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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


He clearly hadn’t tested the “bump-up stock” for use on his array of semi-automatic weapons. The bump stock is a manufacturer’s application whereby a semi-automatic weapon, that shoots rounds at the rate of 40 per minute can, with this clip-on device, shoot rounds at the rate of the 660 per minute we all heard during the attack.

The stop/start fusillades of random rounds from the Mandalay hotel indicated Paddock was having trouble continuing with his murderous salvos.  

Had he tested the application at a range first, he would probably have decided not to use this "bump" thing because it doesn’t work and can’t work.

This attachment (above) can make this machine gun (below) from a simple semi-                                                                          automatic rifle 

After two seconds of rapid fire with the bump attached and the trigger depressed the semi’s barrel becomes extremely hot. After five seconds it glows bright red and expels clouds of smoke. Continue firing and the barrel will melt, distorting out of shape, and sending rounds flying in every direction except toward the target.

The reason this happens is that a “semi” rifle is designed for one trigger-press per round, allowing a short period of cooling between shots, while the fully automatic has continuous firing, requiring a water-cooled barrel made from slow-heating metal. 

Reports say Paddock’s smoke alarms were going crazy in his room alerting staff to his position.

When the bump stock is attached it uses the recoil to “bump” the next round into the chamber, automatically discarding the empty casing at the same time, in a continuous “machine gun” type operation. 

Yet it does not use any machinery and cannot therefore be legally called an “automatic” rifle or a machine gun. It just uses the bare, basic physics of the recoil.

It’s like putting a 12 cylinder Aston Martin engine into a T model Ford and not expecting to have braking problems. 

Well I don’t know, but this is certainly a gun retailer’s sneaky way to circumvent State laws against automatic weapons and these manufacturers/retailers could be successfully charged, at least for recommending their “bump” attachment be fitted to “semi-automatic” rifles that are dangerously unsuited to it.

Mad red necks are always looking to maximise the extremities of the Second Amendment in order to liquidate the odd watermelon, Jack rabbit or Red squirrel.

And no prizes for guessing the fool who approved of these bump-stock attachments in 2010.

When the NRA comes down against this sort of armoury chicanery, which it has, you can bet the obstructive Senate Dems, and even the vengeful Republican John McCain, will finally agree to some legislation.

And you can bet this bullshit is already available in Sydney’s south and Melbourne’s north.  


Paddock was an arms dealer for CIA and part of an ISIS sting operation that went very badly wrong. At least 3-4 shooters and M-60's. Teams exfiltrated via private planes to Area 51

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C.S.I. Las Vegas
What the P.P. Conspiracy Crazies have come up with thus far (in no particular order).

1. Too many casualties for a single shooter (58 dead / 527 injured). You would have to be a skilled marksman to achieve this count.
2. Too many causalities for 4 minutes of shooting.
3. Impossible for one person to haul all that munition into room without being noticed or raising suspicion (PP CSI experts have made claims ranging between 400 to 500 pounds of gear).
4. Impossible for old man to hump gear up 32 floors.
5. There was second shooter on the 4th floor (based on grainy footage of flashes from this floor).
6. Why were none of the hotel security cameras working?
7. Hotel glass was hurricane proof impossible to break.
8. Why break two windows (feeds into a second shooter in the room theory)?
9. The guy had no experience with weapons.
10. The pattern of blood on the carpet from his dead body does not fit the narrative of a suicide. Shell casings have been placed in the blood after the event.
11. Why did the cops take 50 minutes to break into his room?
12. Why did he need so many weapons? There must have been other shooters.
13. The guy had no motive.

Now let’s go through each with a modicum of common sense (for Crazies now would be a great time to don your tin foil hats).

1 He wasn’t firing Pee Shooters but military style weapons designed to kill including those with .223 and .308 calibre. Don’t be fooled, a .223 isn’t a toy, and is nothing like a kids 22 for popping off rabbits. It fires a heavier projectile at much higher velocity. And as for .308 they are definitely designed to kill.

Scoundrels work their kill and injury rates out on the basis of one bullet for each injury forgetting that;
a) Many of the injuries would have been caused by bullets ricocheting off solid objects especially off the concrete floor of the venue and then bouncing up into the lower portion of persons escaping.
b) Some injuries would have been caused from the debris scatter of solid objects hit and exploding into victims.
c) Some bullets would have clipped or passed through one victim and into another.
d) Some injuries would have not been gun related but due to the scramble to get out of the way.

He was not picking off individual victims but firing into a mass of 20,000 persons packed together with limited means of escape.
He had devices (tripods, stands and sights) to steady his fire and target within the general mass of the crowd to maximise hits.
And of course he had several (up to 10) of his weapons fitted with bump stocks to maximise the rate of fire.
There has been no reported evidence of more than one weapon being fired at the same time. Audio of the event seems to support this.
All up he had more than the capability to inflict the death and injury toll by himself.

2. Scoundrels have put together lengthy kill and injury analysis based on 4 minutes of firing time. Unfortunately the actual firing time was 9 to 10 minutes. With military style weapons fitted with bump stocks and extended magazines more than enough time to inflict the carnage that he did.

3. Claims as to the weight of gear the guy humped up to his room keeps getting larger and larger. At last report 500 Pounds. The guy had 23 weapons. A fully kitted up AR15 Assault Rifle comes in at between 8 to 9 pounds. Just a bare basic one is around 6 pounds. If we allow the full kit for every weapon this is 23 x 9 = 207 pounds. Two thousand rounds of the heavier .308 gauge ammo comes in at around 43 pounds. So all up being generous, 250 pounds (113 kg).
The guy had checked in 3 days prior to the shooting. He was not a tourist but a relative local and a high roller at the casino. He would have brought all the munitions in his own car parked in the Mandalay carpark for free given his status. If he checked in with 2 x 20 kg suitcases the porters would have carried these up to his room without even blinking. To make up the balance of the arsenal it would have taken at best 3 to 4 more trips (over 3 days) taking an empty suitcase down to the car park filling it up with 20 – 25 kg of gear and then wheeling it back to the room. Without knowing the plans of the hotel, I would be surprised if this couldn’t have been achieved without even going passed the main check in counter. But even if he had to, if anyone thinks that seeing a man wheeling a suitcase in the foyer of a 3,000 room hotel would arouse suspicion, they have rocks in their head. “Shit look at that guy he’s wheeling a suitcase, arrest that man” give me a break. Even if he had a 1,000 pounds of kit, over 3 days it would not have caused a murmur.
Once all the gear was in the room it could easily have been placed in a cupboard, covered with a blanket or pillow or two, and no one would have been the wiser, not even a nosey room cleaner. And as if a room cleaner would risk losing their job by poking around snooping in a guest’s cupboard. Not going to happen.

4. It seems to the Crazies that once we get beyond age 60 we instantly become incapable of pulling a suitcase on wheels behind us. And up 32 floors? Well in this day and age we have these marvellous things called lifts. Fair Dinkum it is laughable.

5. The Shooter on the 4th floor. This report has come about because of grainy footage that purports to show gun fire flashes coming from this level. The cunning second shooter in this scenario cleverly removes the glass. Does his shooting business and then even more cunningly puts the glass back in position.

The truth of the matter is that the flashes observed have been proved to be a strobe light that can also be seen in video footage 5 minutes before the shooting started. Oh dear.

6. No security footage, all the security cameras were disabled. Some higher being switched all the cameras off.

Just totally unsubstantiated crap. Just because video isn’t released by the authorities, Scoundrels come up with all sorts of reasons for this. Hello it is a police investigation. Police have no obligation to feed the demands of hysterical conspiracy job nut cases. Of course casinos have hundreds of cameras around the gaming floors but what cry tell would be the reason for them to be elsewhere at the same level of coverage? The guy would not have hauled his kit through the gaming lounges FFS.
There would have been other cameras around for sure, but as said previously, he was probably able to secret his gear from car park to suite without going passed any of them. Let’s wait for the investigation to be completed and see what the cameras did or didn’t see before theorising about higher powers having turned them all off.

7. Some idiot on P.P. made the claim that the hotel glass would have been hurricane proof and unbreakable. Well clearly the images show that the glass was broken, but back to the numpty claim. Cyclone proof in Las Vegas? I don’t think so. Buildings in the civilised part of the world are built to codes to be fit for purpose at the least cost to build for their location.

If Las Vegas was in Florida maybe some validity to the idiots claim, but it isn’t. If it was built on the San Andreas Fault maybe some cause for claim but it isn’t. If it was a military or police or secret government facility, maybe also some reason for having thicker glass but it is not. The Mandalay as per all the hotels in Vegas would have glass that is fit for purpose for the climate where they exist, built and fitted for the lowest possible cost. Designed to withstand a crazy attacking it with a pointy hammer? Not a chance in hell.

8. Why break two windows if only one person?
Quite simply his suite was in a corner position of the hotel so breaking two windows gave him two completely different angles of fire onto his victims. Makes perfect sense if your intent is maximise the kill rate.

9. The guy had no experience with weapons?
The guy at his home back in Mesquite had a complete gun room installed with many other munitions and ammo left behind. To suggest he had no idea how to use them is a total joke.

10. Argh the blood pattern in the carpet. I love this one. Our local CSI experts have all sorts of theories how it doesn’t look realistic or must have been faked. How our local law enforcement theorists have become blood splatter and dynamic gunshot injury experts is one for the ages. But for what it’s worth here is the Phantoms’ common sense view of the image of the shooters bloodied head.

The image shows three waves of blood one that is lighter in colour and further away from Paddock’s head and is soaked right into the carpet pile. The second and third waves are darker and terminate further back closer to his head. There appears to be brain matter close to his head and spent cartridges that have become enveloped by blood but not fully coated.
Common sense says that there would have only been one fatal head shot through the mouth and into his brain and out the side of his head. There are several spent cartridges on the floor one or none of these might be from the fatal shot only experts will find this out.
When he collapsed the first fluid to empty from his head would have been the amniotic fluid that surrounds and protects the brain. This is the fluid (mixed with blood) that has spread out the furtherest , soaking into the carpet with the lightest colour. After this fluid was expended, pure blood would have continued oozing out but being more viscous it would not have spread out as far and of course would appear darker.
As rigor mortis set in and blood pressure dropped, the remaining blood would have started to clot and become more viscous. This is what has created the third wave of blood that is even darker then the second, pooled thicker over a much shorter area.
As the first second and third pools of blood oozed out over the carpet they would have spread out around the spent cartridges without completely coating them. This is why they may appear to have been placed after the event.

11. The delay breaking into his room.
Paddock had installed his own security cameras and knew when the police were getting close. At some point when either hotel staff or police where outside of his room he opened fire with 200 rounds through the door and wall of his suite. He then shot himself and all firing of course ceased.
When the police finally arrive they have no idea that he has shot himself or if the room is booby trapped. But all firing has stopped so the urgency to gain quick access no longer exists. They take their time, and don’t get me wrong probably too long, coming up with an entry strategy to minimise the chance of further casualties. This obviously involved some sort of risk assessment before the decision was made to blow the door down with explosives rather than storm the room.
I suspect the police would have determined fairly quickly through a fibre optic camera passed through a bullet hole or gap under the door that he was dead but this does not prove if the door was booby trapped. This is the main reason for the extended delay entering the room. The situation was effectively over and so there was no good reason for rushing blindly into another potential disaster.

For the impatient armchair PP CSI crew this may be unacceptable and suspicious, but I would love to know what the CSI crew would have done if they were put into this situation? Exactly.

12. Why so many weapons?
The guy obviously wanted two things. To inflict maximum carnage on the crowd, and to go out with the biggest notoriety bang he could possibly achieve. To inflict maximum carnage he didn’t want to risk any chance of falling short because of a weapon mal function. If this happened he wanted a backup weapon and he wanted it immediately. When the weapon he was firing ran out of bullets, he didn’t want to waste time reloading, he just wanted to just grab the next locked and loaded weapon, change firing position, and keep going.
To create maximum notoriety what better way than to load his hotel suite up with an armoury of weapons and ammo!

13. And Finally as to the Motive or lack thereof.
I have already touched on the most likely reason for his actions and I am quite happy to wait for investigators to announce their findings, but at this point of time the most likely for mine is not some crazy Left Wing conspiracy to kill citizens so as to trigger gun control measures. Everyone knows this will never happen in the USA so why would you even bother?

No, the most likely reason is that the guy was a loner and a loser. He was tired of drifting through life without getting the respect or acknowledgement that he thought he deserved. He wanted to make his mark on history by putting on a show that would never be forgotten in the city of sin. He has certainly achieved this aim.

"And you can bet this bullshit is already available in Sydney’s south and Melbourne’s north."
No doubt imported by Muslims through their postal brothers!

It seems logical that Obama Democrats would have approved the bump stack. They were hoping some red neck would use it, thus enabling convincing calls for removing 2nd Amendment. When red necks did not respond accordingly the DeepState (Obama, Biden, Schumer and McCain are part of that fraternity) organised their own "older white male" patsy to do the dirty deed. Their patsy had as much assistance as the DeepState could provide him without themselves getting caught in the act.

Re the lead photo. It would be interesting to know the results of forensic tests conducted on the expended cases in the blood/brain fluid pool to determine if they were there before or after he shot himself.

If you want to do accurate shooting , ideally you want a heavy barrel , bolt or semi auto, going auto is a waste of time , overheat the barrel, bye bye accuracy. I think the AR/15/M16/M4 share the basic receiver, the military ones have the full auto position extra on the selector.

I have no doubt there were multiple shooters & was IS inspired as they threatened attacks in Las Vegas & claimed "credit" for it. IS likes to bomb or shoot with at least 2 exponents where possible.

Please google , "sure fire" high capacity AR15 stick (fat) Magazines of 60 shot & 100 shot and you will see they look the same as the magazines in the crime scene photo's .

The first burst was much longer than 3 seconds when initially broadcast

The article is incorrect. An AR-15 is the civilian version of the M4 which has been manufactured as a single shot, semi automatic weapon. I've been in a range where the guy next to me had an AR-15 fitted with a bump stock - and it does work. If the guy was really serious he would have fitted the drum magazine for the AR-15 - they hold 100 rounds.

Being a registered firearms owner myself, You have to squeaky clean to get and keep your licence. It is even worse in the Peoples Republic.


New post up

New post up.

France : Feminist academics protect "racist" law against street harassment A group of feminist academics have rallied against plans to make street harassment illegal in France, on the grounds that new laws could "stigmatise" men with migrant backgrounds. "It is well known that racialized young men from the working classes already suffer more than other people from police violence and oppression" assert the academics, in a letter opposing equality minister Marlene Schiappa's announcement that MPs are working on legislation to reduce harassment. "It would be enough to train the perpetrators on the ground to change their behaviour" write the 15 signatories, stating "Creating new offences will only strengthen the repression and control of men in disadvantaged groups."

Oh I can just hear the "Tree Huggers" and the rest of the soft cock mob screaming their tits off if they ever see these commercials.

Here's their website and they'll ship to Oz.