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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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... a true story

Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


(Many thanks to Kirralie Smith for bringing this story to my attention.) 

Yesterday I travelled to the South East Queensland country town of Kilcoy to investigate what all the fuss was about. What I found truly shocked me. The following story should sadden every true blooded Australian. It should also bring Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce, Bill Shorten and Richard Di Natale to their grubby knees.

Whether you like it or not, our Federal and State Governments across the whole political spectrum have turned their backs on hard working Australian families in favour of the big dollars that flow freely into our country from China.

Yes, we are losing our country at a rate never seen before.

But in worse and more worrying ways, these so-called 'good deals’ which our Federal politicians are partaking in with their foreign corporate raider mates, are costing thousands of hard working blokes like Mitchell Rock and his young family their livelihoods.

It takes a lot of guts to stand up to tell the truth about what is truly destroying this country of ours.

Mitchell Rock is a 25 year-old abattoir worker from Kilcoy.

He and his wife Sheree are determined to expose the ugly truth in the hope of saving many more hundreds of thousands of Australians losing their livelihoods to the national disgrace that is the 457 Visa.

We all sat around Sheree’s kitchen table and as Mitchell began to tell me his story, I could see the pain in his young wife’s eyes. A few minutes later tears became evident. Sheree hugged her two boys, Riley 4 and Ethan just 2 years of age. She said in a quivering voice,

“This story will probably finish us financially.”

I did offer to stop at that moment but Mitchell said to his wife, “Sheree this is for our boys too. We need to tell Australians the truth.”

The Rock family moved to Kilcoy from Caboolture to start a new life in the country.

Mitchell gained employment at the local business, Kilcoy Pastoral Company, which is Chinese-owned and operates a large Halal certified abattoir, specialising in slaughtering and processing grain fed beef, of which about 80% is exported. The remainder is sold on the Australian domestic market.

Mitchell started work at entry level over four and a half years ago.

Entry level, or level 1 as he described it, is basically for unskilled and untrained employees to get a start. He said any man or woman could learn the skills in a day or two without any problems.

Mitchell, being the hard worker that he is, decided that he liked working in the industry so he progressed to level 2, a knife-hand position he describes as a fast-paced role requiring a great deal of concentration.

He explained to me that generally a person with no previous experience could efficiently perform these tasks after 2 weeks of intensive training.

Mitchell excelled at level 2 and, being keen as mustard, hard working and forward thinking he talked to his wife about making a permanent career in the industry.

“I could see a better life ahead for my family”, Mitchell explained as I talked to him yesterday.

“I love my wife and my two boys, we all love living in Kilcoy, all I needed to do was progress to level 3 and get on some decent wages, you know get ahead, buy a house and settle down.”

Mitchell and his wife Sheree made the decision that Kilcoy was going to be their home so Mitchell went on to level 3 after another much older man retired.

Mitchell excelled as a slaughterman.

He told me the job required a lot of skill but it was satisfying.

“I absolutely loved it, and the extra money was so good too, we were able to get daily bonuses for production, I was earning over $1,200 a week.”

About five months later Mitchell’s world came crashing down.

"I was working on the slaughter floor one afternoon when I was introduced to a new employee. It was his first day on the job and I was asked to train him.

"I was very confused as to why a new employee would jump straight into this very high skilled job. I asked the employee where he was from.

"He replied, "I am a 457 worker from the Philippines.”

"Ok I said, have you done this kind of work before?”

"He replied, “No, I have never been in a meat working facility like this before.”

"I asked, “Can you steel (sharpen) your knife?” He said, “No,” and asked me to show him.

"So I put a complaint into my supervisor."

Mitchell has now been placed back at level 1, carrying out general duties with about 100 other Australians, most of whom are trained and skilled well beyond level 1.

Mitchell says there are only four Australian slaughtermen out of 100 working on the slaughter floor, and they are there only because they have been with the company for over ten years.

I asked Mitchell whether the 457 workers do a better job.

His reply was, “No, many of them are slower and their work is not done properly.”

Mitchell says the top paying jobs on the slaughter floor are all now reserved for a revolving door of unskilled 457 visa holders while all the skilled Australians battle to earn between $600 to $800 a week.

Mitchell explained, “Because they’re unskilled, sometimes we get asked to complete some of the work that they have trouble performing.

“I'm now back at the bottom of the pay scale with all the other Australians and we don't see any sign of progressing in the future.

"It basically means that we’re occupying all the entry level roles that could otherwise go to the unemployed Australians who desperately need work."

                                                      Mitchell and family

Mitchell went on to tell me that his wife Sheree now works nights at the BP service station to make ends meet.

“We have a loan on our house to take care of, and we try to put as much as we can away for the boys' education.”

Sheree became a little emotional as she said, “I want to be home with my family at night but we have made the decision that our love for each other is strong and we are going to survive. We have our two little boys and we are going to make it.”

The interview was the toughest I have ever done, and we have some questions for Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce, Bill Shorten, Richard Di Natale, Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernardi.

Australians want to know when this ridiculous situation is going to stop.

Is there a politician in this country with enough guts and honour to stand up for Australians, and put them first?

Many hard working Australians are now being dictated to, and unfairly treated by, the bosses of Chinese communist government-owned businesses right here in Australia.

Why is this allowed to happen under a Liberal government?

Many Australians unfairly take second place to Islamic workers in many workplaces because of religious requirements placed upon businesses by unregulated Halal certification.

Mr Turnbull, how can you stand by and allow this to happen?

All this is happening right now in Australia.

We have a pompous, gutless Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Opposition Leader who couldn’t care less about the future of their fellow Australians.

457s reached record numbers, under the previous Labor government, signed off by then Workplace Relations Minister, Bill Shorten.

Why should we trust our political leaders in Australia?

                              Another disgraceful situation needs to be explained.

Under the Halal method of killing a beast at Kilcoy Pastoral Company, the animal is stunned to render the animal unconscious.

The beast then falls to the floor where its throat is cut. 

A percentage of these animals regains consciousness while their throats are being cut. The beast’s eyes open and the animal panics, then thrashes to an excruciatingly painful death.

Where is Four Corners now?

I am told that this is the only way Halal slaughtering can take place. The animal must be alive at the time its throat is cut to pass the so-called strict guidelines of Halal certification. The heart must remain beating to expunge the animal's blood.

Why is this sickening situation allowed to happen in Australia, Barnaby Joyce?

Well, we have a message for the three of you, bring on the next federal election, it is past time that you felt the wrath of the Australian people.

You have failed us miserably.

You have sold us up as a country, and you have placed us second behind unskilled 457 visa holders.

By Stan Kipper


Mitchell started a new shift yesterday, Sunday, May 7.

He was escorted to the General Manager’s office where he was told a very serious talk needs to happen.

Mitchell declined to speak on the subject until a witness (and legal advice) could be arranged.

The meeting has now been rescheduled for 11:00 am today.

Mitchell has now organised for a witness to attend that meeting.

11:00 am today will be make-or-break time for Mitchell and his young family.

(With special thanks to Kirralie Smith and Stan Kipper for their work exposing this disgrace)


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Everybody that has worked there for a reasonable period of time is aware the majority of 457 workers arrive unskilled. They are scared of speaking up in fear of being demoted or losing their job. It was simply a undisputed fact until Mitchell spoke up.

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“…….And no man one shall deposit money with another whom he does not trust as a friend, nor lend money upon interest; and the borrower should be under no obligation to repay either capital or interest."
--Plato (Regulations respecting money)

The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid greed.... Hence of all the kinds of wealth acquisition this one is the most unnatural.
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The Nation's Credit: Senator Richard Darcey, 1941 ( ALP, Tasmania)
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Was the French Election Rigged?
The cabal are going for broke….
It’s not some grand conspiracy, but it’s grand theft all the same. Le Pen voters lost their ballots, their rights, by the millions on Sunday.
In France, if a ballot is damaged, it cannot be cast. So the political establishment, who are desperate to prevent Le Pen from taking office, arranged for the destruction of millions of Le Pen ballots.
Up to one third of all ballots sent out to voters, an estimated 60% of Le Pen ballots, were destroyed at the time of mailing.
Only Le Pen ballots arrived destroyed, there is not one report of a single ballot for Macron arriving destroyed.
These ballots arrived at a household that had five eligible voters. 100% destruction rate.
In the week leading up to the election reports began pouring in that an enormous number of ballots for Le Pen were destroyed at the time of mailing. They were torn badly, rendering them void, before they were mailed out.
The randomness of the tears proves they were torn by hand – with intent. This was a major, co-ordinated effort, orchestrated by the establishment.
The Le Pen campaign complained to the election watchdog, claiming ballots had been “systematically torn up” – but the watchdog merely gave a Gallic shrug, and banned the media from reporting on it.
But it gets even worse.
Voters in districts which heavily favoured Macon also received multiple ballots, enabling them to vote twice. The French election commission even confirmed that multiple votes would count, and wouldn’t be investigated until after the election.
The French election was, in this method, stolen. Macron is not the legitimate president of France.
How did this happen?
The French media, forever in the pocket of the elite, refused to report on the issue, allowing the establishment to stifle the will of the people.
However, after the election, mainstream outlets did publish some interesting data. Agence France Press, for instance, admitted that a staggering number of French voters cast ballots which didn’t count.
Read on –
The fact remains though: the people’s politician – the outsider who is likely to win the seat of French President – is potentially backed by the some of the greatest elites ever witnessed in European history: the Rothschilds.
You can read the precursor to this article here.”

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