating Independence Day from his/her balcony, be filming an innocuous looking truck for quite some time while it was parked and stationary, before carefully filming the imminent atrocity?

Was this person a truck perve or was a record of this atrocity needed for posterity? 

The consensus now is that the perpetrator was NOT a practising Muslim (although he was heard screaming Allahu Akbar from the truck window while firing a pistol into the crowd) but he was simply a disgruntled third generation French national "lone wolf" with a few family problems.

Hmmm, it would only take a little triangulation from the filming position to discover which flat it was and possibly who the “alert” photographer was! But no sign of that happening.

ISTANBUL: See, “Classic Islamic treachery is playing out for all to see” in pickering two weeks ago,

This so-called coup is not all that convincing and it smells of something that was arranged by the deviously cunning Erdogan who is determined to rebirth a Saudi style Ottoman Empire with all that’s hideous about Islam’s Shariah law. And Obama is not aware of this? Bullshit he’s not. 

Erdogan (and the Islam tolerant Obama) are the sole beneficiaries of this coup.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, when asked for a comment said he was not in a position to comment "at this stage". About one hour later, after he had spoken with Obama, Kerry was pleased to announce that the US fully backed Erdogan in his attempt to put down the coup. Hillary Clinton repeated Obama's sentiments. 

A detailed report shows how both Obama and Erdogan worked with and supported ISIS and it includes photos of Erdogan's son posing with ISIS fighters (below) and praying beneath ISIS flags.

Had Kerry forgotten that Erdogan was Obama’s sole crescented hero of NATO and that he supported dragging evil Ataturk secularism back to the sacred purity of strict Ottoman Islam.

Turkish history is littered with military coups and there has been none so amateurishly unconvincing as this one. Everything fell miraculously into place in the arms of Erdogan.

What is looking more like a staged coup by the minute has now given Erdogan US and European tacit approval to purge all who oppose him in the military. Heads will quietly be separated from the torsos of those who have been resisting the new Ottoman caliphate of Erdogan’s and Obama's dreams. 

                      Erdogan and Obama celebrate the building of a new super mosque

Many hundreds of others will not be seen again and he can re-commence the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds unimpeded. 

Hmmm, and under the Foreign Assistance Act, the United States is legally required to cut off all foreign aid to any country where the military has staged a successful coup. 

In the unlikely event that this coup in Turkey succeeds, it would seriously assist the fight against ISIS, in which Turkey is supposedly a key Western ally, along with the Saudis ... according to Obama that is.

But up until recently Turkey was an active ally of ISIS and an enemy of Russia’s Putin and his backing of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. How quickly alliances change in the Muslim world.

An explanation could be that Erdogan is desperately seeking a Euro membership card as a sign of legitimacy.

This murderous bastard is about as legitimate as OJ's verdict.


This was the post Indignant Elder. it's still there. Maybe I should have specified in the text but by the time I responded others has already posted below Tricky's post at Tricky Woo Sat 16 Jul 2016 09:23:51 pm

Groot. Sat 16 Jul 2016 09:52:42 pm
A particular creep that one. Manipulates others to do his dirty work and hides behind women and keyboards.

Now I don't delete my posts - that seems to be your thing - and if you had watched the puppet master pull the strings on his south Australian attack dog and the extinct dodo conspiring on back posts , then you may have a clue as to what a spineless creep he - and his fellow travellers -really are. Hopefully karma will catch them.

So FUCK YOU Ignorant Elder. Your behaviour is one of the reasons this blog has had it. Go and play with your mate Saddler - who is another pathetic excuse for human.

I'm not Bruce, Indignant Elder. My initial comment on this thread was to Tricky Woo and was about Oz Realist, the puppet master. Bruce has reportedly been harassed off post and on - I have seen what has been put up here - the most foul abuse and threats. I don't agree with everything he says and he can be abrasive and provocative to say the least - but he's genuine and prepared to stand by what he writes - unlike many others who hide behind nom-de-plumes. I don't come here very often - and your response is one of the reasons why.

Looks like Erdogan is out to kill. There maybe truth in the scenario painted by Mr P, how better than to eid yourself of troublesome opponents??;

"More than 290 people were killed and around 1,400 wounded in the violence on Friday night, as soldiers commandeered tanks, attack helicopters and fighter jets in a bid to seize power, strafing parliament and the intelligence headquarters and trying to seize the main airport and bridges in Istanbul"
I find that very hard to believe,since the "Army"had total control at the Airport.And "Who"quelled the takeover?From what I saw the only people allied with "Erdogan,were men armed with "Mobile Phones"
Staged,you bet.

He wants to marry his ComCar Driver ?

THORN, I think you missed what he actually said. He said he was born in a Muslim country. He is by birth a Muslim (Sharia definition). He has ,however, declared himself to be an atheist (like me) which under Islamic law makes him an apostate and liable to be killed. I think he should be referred to as 'Sam Dysentery'.

because he is a lieing little labour whinger,

Larry, you are not the only one saying that this "coup"" in Turkey is a power grab by Erdogan,

Here we have a double whammy Thorn, firstly, this worm is a member of the liebor pardy, so anything that comes out of its mouth is going to be a lie, secondly if he is a moreslum which, because of the first part, could be a lie, then it would support SSM, but, take all that with a grain of salt because if the second part is true and he is a moreslum, then he will naturally be lying about everything anyway. My head hurts.

Larry, your instinct is good. This has just appeared in breaking news in the Australian:
“The swift rounding up of judges and others after a failed coup in Turkey indicated the government had prepared a list beforehand, the EU commissioner dealing with Turkey's membership bid, Johannes Hahn, says.
Following a failed coup attempt on Saturday, Turkish authorities on Sunday rounded up nearly 3000 suspected military plotters, ranging from top commanders to foot soldiers, and the same number of judges and prosecutors.
"It looks at least as if something has been prepared. The lists are available, which indicates it was prepared and to be used at a certain stage," Hahn said.
"I'm very concerned. It is exactly what we feared."
The Australian 18/07/3016

What's Biden really doing here? Just a "feel-good" lick at The Banker? What?

Turnbull just announced in response to statements by Kruger and Bolt that Australia has a non discriminatory immigration policy and nothing is going to change.

What's with the one liner Frank? Where are the other two lines which are your signature posting style? Cheers.

Slowly but surely the pendulum is shifting

Islamic refugees..get used to it folks as there is no end to it as the islamics run out of oil and the West have more modern ways of extracting it. This has been the only thing keeping them afloat as they produce nothing to speak of other than oil. Most are unemployed, most are uneducated, their women don't contribute to the workforce and they have turned their own countries into shitholes and they are leaving in droves, country shopping, for a country that has worked hard and has high financial standing and a generous welfare system. When they get there that is only the beginning as the family reunification programmes kick in so expect more of the bludgers. It is happening here and elsewhere as we look on and our politicians aid and abet these bludgers to lower our standards and rip us of

Murrandoo Yanner/ Pauline Hanson confrontation. Yes, Jason, (the wild one) is at it again. After being kicked out of ATSIC for a punch up at The Burktown Pub he converted to Islam, (the religion of peace), where he continues to act like the Thug description his Elders gave him. To call him an enigma would put him in the basket with most that have something positive to be enigmatic about. Yes Jason, you are the most negative person I've ever met and I'm sorry we met before to burned the Australian flag because I would have summarily tried and convicted you under rule 7.62. You are a disgrace and someone to point a bone at you.

You're right Larry, there's just too much that does not add up. Like the truck was an empty pan-tech and it did appear to have an extended cargo area, but it was not even bogey drive and it was supposed to be an 18 tonner. Then the is the lack of damage, apart from the bullet holes that is, but where is the blood splatter and where is the trail of smashed bodies and body parts, blood and other gorey stuff that should have littered the mile long path of the so called carnage. All they show is neatly covered bodies, scattered probably too far apart to have been hit by the same truck.
So what about the poor Ozzies injured in the attack? Well we don't know if any were hit by the truck, trampled in the stampede of the crowd or caught in the cross fire. I’d hate to think that they were just backpackers, out of work, out of money and offered a small acting job to help finance their trip back home. As you say, I'd be a bit worried about anyone who takes movie footage of a stationary truck.

All of you Pauline supporters, please view her video calling on that wanker who abused her to work with her. It is on google news and 9msm. I noticed nine commented at the end that the wanker had 1.3m views and Pauline only had 120.000 so I have watched it at least twice and will probably check it out again later. She always speaks the truth and once again she has explained herself quite clearly but will no doubt be ridiculed again.

Australia's Prime Minister is Responsible for ALL of Australia's Security. So far Islam has dictated time and again that he has NO control over our security, as the Lindt Cafe and Parramatta Terror attacks have shown. Our leaders have NO WAY of identifying which of their Undocumented Islamic mates are Terrorists and which are not. French are telling us this latest one was “Suddenly Radicalized”, it appears, ALL Followers of Islam are capable of this trick. They are willing to risk OUR lives as Islamic Cannon Fodder rather than do what is right for our future generations. Your Tax dollars are funding the entire Invasion. Health, Education, Accommodation and Military Training Venues. Like the one that supplied the Parramatta Terrorist with his guidance and pistol. Of Course more tax dollars were Gifted to the local Islamic Training centres to De-Radicalize others, in those same venues with the same teachers. We need serious Political change.

the likes of Obongo and hollande and I suspect the Turd say that the raghead terrorist that mowed down the innocents in Nice was a , LONE WOLF they should define the word LONE seeing the frogs have arrested his missus and another 4 LONE WOLVES , they the forementioned would be pissed off to a great extent seeing Social media and PP can see thru their fkn lie,s