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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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... oh yes they do!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Clinton Foundation agreed to notify the State Department of any foreign donations. This was to ensure there were no conflicts of interest with foreign governments seeking goodwill with the Secretary of State by donating­ money to what was then her husband’s foundation.

The FBI, the State Department and Congress are currently investigating why Mrs Clinton used a private email server for official communic­ations during her term as Secretary of State, and what may have been in the 30,000 emails she and her staff deleted.

Some of her staff have taken the Fifth and have refused to testify. Take one guess why.

Julie Bishop’s DFAT could throw some serious light on these emails but the chances of that happening are zero.

She wisely brought AusAID, (the vehicle used for at least $75 million in Australian donations to the Clinton Foundation) under the auspices of DFAT for reasons of “security”.

(It’s more likely that she convinced Abbott it was a savings measure.)

Gillard didn’t give a stuff about security, she was too busy currying favour with US Democrats.

Bishop’s DFAT has 2,521 Australian staff (of whom 1875 are based in Australia), plus another 1771 locally engaged staff, a total of 4292. And she is determined to expand this number along with the aid budget that was slashed by Abbott and Hockey. She has never forgiven them for that.

The Boston Globe alleges Clinton failed to disclose all its foreign “donations” to the Department of State as agreed. It reporte­d that foreign government “donations” had doubled from $US26m in 2010 to $US56m in 2013 with no corresponding reporting.

A Republican Party website identifies Australia and Saudi Arabia as the biggest foreign government source of funds for the Clinton Foundation.

Australian government figures show a steady flow of our money going to the foundation since 2008, amounting to over $75 million. The peak so far was in 2012, with $10.3m going to the foundation. Another parting gift from Gillard.

DFAT Department Secretary, Peter Varghese (above) said, “The AusAID integration with DFAT is not going well. We are operating in a budget environment which is only going to get more difficult, the Abbott Government announced before the election that it would cut $4.5 billion over four years from the projected budget.

“We (also) don’t know what our share of Abbott’s 12,000 Public Service reduction is going to be, but we know that we will definitely have to deal with a reduction in staff.”

Under Turnbull reductions are on hold, so is it any wonder that Julie Bishop wanted Abbott and Hockey out of there?

Julie Bishop is now determined to get the foreign aid budget up from $5 billion and back to the $8 billion it was under the free-wheeling Rudd/Gillard Governments and then link the amount to CPI.

                                                             Who? MOI?

Watch the stick insect fly into action as soon as Turnbull claims an election win.

So why was the “donating” body, AusAID, merged with DFAT? Well, that’s an easy one. You see DFAT is almost wholly exempt from FOI requests and refuses to answer any questions, even questions regarding its assistance in kidnapping four Italian girls from their father in Italy despite Australia being a signatory to the Hague Convention.

Bishop’s DFAT can, and does, engage in criminal activity such as funnelling funds to a foreign political party without any accountability.

The FOI disclosure log on the DFAT web page states requirements do not apply to:

Hillary Clinton would do well to adopt Julie Bishop's FOI requirements when it comes to foreign affairs and trade.


See to see the extent of the Clintons foundations criminal activities and our politicians have been giving our money to them including the big crook Julia Gillard when she was in office. This needs to be investigated and any of our politicians need to be charged with treason, robbery and put in jail!


Bishop has revealed herself as simply an airhead, who knows nothing about issues that affect those who vote for her. Seats her self in her cushy office and waits for the pay checks to flow into her account, someone skilled in masterly inactivity (window dressing and show woman tactics ).

Pauline Hanson is morally more suited to be PM than the actresses brat, "Lord" Mal kum a man with no morals above a cunning weasel.

read full interview /video on

Megan Palin and staff writers,
SHE’S usually the model of decorum but Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has suffered a rare interview slip up in a self-confessed “gotcha moment” on live radio.

In an interview with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell this morning, Ms Bishop admitted she could not explain planned changes to the Coalition’s Transition to Retirement scheme

In 2001 the Clintons were broke, in 15 years they have amassed over 150 Million - now tell me, who has sold their backside to the bankers at our expense!

Funny thing about USA Presidential elections is like when Hillary said that Barry O'Bama wasn't capable of being US President just before he won his first election and these are the same words she spewed all over Donald Trump so if history repeats itself Trump should wind up becoming President .

Hey Larry, can you please change the picture for "A vile piece of trash called Summers"? Whenever I try to read any articles on your blog, that bitch staring at me puts me right off. It makes me feel nauseous and I find it hard to concentrate on the article at hand.

Mika: It Feels Like Hillary Clinton Is Lying Straight Out | Morning Joe |

I am blowed if I know why the attack on Hillary has largely centred on her emails. The prime target should be the fraudulent Clinton foundation.

We need to be aware of the problem China poses for Trump in terms of the US vs China and the tendency for the US to retain Democratic governance if under threat of war. Also....hello???...China owns Darwin................

is there anyone out there who isn't corrupt, liar, cheat, back stabber? Where are all our honest men (and women) now? 2016 Election will be the biggest debacle of all time - no one knows how to vote to ensure we don't end up poorer, flooded with illegals and immigration.

And Cameron needs to withdraw UK for the EU - who wants to down with a sinking ship such as Europe these days? Germany is definitely finished - Merkel put that in place - rest of Europe stone motherless broke supporting the illegals, country shoppers and immigration bleeding off society.

Anyone with half a brain knew what Andrews was up to - just look back at his deceitful campaign - wonder how long before Victoria is bankrupt.

We all knew Gillard gave the Clinton foundation millions of our taxes. Then the look on Julie Bishop's face when Tony peeled back foreign aid money was priceless. Seems JB is just as much to the left as Gillard!

Good onya Sandy. It's not for me you are doing it, it's for your Dad/Mum and for respectful posters to enjoy. I imagine you may help educate some of the trogs as well dear man. I must say I have seen a remarkable change in direction from you on this site recently, you have much to offer in the way of wisdom and opinion away from Hanson. I enjoy your breadth of knowledge. I happened to see Pauline last night on Sky.....she was very impressive and right on message. I think she might win her seat in Queensland. Let's hope mate. You won't get any thanks though. Carry on.

Don't worry about the draft dodgers Sandy, they have no heart, no understanding. The fact is your father's work is first class. I wish I could write like that. Publish all you like I will read every single one as will others. By publishing you are helping educate savages. Bat on.

I am against forced local government amalgamations as I think they really do violate the principle of subsidiarity - whereby a "community of a higher order should not interfere in the internal life of a community of a lower order, depriving the latter of its functions..." (Pope John Paul II, Centesimus Annus 48).

Nevertheless I sincerely hope that the feral bitch who spat at the Administrator is charged with assault. I've heard he wants to just hose the issue down so as not to inflame tensions. That's wrong. He should press charges because such behaviour should not be tolerated in a civilized society.