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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Libs’ Left has merged with Labor’s Right and now there’s not a Tallyho between them. Make no mistake about it, Julie Bishop will push Cabinet for a Turnbull Government endorsement of Kevin Rudd for UN Secretary General. She needs to be seen to be behind the push.

It is unthinkable that a Liberal Government should even consider recommending Kevin Rudd for anything but a part time toilet cleaner. The UN is a bad enough organisation without adding to its decadence. Just ask Labor’s front bench ... from memory Kev was labelled dysfunctional, a sociopath, a liar, an egomaniac, treacherously devious, offensive and a serial leaker.

And now Labor is encouraging Kev’s endorsement... hmmm how honest of them.

You see Labor only needed the factionless Kevin to win a 2007 election for them, then he was discarded quicker than a second hand condom (above) in the same way as was Tony Abbott after he won the Libs a 2013 record landslide election.

Is there really much difference between the two majors, when they carbon copy each other’s policies on debt and deficit, renewable resources and similar treacherous tactics? And now both look likely to endorse Kevin for a position that is way over his head.

But the stick insect only ever has her own interests at heart, and she has made it known that she is the driving force behind Kev’s endorsement. So if her drive is successful she will have her visiting card gold plated with Turnbull certain to be bullied into increasing foreign aid to the level she wants and a regulated ten per cent of carbon tax receipts going to the UN’s corrupt IPCC.

DFAT is a protected portfolio and the envy of all front benchers. Cutting ribbons, handing out bucket loads of money and sipping cocktails is not likely to cause any embarrassment.

All pretty good for the stick insect, her Mr Wonderful boyfriend and the UN, but a shitty deal for battling Aussie taxpayers.

Anyhow the stick insect will not be successful. Oh she will probably get her way with the endorsement but she should know that China is one of the five permanent Members of the Security Council and unfortunately for Kev the Chinese recall that he referred to them, rather disparagingly as “ratfuckers”.

Now that term is not often used in the diplomatic circles of the UN. And China, like each of the five, has the power of veto over any nomination. Stiff Chedda Kev.

Turnbull needs only one more of his many stupid mistakes (something simple like the Godwin Gretch fiasco) and he might lose his head to his partner in politics in the same way as Kev lost his and in the same way as she chewed off Tony Abbott’s.

                                This is one insect that no-one should turn their back to.



Bishop wanted Rudd endorsed so she could also get a spot in the new world order. Too bad Mrs Death Stare.

Once upon a time the stick insect had the respect of many people. That was once upon a time, before it revealed its true identity; snake in the grass. Pushing the cause of the balloon headed earwax muncher shows that her vanity is greater than her intelligence. I hope that Larry's right about the Chinese.

The stick insect has the thighs of an anorexic.

She has an eating disorder. That would usually also suggest a mental disorder that affects thought processes. A stick insect in a senior government position could potentially be a very dangerous matter with serious consequences.
We have already witnessed her lying and backstabbing, manipulation of her loyalty as it suits her.
This is a tripper, a power hungry tripper. Beware.

Good video, what happened to our kids?

If the LNP Government endorse that ear wax eating creep for Secretary General of the UN I swear I'll never vote LNP again ever.


there is also a pic of I'm drinking beer...Please Explain !!


Did Rudd put up $ 1m for WWW's campaign..on promises? 10: 1 HE DID!!

Turnbull's Waterloo will come with the endorsement of Rudd. Can't come quick enough. Turnbull gets the flick and Rudd's nomination fails. Greta result for Australia. And the icing on the cake will be Bishop losing pre-selection.

Abbott's Waterloo came with the knighting of Prince Philip.

That Kevin Rudd should even be in a position to try for a job with the un is an insult to our intelligence,, what it actually says is that we have a political class that wants power no matter what the public thinks or wants, and are a level above the mere mortals who do the work of keeping the nation afloat, but who expects anything else these days! when the theory of one world government is in vogue, and supported by both sides of politics, certainly the green/ left, and any person who praises a countries right to manage its own affairs is labeled as a right winger, and a facist. Could Rudd and his wife have become rich without being a cog in the (labour)Q/land gov?, it was all the taxpayers money remember,thats socialism at work in the sunshine state.

I dunno, Kev could stand on the ice and cry wolf just as convincingly as the current Sec Gen.

"Do you think they will remember the ratfucker thing" ? Don't worry Larry, I sent the Chinese embassy a reminder, part of my civic duty ya know.

I notice that both Trump and Clinton use gold fringed flags as stage props -
The flags displayed in State courts and courts of the United States have gold or yellow fringes. That is your WARNING that you are entering into a foreign enclave, the same as if you are stepping into a foreign embassy and you will be under the jurisdiction of that flag. The flag with the gold or yellow fringe has no constitution, no laws, and no rules of court, and is not recognized by any nation on the earth, and is foreign to you and the United States of America. more information

Martial Law Flag "Pursuant to 4 U.S.C. chapter 1, §§1, 2, & 3; Executive Order 10834, August 21, 1959; 24 F.R.6865; a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a YELLOW FRINGE border on three sides. The President of the United States designates this deviation from the regular flag, by executive order, and in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the military. The placing of a fringe on the national flag, the dimensions of the flag and the arrangement of the stars in the union are matters of detail not controlled by statute, but are within the discretion of the President as Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy." 34 Ops. Atty. Gen. 83.
President, Dwight David Eisenhower, by Executive Order No.10834, signed on August 21, 1959 and printed in the Federal Register at 24 F.R. 6865, pursuant to law, stated that: "A military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a yellow fringe border on three sides."

one thing about krudd, if he gets the job at the UN, it will be destroyed within the year! He is the perfect wrecking ball!

I reckon if Krudd is elected everyone in the world will be given $900-00!

Bolt on 2GB now...