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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


You can understand Greens and doctors wanting to kidnap kids from hospitals, they’ve lived their lives in universities and Labor law firms, but not nurses. A little bit of forethought wouldn’t go astray here and Greens and doctors have never been very good at that, so let’s get one thing straight:

NO-ONE WANTS TO SEE KIDS IN DETENTION, and more importantly no-one wants to see kids drown at sea! The reason kids (very few now) remain in detention is that their parents have dodgy backgrounds that have not passed processing. Kids are used by illegal immigrants with criminal records as passports to the wide brown land of welfare. Allow them to do that and the flood gates re-open.

But it has far worse implications than that! If kids are to be kept on the mainland by hospital staff after they have received urgent medical attention. What will other kids in detention be cajoled into doing to themselves by their detained parents?

Or what are these desperate and dodgy detainees likely to do to the kids themselves, many of whom may not actually be theirs, to ensure they get to the mainland for treatment? The more serious the injury the quicker they get on a plane.

We are a decent country and will never separate kids from parents so you can bet your socks once kids are detained in Australia that their parents will be allowed to follow. And to be honest that’s what should happen.

But hang on, what happens when the people smugglers hear of this? Free razor blades with each passage?

“We’ll get you to an off shore facility and all you will have to do then is seriously injure the kids and they will be sent to the mainland for treatment where the doctors and nurses will kidnap them.

“But we are not cruel smugglers, we can arrange for some street orphans to go with you instead! Then when you’re on the mainland you can apply to have your real kids join you, you know, the ones you taught how to construct IEDs in Afghanistan?

“We will be happy to have the street orphans back if they are still in good condition... we can always use them.

“Anyway Abbott’s gone now and it won’t be very hard to outwit a Lefty like Turnbull.”

This move by doctors and nurses could have catastrophic implications that include more than merely thousands drowning at sea.

Why is it only fools like Rudd, Gillard and Hanson-Young who can’t see past their noses?

[Apologies to Facebook followers but I have been banned again over an Islam story]


Larry you are 100% correct about Malcom Mohammed the Grand Mufti PM, he will cave in to their demands in ever way possible, sadly just to win a few votes. Like the majority of Mongrel Politicians they have no concerns about the long term welfare of Australia and its future generations, it is all about them, their Egos and retaining power.

Just remember two of the most militant Unions in Australia are predominately made up of Female membership, Nurses and Teachers. They know with the position they hold, they have both State and Federal Governments by the Balls and can demand anything they want or threaten to pull the Pin and cause mayhem.

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Islam is a crime against humanity. Anyone found to be appeasing it should be arrested domestically. Anyone caught preaching it should be tried in The Hague. Those fighting for Islam must be vaporised. We have the munitions to rid us of these animals in a week but they gather dust in storage FFS. Oh, and let's pave the way for these Satan worshippers to acquire nukes shall we. What could go wrong?

We have laws restricting the display of tobacco and for driving 5km over the limit but we ignore a deadly ideology wreaking havoc in our suburbs and across the globe. Islam must be outlawed. Instead we encourage it. Generations past would have run it out of town. Muslims should feel disenfranchised and shamed in a country such as ours. Islam is Jihad. Jihad is war, and yet we perversely welcome/comfort our enemy in the delusion that Muslims will disregard their Jihadi imperatives and our kindness will be reciprocated. Let's shame it out of existence.

touchy Muslim bastards hey Larry. They can write or say anything they like, but us poor infidels are screwed and persecuted against by the minority as always. But fight on we must...

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So they have taken personal political stance at the SACRAFICE OF AUSTRALIAN CHILDREN IN NEED OF MEDICAL TREATMENT. Well, if they are going to keep the children of ILLEGALS in a hospital environment I hope that their GENITAL MUTILATION will now be carried out in sanitary conditions.

An avalanche of bullsh*t flavoured by the small doses of the truth. ALA really scares you eh Abdul Rinaldo?

Example of moslem youth - the 17 year old who had a disability pension for a fake injury who smashed the window of a police car during the Sydney riot. He has subsequently been recorded taunting police. What an asset to our country. Why pander to scum like that? If they can't be expelled keep pressure on them until they break them lock them up. There are some many toughs like that that are being treated with kid gloves.

Actually I do go to cities at least their fringes to fight fires. I see a lot of different communities. Some are brave, open hearted and generous. They are the old Australians. Some are mean spirited and will help none but their own. I won't say who they are. But some are regarded as untrustworthy but pretty useless at arson. I wonder which is the only community in Australia which has been urged by their radicals to light bushfires? Not a problem because men in bedshirts stick out in the country. So having a fanatical group in our society benefits none of us but endangers all.

Nonetheless the moslem problem has introduced a new element of violence and danger into our society for no gain. It is something we don't need to have. Why scour the world for violent and dysfunctional people when you rightly point out we have problems of our own. No other group in Australia rages through the streets in response to cartoons and threatens to behead those who don't believe as they do. Those who cannot adapt to our ways without resorting to violence have no place here.

But I do find moslem violence unique and rather frightening. Don't equate bodgies and teddy boys of the past or whatever their equivalent is today with someone randomly stalking and killing strangers. I know young men can do stupid things and throw violent punches but there is no comparison with deciding you're a terrorist and butchering strangers. That's a problem of Islam and if the Islamic community won't confront it they have no place here. We just don't have to accept that as part of normal life.

I remember reading about the GOYIM, could,nt place the connection until that one from rinnie, ITS turncoat and his 56 backstabbing grubs , to a tee

When I was at school after the war I remember a punch up between a German and an English boy (both recently arrived). The teacher took them by their scruffs and said haven't you two got over it yet and everyone laughed. Nobody went home to get a knife or simmered and plotted, this was Australia and soon they were playing together on the footy field. Catholic kids used to yell things at us and we at them but it was soon forgotten. There's something different about this generation of mid-east immigrants and to me it would seem to be Islam.

My answer got misplaced. Psychologists and youth workers can be quite unproductive apart from providing themselves with an income. My experience is with country communities with all sorts of unaddressed problems exacerbated by lack of services. Our country communities have assimilated all sorts of people from Germany, Ireland and Scotland including the Western Isles - all without violence or young people becoming "radicalised" no matter what was going on with their home countries. All had commitment to Australia. Those who didn't tended to leave.

Is this the beginning of what Labor has planned for WWW?....

MH17 Misinformation Wars More Spurious Than Ever
A year after the tragedy western media still produces bizzare blame-Russia MH17 headlines based on the likes of
• mis-attributed or deleted social media posts,
• .
• tiny parts of the plane planted or looted from the site
• .
• convoluted conclusions based on photos in magazines
• .
• http://russia-insider.comh/en/mh17-and-misinformation-wars/ri8702
• .
• .
• “……Inside the TELAR of a Buk-M1 SAM system
A standard Buk battalion consists of a command vehicle, target acquisition radar (TAR) vehicle, six transporter erector launcher and radar (TELAR) vehicles and three transporter erector launcher (TEL) vehicles. A Buk missile battery consists of two TELAR and one TEL vehicle. The battery requires no more than 5 minutes to set up before it is ready for engagement and can be ready for transit again in 5 minutes. The reaction time of the battery from target tracking to missile launch is around 22 seconds.”………………”
So “the rebels” needed more than just a missile to bring down MH17 and a lot of technical training. How come Poroshenko has only a photo of a BUK missile being transported around Ukraine, but no photograhs of the target acquisition radar (TAR) vehicle, as well as other necessary supporting technology.
And how come no one reported seeing a smoke trail from a missile supposedly fired from rebel territory?

"I do have a contact in Four Corners", is there any limit to this sycophant?