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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


While Abbott agonises over whether to call the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria a “Death Cult” or simply the “Daesh”, thereby deftly avoiding the word "Islamic", Julie Bishop makes a post-Paris announcement that al-Raqqah, in Syria’s north, is now a no-go city for aspiring Aussie Jihadists. Did Abbott not sack Gillard’s army of useless spin doctors, because it seems they are still on staff?

Al-Raqqah is an ISIS stronghold and headquarters of its operations and they don’t e-mail radicalised Aussies Qantas E tickets to al-Raqqah and return. And if the radicalised Aussies do return from the now forbidden city, Julie Bishop, Tony Abbott and ASIO will be the last to know about it.

The Australian based arm of the Hizb ut-Tahrir terror group is now openly advising multiple Muslim passport holders to get to Syria via the Maldives. Tony Abbott has responded by lashing out at Hizb ut-Tahrir, calling them very naughty boys and branding their actions as “un-Australian” and “un-Islamic”. 

Good gracious me Tony, that’s a bit harsh!

Apart from the ability to go anywhere in the EU without flashing a passport, you can get to Turkey, Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan or even Israel before hiring a car, catching a cab, or jumping a boat, train, bus, horse or motor bike and return the same way. 

Does Julie Bishop think we are dealing with complete idiots or the most sophisticated terror group yet to emerge?

We are about to see a new wave of terror attacks both here and in Europe and millions of Parisians waving pencils won’t stop it. Al Queda and the Islamic State are in a bitter battle for supremacy with Al-Queda desperate to reclaim its former reputation. 

After the demise of Bin Laden, Al Queda remnants dispersed to Yemen and north Africa leading Barack Obama to claim victory over the 9/11 architects. 

Forecasting his troop pull-out from Iraq six years in advance gave ISIS plenty of time to convene a force determined to avenge the Sunni defeat by the coalition. The US installation of an incompetent Shia Government in Baghdad only made the exercise more attractive to the murderous Islamic State.

Al-Queda was left with no more than a rag tag bunch of battle-hardened brigands in northern Syria who were renamed the Khorasan and were determined to wage terror attacks on the US. 

The Khorasan Group is believed to be made up of about 50 veteran militants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Africa and Chechnya which Jihadists refer to as the Khorasan.

Loosely aligned with the ISIS, who is determined to establish a caliphate over the entire Levant, the Khorasan was embarrassingly upstaged by ISIS’s ruthless ferocity and had moved to Yemen to commence a battle for reputational supremacy.

Once the so-called “coalition” began bombing raids, Al-Queda became temporary, new best friends with the ISIS who was preoccupied with killing Shias and Kurdish Peshmergers and had no plans for attacking the West on its own soil, not just yet, other than to advise Muslim terrorist cells to start beheading infidels in the streets.

Thus the latest Paris atrocities where both the Khorasan (now Al-Queda in Yemen) and the ISIS have claimed equal honours. But no-one seems to have worked that out yet.

The Paris millions were complaining only of a threat to freedom of speech, (pencils and pens were all the go) and it was far from an anti-Islam demo. 

They still support the multiculturalism that has produced 150 “no-go” areas on sovereign French soil where Shariah law prevails over French law leaving young girls to be genitally mutilated, multiple wives to be beaten senseless and Shariah courts to exact stone-age punishments.

The Socialist French President Hollande was claiming these Paris attacks had, “Nothing to do with Islam” while Egypt’s Muslim President, General al-Asisi was hectoring a stunned audience of muftis, mullahs and imams to rid themselves of Islamic extremists and Hezbollah chief, Nazrallah was loudly claiming, “Extremists are more offensive to Islam than cartoons”.

Crumbs, General al-Asisi sure knows how to give Obama heart burn, after all it was Obama who promoted the vanquished Muslim Brotherhood terrorists as a “moderate” Government. 

The General risks losing billions in Obama aid saying stuff like that.

And blimey, if a terror group like Hezbollah knows what the problem is, and names it, why can’t Abbott?

[NB. I must be getting up someone’s nose because two gentleman from the Counter Terrorism Unit came to my door in the pouring rain last night to tell me I was under protective surveillance due to some chatter or other.]


Got it in one CD.

Apology accepted TH. Oongah states that he only read the first two words of The Equaliser's post before he decided to "move on", which would be "Toxic Tony...". For me the first two words that would bring about the same reaction would be "The Equaliser"!

Fight fire with fire...

JF, you should have a nice cup of tea, and maybe a biscuit.

CD, Yeah? Your comment suggested otherwise! If I misunderstood, I apologise.

Excuse the French, TH, but what d'fuc are you on about? Get some fuckin comprehension skills before you associate me with the left.

You are full of shit Rinaldo!!!!! An ACRONYM is a word formed from the initial letters of other words. For example: radar - radio detection and ranging or ANZAC - AUSTRALIAN and NEW ZEALAND ARMY CORPs. 'I'm Charlie' is nothing to do with 'I am Israel'. The slogan "I Am Charlie" means: GOD and the whole world are supporting Charlie Hebdo!!!!

I am Israel -

Proof: It was signed in advance!

In Hebrew, "I'm Charlie" is an acronym for "I am Israel" -

The slogan from the carnage of Charlie Hebdo is "I Am Charlie."

In Hebrew, I Am Charlie writes as: [see link]

With the same letters in a different order, we get "I Am Israel" [see link]

Which, for those who study the Torah, it could mean a lot ...

Read your own moronic shit CD, leftard loser!

Still haven't seen a definition for a moderate muslim . Best as I can make out its a muslim who doesn't believe in the Koran and secretly wishes he could get out but is too scared . So in the mean time they pretend it's something that it isn't . this site has all the information you are not being told about the enemy of OUR Australian way of life as we know it. Copy it for future posting as I can see what our pussy footing elected officials will do to stop us being informed and communicating freely.

"oongah 11 hours ago
Read the first two words and.... time to move on." And the first words being "The Equaliser"?

Surprise to see a "ticker tape" n ABC24 announcing the fatwa on Larry.

They had a derivative form on the Football Show with Vautin, Stirling, et al which was very popular and offered the chance of a prize. Don't know if they still have it because I haven't watched the show for many years because it all got too silly and strayed too far from the reservation.

Me either, but I'm beginning to understand the appeal.

Do they still have Whack–a–Mole at arcades and fairs? There are electronic versions of course but that doesn't seem the same. I've never played it myself.

Blessedqldr, I'm actually pleased you're here. How can you whack a weasel that doesn't stick it's head up.

As I suggested, why don't you and I sit down together in some place you consider safe and we can calmly discuss and compare what constructive, tangible contributions we've made to this Australia? I'll even stump up for your double shot skim latte. You've nothing to lose.

This "Daesh" crap is being promoted by Obama and his boy wonder Kerry! TA should start being 'unavailable' (in the toilet or something) when either of these Muppets ring up!

Why convert from Islam to Christianity? You will get a death fatwa from your mates for Apostasy! These "Born Agains" make me laugh, if you have fcuked it up the first time - why go around again! It's like dealing with reformed smokers or Avon ladies trying to recruit you!