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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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...Obama thinks so

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If you watch the video of the exchange of five Taliban terrorists for one Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, you will notice Bergdahl blinking wildly. He wanted the Americans to believe he had been kept in the dark for long periods. He hadn’t been. How can you tell? Well, when he was spoken to, and needed to concentrate, he forgot to blink. Bergdahl was no captive of the Taliban, he was a collaborator.

Most captives are decapitated on video because the Americans have always refused to trade, but not this time.

And Obama has just told the Taliban: “In future, if you can capture a US soldier you can now trade that soldier for five terrorist prisoners”. 

From now on that bodes well for the terrorist business and bodes poorly for any US soldier. Just how much more damage can Obama do before his second term is up? 

Details will emerge next week that show not only did Bergdahl desert from his post but he actively instructed the Taliban in a new technique of IED construction. 

Five years ago when Bergdahl “wandered” off into a Taliban encampment, six soldiers set out to find him. All six were gunned down and killed. Why wasn’t Bergdahl?

Soon after Bergdahl’s “capture” there was an increase in US military deaths due to an increase in IEDs of the new construction. 

After three years the Taliban had no further use for him except as a bargaining tool for the release of their Guantanamo fellow terrorists.

Why has Bergdahl not been returned to his family? Because the military is about to water-board the truth out of the treacherous little bastard and when they do it will be another item to add to Barack Obama’s long list of shameful disasters. 

Up until now his claims to fame were the Benghazi killings and his invasion of Libya (again without Congressional approval) his trouncing by Putin in Ukraine and elsewhere, his unabashed support of Syria’s Al Queda rebels, his support of the overthrown Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, alienating the US’s only ally left in the Middle East, Israel, leaving a debt of $17 trillion for the next Administration, describing the United States as “arrogant” and “dismissive”, to the French... where do you want to stop? 

But Bergdahl scandal is set to eclipse all those!

Serious negotiations began for the “release” of Bergdahl 18 months ago. Congressional leaders wanted no part of it, so Obama bypassed Congress and used his executive power to seal a deal with the Taliban releasing five high-profile terrorist captives in return for Bergdahl.

Either Obama has an IQ of four or he is consciously imperilling the interests of the United States and endangering the lives of US soldiers.

With only a half term left in his tenure he now meets Tony Abbott, the first international leader to hear first-hand how he intends to green energise America. 

Again bypassing Congress, he intends to harness the wind, the tides, the sun, the moon and the stars all by himself!

Ignoring the fact he has already wasted billions of taxpayer dollars gambling on “green” companies like Solyndra, NextEra, Ener1, Solar Trust and many others... all of which went bankrupt, is this sounding a little like Gillard’s $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation? Hmmmm.

But this time there are at least 28 of 50 State Governors who will want Obama’s little black balls for breakfast.

There will be one thing missing at the next Presidential elections, that familiar chant of, “four more years”. 


If the Australians left behind one Aussie soldier, traitor or not, we would never forgive them, and nor should we.

Osama Obama must be the most left wing, anti-Israel Muslim ever to reside at the White House. There has never been a POTUS that he's weakened the country more than this one has but if he could run again they will still vote for him. The European disease has spread to America and it alive and well in Australia.

Knowing the Yanks past there will be a Plan B so no doubt those Taliban fellows will find themselves in the sights of a drone not long after their release upon their return to their old stomping ground .

Hopefully retribution for these assoles is around the corner!

Well what did anyone expect from Obama? He supports terrorists, this Bowe Bergdahl is a convert to islam, Obama knew it before he set the five free to bomb us again. Any other time in history Obama would be dead, killed for treason. It’s not a word I like but for him it fits, he’s just a niggar.

"Bergdahl should be executed by firing squad for desertion and collaborating with the enemy.

Obama should be tried under UCMJ for giving aid and comfort to the enemy."

Ret Major USMC

The D-Day shadow

Obama's simplistic rhetoric could hurt Australia as leaders gather in Normandy, writes Matthew Dal Santo
Yes, when ABC & The Drum tell you their Sun King The Magic Negro has become a Danger to The World, you know at least some of The Left have realized it was bloody stupid to dance with The Devil just to piss God off.

The Crusades got up to what, 7, 8, and as many wars as David fought, well, he did trust some who lied they wanted peace but who God warned would breed up and start the bloody slaughters all over again. The War is that old, and charged with Ishmael's/Islam's spirit of entitlement, jealousy, envy & revenge: hence the arrogant Leftist 'god doesn't exist, blame all religions' hypocrites, naturally fighting on the side of Islam, the religion that enviously tears down everything built by people of faith in God. - repeat of what I didn't mean to bury in a reply thread.

Ah but remember, the retarded Leftard educated educators preaching the teachings of the recognised, lionised and religiously followed stinking thinkers of the world, have convinced the majority of simple, trusting minds, to believe that, "evil doesn't exist, it's only a human construct of backward, unenlightened, faulty, fearful, prejudiced, bigoted thinking", and other such torturously twisted lies in lieu of logic.

The whole Berdhal defection/treason has become public with twitter sphere, best case for Obama is to get it off the net, a lame president deals 5:1 for a nobody whom Seal T5 should have taken out as collateral to kill the bad press. roll cameras for Carbon Emission reductions targets...

Lord Obama has lost the plot.. and he's proclaiming the US will fight global warming.....not a lot left to do except cut wood for the Obama bonfire....!

Look up google images for this bloke;

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi

A former ambassador-at-large for the Taliban, studying at Yale on a U.S. student visa.

Clearly a member of the Diplomatic class that treats everyone else as dummies.

Well said

I think I have worked out a motive for what Obama has done here. its got to be something to do with oil/energy and them trying to demonise and cut off the need for Russian gas in Ukraine/Europe. Call it a long bow but I think it smells like kebabs. Not sure how the Taliban mottley crew fits in, but I know that the Syrian Rebels are in kahoots with Taliban and AlQaeda etc. The Syrian Rebels are supported by Saudis and Lebanon Sunnis. So the bet is that this was arranged by Obama, BECAUSE Obama is connected (through close family ties) to the Saudi mob... and the oil. This was something to do with the Saudi king. Remember Obama visited him only a few weeks ago? They had 'discussions'... (but not about the old fat prick releasing his starving daughters from captivity).

Obummas five for one deal is something reserved for high value POW s, not a shit useless equivalent of a corporal, this shows us that the socialist lefties sure are no horsetraders.

RIGHT ON !! venividi. Look at the devastation we are in - We are having big problems to restore some sanity . Imagine what they will have to deal with. Will they reward their bastard as we have rewarded our bastards ?

There'll be plenty over there, gun sales increased after Obama was elected.

It'll be interesting if this goose gives up much useful intel, he may turn out to be a goldmine of inside info. hopefully.

The first time I saw a picture of him, I thought, Sergeant, yeah right, he looks like a weasel, a cowardly defecting weasel is what he is turning out to be.

Thank god they've got Obumma and we got rid of our socialists last year.