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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s the most important post of all (Foreign Ministry in our terms) and it is critical to Trump’s businesses that have taken years to build. It’s not likely that he will divest himself of those businesses at fire sale prices. Trump intends to let his family run the show with himself at arm’s length. But there is not a subject that involves his business that is not potentially compromised by a political conflict of interest. His Secretary of State must be carefully sounded out to ensure he understands this... and without saying so.

With the media still smarting over a Clinton loss and intent on lime-lighting every possible misstep, Trump is attempting to make him and his Administration bullet-proofed from a media attack. And Media see conflicts of interest as the major target of an eager firing squad.

Weekend family dinners at the Trump Tower or the White House over gold plated crockery and the very best of vintaged soda water will necessarily background discussions over how the businesses are travelling without Dad at the helm.

“Geez Pop, we still can’t get approval off those pesky Japs for that Tokyo Tower without lowering the tariff on those ten-legged Bering Sea crabs. Geez it would be good if you could manage that for us Dad.”

“Well” says Dad, extracting his tie from his Vichyssoise soup, “I can’t really do anything about that Kiddo, it’s a conflict of interest thing. The damned Dems will blow me out of the water.”

“Aw, come on Dad, we’re talkin’ a few lousy crabs here!”

“Okay, let me have a chat to my Secretary of State, I will slip him a half mil. if he can find a way to bury the deal so it can never be discovered.”

“Phew thanks Dad, now I’ll let you enjoy your meal.

“Oh by the way Dad, Putin said he will allow us to build that new casino in Vladivostok if he can get his hands on a few of those F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.”

“Hmmm, just eat your Brussels sprouts, son.”

But seriously, only a savvy Secretary of State could assist in what is looming as a major problem for Trump, and he knows it, because no-one could ever reasonably expect his kids not to seek his counsel. 

                     Is Mitt Romney that savvy?  No! Giuliani or Gingrich are, maybe.


Thanks R56... will check it out.

R56..Pablo... you guys have it right on the button. Now all that's to be done is throw the baby out with the bathwater ?????

Not going to happen. If the Japs were really stupid enough to put unnecessary barriers in the way of a Trump family deal, then there would be other ways for Trump to deal with it, and the Japs know it. All quite legal and above board mind, but with the same outcome. No, the Japs (and for that matter, the Chinese) will NOT be wanting to piss off this American president. He has his enemies for dinner. Look carefully at the photo, I'm sure I can see Hillary's brains in there. It's that really small serving on the lower right of the picture

Still LAUGHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just read where Krudd says Donald Trump has no experience in International Diplomacy,

Oops sorry RW. So easy to take the written word the wrong way. Ha ha ha!

Pointing the way....

Halfway down to the knee at the moment.

Don't waste your time sending Turnbull an email. They are all blocked. Send your message to Liberal Administration in Canberra. They at least acknowledge them.

I see China making noises about Trump, well is there is one thing that unites people is give them a common enemy, and the chows think they run the world, many might just take a stand with Trump and tell'em to get stuffed for once!3

Always an 'expert' somewhere to fill us in on everyday life.......

R56. Because there is no difference...They would tax the water if they could..Oh sorry they already do...Then they would tax the food we eat...Sorry yep they tax that too. Now they want to tax the air we breath.....The Tax cycle is complete...

ChrisCross.. I do really think the word Gay should be used for what it was intended and not twisted and morphed into something other than Happy...I really do not care what any persons Sexual persuasion may be, as long it is consensual and legal. I do however take extreme offence when I am told I must accept Their way of life and have it displayed in public.It makes me physically ill in the stomach and I cringe to see 2 males kissing. Working in the Surrey Hills area it is offensive to me to see 2 men walking along with their hands down the back of each others pants at lunch time..Mardi Gras is just an Offensive use of Taxpayer money that could be spent to house a lot of our homeless or assist our mentally ill rather than increase the HIV, Syphilis and other STD levels in our community.

Two legs,one dangling...and thankyou for asking :-))

Poor Wendy Harmer. She couldn't switch on to the next question quickly enough when Smith gave lucid counter-arguments to her fatuous, leftie thought bubbles.

That Indian bloke from Adani is a messy eater , must have lost his serviette.

They are still trying to tax the air we breath.

Set himself a low standard and failed to achieve it.

Have to pass on to their ABC that they did one thing right. The new weather lady is good at her job and having all those interesting up to date photos of storms makes for good viewing. (Hope I haven't put the mockers on her now.)

The award of "slow learner of the year" must go to Turnbull, the sheer lunacy of even mentioning carbon pricing is beyond belief. Peta Credlin, last night on Sky talked about how the party almost fractured because of this (prior to Turnbull getting rolled), she was incredulous that the topic could rear its head and expects Turnbull to kill any expectations by today otherwise it is TROUBLE bigtime. Roller coaster ride, here we go again!