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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I haven’t gone near the rape allegations levelled against Bill Shorten. It’s a she-said-he-said charge and had little hope of getting to a court room. One person’s word against another, without a witness, usually has no hope of passing the DPP sniff test. It would have been unfair and a waste of time to put it to trial.

I cannot imagine a worse charge than that of rape to be hanging over a man’s head and there have been many similar charges that have proved vexatious or flat out false.

Equally, it must be devastating for this woman that she needs to live with an offence she knows occurred but must now also live with the realisation that her claim is deemed to be false. It’s not of course, it’s merely a matter of insufficient evidence. 

Bill Shorten claims that it did not happen. I cannot imagine a worse burden for a woman who has suffered rape to carry.

Did Shorten do the right thing by going public? Well, it was certainly the right thing for Shorten. He would have known that his “victim” from all those years ago would go public. There is nowhere else for her to turn now that he has said her claims are false... he wants the issue dead.

Media have declared the allegation not only dead but buried, in the same way they declared the Gillard fraud issue dead. It’s remarkable that the media insisted the allegation that Tony Abbott may have punched a wall 35 years ago should remain alive and kicking.

Will it go away? Somehow I don’t think so, Bill’s denial was weak and unconvincing. 

Legalities aside, did Bill Shorten actually rape this woman? Well, yes, of course he did! Everything that is rotten and cowardly with the act of rape is also consistent with Bill Shorten. His face oozes weakness, his demeanour is shallow, he is a coward, a union thug in an expensive suit and his eyes tell lies. 

This poor woman claimed she felt ill each time she saw Bill’s face on television. She was haunted by his image and could not escape it. 

Well same goes for me and quite a lot of other people.


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One can't but wonder just how long Shorten can remain in his present post? He's a real liability methinks?

Because he thinks that the capital will make the word more pronounced, but like you I'm also questioning??? It's a rage of truthful mania like most laborites leftists always rage into...kuku...kuku...kuku....

The Stupid Beaconsfield Muppet popping up every time a camera was seen. What a loathsome GRUB.

If you don't believe Shorten didn't have an unwanted sexual liason with a girl in Portalington Vic many years ago the only way to find out if he did or not is to have the victim of this alleged act give evidence in a court of law seeing it can be seen that he was defamed by this woman which opens a new window of opportunity for the woman to describe her personal experience if in fact they are true in a court defending her name against defamation charges if Shorten ever lays them .

Bull shorten is screwing the ALP

Bull Short-one has very low morals. He walked away from one woman to couple up with another wealthy woman whose mother is in a place of "respect" and can influence the public. Tony Abbott has far better morals when it comes to respect for his wife. Bull Short-one you will not be forgotten come election time.

I can't wait for Danny DeVito to star in the movie about Bill's life . They should call it "Get Shorty 2" .

The abc is funded by the poor old taxpayer though, and that is the difference. Murdoch is of the right and fairfax is of the wrong so the abc should be totally balanced, after all we all pay for it, makes you the nutjob son of phantom

Son of The Phantom you are describing the ALP to a tee, what wise words and thorough description of the ALP and the lunatic leftard fringe.

Up The Worker!, well said because some people no matter what proof or how bad the ALP are will never acknowledge and will always vote labor.

You must be a good friend?

Would you trust this man? I think 'not'!

Sixty Minutes or Sunday you would think would be dangling $200,000 to the said victim. What a story, Bill would you like the right of reply?

Son of The Phantom, you are frothing at the mouth, time to up your medication methinks!

Well if he says "it didn't happen" I suppose it didn't happen- she just made it up. She woke up one morning and said "Mmmm, what can I do today? I know, I'll accuse Bill Shorten of raping me- that'll cause a stir won't it?" Or Bill Shorten could have been consistent and used his "I don't know what she said, but I'll agree with her" line- now THAT would cause a stir wouldn't it? I don't know the girl, but rest assured,if he's guilty, whether its in this life or the next,unless he confesses, asked for forgiveness and serves the penalty, Bill Shorten will pay the price- and depending on your belief system, he'll fry in hell or come back as a cockroach- oh, hang-on, he already is one.

The Honourable Bill Shorten is no doubt the Bernasconi of the Australian Parliament..wait till we hear of the bunga bunga parties….

Bill Shaw-Twilley, one can only hope that he doesn't get a chance to do the same thing to this great country of ours!

Hey Short-term ... we're not forgetting you ...

Pigs will get pilot's licences before Bill (of the roving dick) will consent to that.