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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A meeting between Tony Abbott as Prime Minister and leaders of the Islamic community (some of whom had refused to attend) involved discussions around how the repealing of 18C would cause Muslims to be racially vilified. Another discussion on a phone link between Abbott and security Agencies and police demanded that 18C be retained so that these agencies could acquire information about so-called “radicalised” Islamic youth. The Greens and two Senate cross-benchers also put their case for retention of 18C on similar grounds that included Aborigines and the gay community.

Tony Abbott then informed a Cabinet meeting that he would not be pushing for an alteration to the Act. He didn't tell us 'tho... he waited until he was asked. 

When Malcolm Turnbull was questioned as to why the Libs had discarded the plan, he gave the same answer  Tony Abbott eventually gave, which was basically, “We have more important things to do”. 

PM Turnbull included this addendum: “Repealing 18C will not produce one more job.” 

It’s amazing what a few phone calls can uncover because it had me stuffed why such puerile excuses could be given for welching on such a serious undertaking as repealing 18C. 

Abbott and Turnbull are standing firm despite Aussies being seriously hurt by the HRC’s implementation of the vile Act. Mounting pressure to honour the Government’s repeal of 18C commitment is being ignored. 

Unfortunately the security Agencies and police are also standing firm, and their bullshit case is predicated on bullshit blackmail pushed by bullshitting Islamic leaders. They don't want nasty things said about their un-Australian cult of Islam. 

Was Turnbull pressured not to abolish 18C by that irritating bastard Waleed Aly at his Kirribilli Iftar dinner replete with a known hate preacher? 

To believe that Muslim parents will dob in their “radical” sons and daughters requires a special kind of woolly thinking reserved for people like Julie Bishop and lazy cops and Security Agency sleuths who like to skite about foiling acts of terrorism that never really existed.

What a shame that our Government feels it’s more important to assuage possible Islamic hurt “feelings” rather than right the terrible wrongs committed on innocent Aussies by evil Commissioners like Gillian Triggs and Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Southphommasane (below 2nd from right).

The Libs’ Left actually believes that Islamic parents will snitch on their kids who are showing dangerous signs of following the blessed Koran. Doesn’t the Left know that parents of martyred kids get a straight-to-Paradise free pass. 

Parents of martyrs proudly display their kid’s photo to other Muslims who drool with jealousy.

Dob in their kids who are religiously following the Holy Koran’s teachings?... WTF are they talking about? 

Anyway if you were wondering why the promised repeal of 18C has been canned, it’s because this Government (in fact this Parliament) cares passionately for whining Muslims and couldn’t give a stuff about victimised Aussies.

Hmmm, no wonder they insisted that we give them our bloody guns!  


Had enough with these Muslims. One day Patriotic Australians that have been diagnosed with a terminal Illness. Will Stand-UP and Exterminate these bludgers in mass..... 1.) Muslims are cowards and will shit bricks and then finally leave Australia.

See what happens when a "peaceful religion" comes to town.

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Let's see where this goes ...

"Liberal MPs say concerns about the misuse of race hate laws have "hit the mainstream", and have hailed the Prime Minister's suggestion that debate about change to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is "reasonable".

Coalition MPs Tony Abbott, Tim Wilson, Eric Abetz and Dean Smith – who has recommended a parliamentary committee look at the controversial section of the act – were delighted with Malcolm Turnbull's comments."

This piece of work puts the boot into Australia, Australians, Christians and any other society which is by and large free to be who and what they want. When will we as a nation put the muzzle on clowns like this? Between Waleed, Gillian and Tim Someofabitch, they have the media rapped around their grubby hands. They want Australia to falter, they need Australia to falter so they can bring in draconian laws passed on by neanderthal Islamic's, whose only claim to fame is they want to rule the world. Guess what fool, no one is going to stop Australian's from being who they are, you will not bend us, you will not weaken us, as a nation we will defend what the forefathers of this country died for, not some Peadophilic monster that roamed the sands of tin pot countries 1200 years ago. Go back to the land of Mohammad if that is your desire, don't expect us to accept this indoctrination, be it the older generation or the young ones coming through. Enough is enough.Waleed ally is a Christianaphobe and Australiaphobe of the lowest order.

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copthis - thanks for your words of common sense - there really is a lot of crap going on on the underbelly of this blog but their numbers seem pretty small. Your recall of postings is astonishing. You brought up the fire matter and for those who might be interested my new house is nearing completion. Have had some great assistance from neighbours etc clearing and burying the mess and reinstating fences and tanks. We are nearly back on track and the fire caused massive vegetation growth during the winter as we approach another fire season.. We have done extensive clearing this time to make sure the house is not in danger again. The town of Yarloop (about 20k away) has also been cleaned up and building is just starting there. We have fingers crossed for the coming fire season.

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Gillian Triggs is clearly unfit to hold office.

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Tim Andrews
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