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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


To discover the culprits of any coup, look no further than the beneficiaries. Those who benefited most from the Turnbull coup are those promoted to his new Cabinet plus a few obligatory women.

The blind victims of the Turnbull coup, including Abbott and Hockey, are now looking for another job.

Despite a marked difference in competency, the horrific Rudd/Gillard era is being revisited by Turnbull/Bishop ... the only things different are the crises.

Howard/Costello left Rudd/Gillard with $30 billion in the bank to deal with a GFC that Australia was insulated from. The GFC was at the height of the mining boom, China’s demand never wavered from its double digit growth rate and only one of our big four banks was marginally exposed to the US sub-prime rate scam and they were all underwritten by the Rudd Government anyway.

Yet Rudd and Gillard chucked that $30 billion at anyone who would catch it while Swanny was busy claiming that they had successfully navigated us through an economic crisis. Hmmm.

Well, Abbott/Hockey have left Turnbull/Bishop with a similar surplus, only this time it’s the sovereign borders that are not being breached by illegal immigrants costing billions per year... instead they are swamping a borderless Eurozone.

Those illegal immigrants are the same country-shopping, passport-chucking, well-heeled Iranians, Africans, Afghanis and Pakistanis who were prepared to see their kids drown for a chance to settle in a welfare state like Australia’s.

Of course those arriving in Europe all claim to be Syrians, that’s the major point of conflict right now, so why chuck your passport if you are Syrian. One genuine Syrian said 75 per cent of those claiming refugee status were not from Syria at all.

These are the same angry people who landed at Christmas Island after paying thousands to queue-jump over the four million genuine, penniless refugees, wasting away in squalid camps across Asia and the Middle East.

Abbott/Hockey prepared Australia to be able accept real refugees by paying the Indonesian military millions to stop the boats. Joko Widodo was ignored, bypassed, left out of the bribery loop! Did you not notice his immediate and intense hatred of Abbott and his determined eagerness to kill the Bali two?

These processed and appreciative real refugees in camps would have settled into our workforce and paid taxes... you know, the sort of genuine immigrants who would have joined the neighbours for a beer and a barbeque... the sort of legal immigrants who helped build this joint.

But, like Gillard/Rudd, the Turnbull/Bishop duo is about to waste the political capital left them by Abbott/Hockey. Neither Turnbull nor Bishop see any link between unknown, unprocessed, illegal Islamic immigration and terrorism.

Funny, because the terrorists recognise the link... ISIS claims thousands of their operatives are already embedded in the hoards currently flooding Europe.

Neither Turnbull nor Bishop recognises that terrorists are invariably of the Islamic faith.

Turnbull, from the safety of his $50 mil Point Piper mansion, doesn’t want to talk about it and Bishop, wrapped in her UN security blanket, wants to flash her calling card showing Australia will take anyone.

Just watch how quickly she reverses Hockey’s cuts to the foreign aid budget.

Under the Abbott/Hockey immigration policy of taking only those who are in camps and only those who are “religiously persecuted”, not one would have been an Islamic misfit.

Just watch the reversal of that policy.

That’s a bit of a stretch you say? Okay, then explain why the architect of the “only the religiously persecuted” policy, Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, has been excluded from the Cabinet Security Committee.

It’s unthinkable that an Immigration Minister, operating in the current climate of Islamic terrorism, is not part of the security committee.

But Dutton was a talented, welded-on Abbott/Hockey supporter, and due for the cold shoulder. His offerings will be foreign to the Turnbull/Bishop regime.

Will the Rudd/Gillard analogy hold true? If so, Turnbull had better watch his back because the ruthlessly ambitious Bishop will be waiting patiently for his Newspoll figures to sink below Gillard levels,

... just like they did when he last led the Libs.


Really interesting conversation... I rang lifeline to have a chat.. said that I found it hard to deal with buff young men supposedly refugees. Young lady said that young men were OK and that arabic men were OK because they were part of the new Australia. I asked why it was that young fit men ran away when my Dad stayed and fought. Apparently, it is because my Dad and all those after him did not realise that Islam was Australia. Apparently, all we have to do is wait and Allah will be here. I did ask the so called counsellor and she said that Allah was all and that I should look to Allah. When I ring Lifeline for help and I and I am upset, I do not need Allah. So when I am sad, no more lifeline.

What drugs are you on fucktard?

did not like Julie she was bellyaching about drug dealers and refugees and holding vigils with plubbersuck....l mean wtf???on your bike ...dike..

CS I totally agree and Bruce never knew who too over when Abbott parted with Sharples as he still continues to believe Abbott was in it to the end however he is sadly mistaken. Bruce you knew nothing and you have been dining out on your lies over many years but now more people know that really you knew NOTHING.

I thought that someone might be interested in the response I received from my Local Federal MP after advising him that I considered a Vote for MT was electorate betrayal.

Here it is:
Thank you for your email.

Any assumptions being made or reported on the way in which I cast my vote in the recent leadership ballot are speculative and uninformed. I have played no role in leadership events. I think the matter is now better put behind us.

Sign me up for the ALA or the Nationals please.

Hey Dick.. The Khoran tells Muslims to belt their wives. How does The Banker propose to get around that one? I know they will, but it'll be interesting to see how they justify it on "religious grounds".... lmao.

Is it an optical illusion, or does GilLard have double the arse of Bishop ?

I'd really like to have a 'recount' now from all those MPs.... would the same count happen today and would we still have a good PM other than the usurper??????

Lateline has Greg Hunt interviewed. He'll outline Malcolm's wonderful Tony's policies. Think I'll go to bed.

OT,, not enough ..... At least 300 people are reported to have died and hundreds more have been injured in a crush during a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Saudi Arabia's civil defence service released Thursday's toll and said rescue operations were underway after the stampede in Mina, where almost two million pilgrims were taking part in the last major rite of the Hajj.

It was not immediately clear what had caused the stampede

Of course my difference has meant I have long attracted a stalker obsessed with my domestic activities..such as they are.....the downside of marching to a different drum. Attracts nutters.

DW..yes its a lovely life isn;t it....How I adore my domestic life.....quietitude, stillness, even no ABC classical anymore now its been wrecked by the cabal.Wonderful books, DVDs. garden bushland area of my 5 acres....native birds and marsupials abound ....pleasure 24/7. I am beholden to no one.

Obviously Jason Clare didn't see the interview between David Spears & Turdbull the other night.

I am an outsider Dick always have been.....a different and rare intelligence and point of view from the vast majority....and oh boy does it upset people for some reason. I one look at me is enough to set them off...for some reason. Always been thus....which is why I love my life as a solo....happiness abounds. Which further enrages the knuckledraggers.

That ridiculous Batty woman is about to be intviewed by that ridiculous Sales woman on Channel 2

He hasn't seen his daughter for 13 years.

The claims of violence are sometimes a ploy to get an intervention order. Let's say a bloke has a farm or a business, get an intervention order against you and you're out on your ear and lost control of your assets. Lawyers call it the ambush strategy. Even if you win eventually your business has been milked.

Dick Wellard you are correct but very very politically myself.....I salute you.