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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


That the Labor Party will actually elect him is symbolic of just how far it is still addicted to a quagmire of incompetence. Each time he is asked in future for an interview as President, memories of Rudd/Gillard/Rudd with the swollen appendix of Treasurer Swan will flood back to haunt the Party. 

Why Members of Parliament see themselves as competent administrators is beyond comprehension.

Labor launched itself from Whitlam and his bunch of mafia crooks to Gillard and Rudd with a straight face, pretending they were upstanding citizens with an ounce of competence.

Clearly Rudd/Gillard/Swan were criminally worse and more hopelessly unskilled than any previous administration, so why, with Swan as the ALP President, would they want to remind us of their history of disastrously ineffectual amateurs.

The bloke was (and still is) an inept moron, and he has sat on the backbenches since, copping a deserved verbal bashing by the Government without the right of reply. He just sits there with a silly, guilty grin on his face with more front than Myers!

Labor has a unique ability to view the world only within its own bubble. Transcranial electrical currents block blame, guilt, and any sense of common sense. It promotes Rudd as a UN Secretary-General, Gillard as a dissuader of male suicides, Shorten as a Prime Minister, so why not Barnaby as a marriage guidance counsellor or Trotsky’s love child, Wayne, as ALP President… WTF?

Swan stands for every single thing the Party was thrown out for but the Party still doesn’t get it! Rudd, Gillard, Combet, Conroy, Macklin, Shorten, Garrett with Swan as Treasurer busily turning rivers of gold into culverts of shit, what a government it was! 

Turnbull would be far better suited as ALP President.

Yep, but the ALP will get 'ol dickhead “President” Swan as a memorial to Labor’s flagitious inability to govern.


"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise."

Thank goodness you didn't mention her foetid, sweaty cavernous swamphole all covered with pubics.

Radio Operator Special (spy), worked out of Shoal Bay or HMAS Harman.

FFS!!!, please learn to spell. Meaningful. They are. And what is with the 4 question marks? It wasn't even a fucking question.


CAn't work out why ppl even vote Labor when Hawke buggered up manufacturing and jobs by lowering tariffs losing jobs as manufacturing then shifted to China etc for bigger profits. On top of and after taking donations from business for The Accord which held back wages til 1996 meanwhile exec according to ACCC went up 60%. Dumb voters methinks.

It's the only thing they have pick from...the whole bloody lot of them are the same....yet Victoria still found enough excuses to vote another one in.

Meeting a woman with very small hands made his dick look bigger.

"Flagitious", now you're showing off, or did your Grandma, like mine, give you Roget's Thesaurus for your 11th birthday ? lol

There is no "Swan Song". He is smirking on the back benches because he has no where to go - couldn't get a real job. Labor is now "moving him on"

If Anybody is a Fuckwit it is this wanker.What a waste of space

The Bolshevik Labor Party taking from those who worked hard for it ,to give to the bludgers and scabs who do nothing for it ,things never change......................Taxing the hell out of the workers to give it to the bludgers and create ''Equality '' for all

Former PM Paul Keating draws a parliamentary pension of at least $272,000 a year. Former treasurer Wayne Swan will draw an estimated $191,000-a-year pension, based on his 23 years of parliamentary service . Former PM Kevin Rudd pockets an annual pension of at least $174,000 and former PM Gillard receives more than $197,000. You'd think that $75,000 would do them as a "pension", especially as they aren't subject to the same restrictions as the rest of us cattle are. They can earn as much as they like, receive royalties for any books they write, receive appearance fees, sit on boards ....

yep little dick and all

yep a real killer

That woman should have faced the full extent of the law for what she did. I don't blame the victim's family for being angry with the verdict, I hope they take it further.

Does anyone know anything about the UN trying to impose its will over Australian Law? I heard a lady speaking about it on 2GB this morning. She said it was up on one of the Government web sites and they were taking submissions. All to do with climate change,safe school and all the other Marxist ideas our politicians love so much. If anyone knows could you post the link. Thank you.

Of course labor wants a goose, he will fit right in to the flock!

Hillary is now toast.

2GB - Dr Jordan Peterson - anti political correctness warrior now in Australia to lecture on the subject talking about the PC horrors to come which are much worse than we imagine and Australia is not immune.