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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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By Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


What good is racism? Well, according to our leaders, elites and intellectuals, no good at all. By today’s accepted wisdom, racism is some leftover relic infecting the DNA of the White race. Whilst having no utility in the modern age, it can flare up at any time, causing carnage and devastation on an industrial scale.

                                     The worst of the worst now on the way out

In short, it is a kind of “cultural appendix.” A ticking time bomb of White xenophobia which must be monitored and excised at the first rumbling. A bit of flag waving here, a national anthem there. Before you know it, Whites will be bashing “Pakis,” lynching black folk and shovelling Jews into gas ovens by the million.

Not surprisingly, the idea that racism might have any benefit has few friends.

I would probably be the last person you might expect to even consider such a proposition. My mother fostered or adopted a couple of darker skinned kids simply because there were no white children available at that time.

At age four, my newest temporary sibling was an Afro-Caribbean girl called Caroline. She was my best friend. I remember crying my eyes out when she went back to her real mother, not understanding why that had to happen. A year or so later I got a permanent brother who was half Pakistani. He was a part of the family like everyone else. 

                      Kids are colour blind and no-one ever gave it a second thought.

The idea of joining a racist hate group like the Aryan Brotherhood has therefore, always seemed about as attractive to me as volunteering for a manned flight to Pluto.

There have been a few memorable occasions in my life however, that caused me to wonder about questions of race and racism. One in particular, seemed particularly revealing. A few years ago, National Geographic channel ran a series of documentaries called “America’s Hardest Prisons.” I watched a few of them with a kind of morbid fascination.

Essentially, an inmate arriving in one of these institutions would have to do the hundred-yard dash across the prison to find his own racial group. He would then be faced with two choices.

Choice one, for a white boy like me, would be to sign up with whichever White Supremacist group held sway in that particular prison. This meant probably shaving my head, getting a burning cross tattooed on my neck and agreeing to take part in extreme violence against people of other races.

If that sounds unappealing, wait until you hear the alternative. Refusal to join “The Brotherhood” meant that you would be on your own. Within short order, you would be grabbed by another powerful gang in the prison (usually either The Bloods, or The Crips). Gang members would then fight over you, with the biggest and meanest taking you as the prize.

Once that was settled, you would be bent over a suitable piece of furniture and “punked” by your new owner while the other gang members sat in front, so they could enjoy “that look on your face.”

With the ceremony over, you would now be this guy’s “bitch.” You would be expected to shave all your body hair, wear women’s underwear under your prison garments and follow him around, ready to cater for any sudden urges that may come upon him. Presented in that way, the proposition of joining a “racist hate group,” starts to sound a whole lot more appealing, because in this situation, what racism gives you, is power.

Of course, if you aren’t reading this from a prison cell in Atlanta, this information may seem a little unnecessary. The trick, you might think, is to not get banged up in the first place.

To most of us, this is not the kind of decision we have ever had to make. The society I grew up in (excepting immediate family members) was almost entirely racially homogenous. People of other races lived in their own areas which were far away and easily avoidable. No-one I knew would dream of moving to such places.

White people were powerful in our own countries. People of different races stayed in their own areas. Outside of these areas, they wouldn’t dream of causing trouble. Just being in a white area put them under a degree of suspicion from a potentially hostile police force. But that was then, and this is now. 

A recent Government report in the UK identified White Indigenous English people as the only racial population with declining numbers. All other racial groups are experiencing a population explosion.

Today, small towns all over the Western world are being overwhelmed by different racial groups. Towns like Luton, Oxford, Rotherham, Burnley and strings of others are changing. Once famous for things like cotton mills or universities, these days they are hitting the news for different reasons; like Muslim paedophile rape gangs.

The English are set to become just another minority group in England. The same is happening to White people all around the world. 

Meanwhile Africa, which is currently unable to feed the people it has, will increase its population by around one billion by the end of the century.

Those new people will not want to stay put. Our leaders feel an obligation to deal with this problem. Their solution is to re-settle them all in Western countries. How will this affect countries like Australia with a population of traditional Anglo-Celtic Aussies of little more than 15 million?

Pauline Hanson is still ridiculed for saying we were at risk of being “swamped.” When you look at the numbers however, it is hard to argue with that assessment.

Of course, our elites, academics and policy-makers live in all white enclaves and wouldn’t be seen dead in Lakemba or Dandenong. They believe that this policy will be an overwhelming success. All that is required is to ensure that White people don’t succumb to the rogue racist DNA which so plagues them. At least not before they become powerless minorities and are afraid to challenge the multicultural status quo, which our leaders are so busily creating.

                                                       Mosques before food

Our elites seem to believe that whenever White people have power, we have a potential problem. Looking through history, they see how White people invaded others, took their land and killed and enslaved them. When White people handed these lands back, they still retained control and exploited them through subversive Government agencies and aggressive Western multinational conglomerates like Johnson and Johnson.

They seem to believe that once Whites lose power and it is transferred to people of other races that the World’s problems can then be solved.

As a natural optimist, I’d love to share this world view, but looking through history, I see things a little differently.

I see a Chinese leadership that starved 38 million of their own people to death a few years ago and still think they were 70% right. I see the Japanese who burst out across Asia, raping and murdering their way through native populations.

                                       The barbaric Barbary coast slave trade

I see Middle Eastern and North African Muslims who spent centuries relentlessly invading Eastern and Southern Europe. Once these Muslims were expelled, they spent centuries more conducting slave raids on European coastal settlements from Greece and Yugoslavia, right round as far as Iceland.

I see Sub Saharan Africans for whom slavery has been a part of life since before the pyramids were built. I see Rwandans who recently slaughtered half a million of their compatriots with machetes.

I see Zimbabweans whose leaders celebrated the end of White rule by murdering 14,000 of their tribal rivals. A leadership that encouraged “war veterans” to murder or drive out the Whites and then starved millions of the remaining Africans to death.

                                              Sacrificed Peruvian mummy 

I see South American Indians who practised widespread human sacrifice until the evil Spaniards turned up and wiped out this sick tradition. I see North American Indians whose mark of prestige was murdering as many people as possible and hanging the scalps on their belts. Are these the people who are going to put our world right once the evil Whites have been rendered powerless? On what basis does this theory rest?

How many other races or nations have ever produced a document similar to the Magna Carta? How many of those “other” people fought for, let alone secured, a system of Parliamentary Democracy? 

How many other peoples even imagined a system of law similar to English Common Law? Who else had concepts such as habeas corpus, innocent until proven guilty, judicial independence, separation of powers or a host of other safeguards on which the English-speaking people built their societies?

I am not an evolutionary scientist, but some of the people we are now importing seem to have the sole group survival strategy of breeding as rapidly as possible.

In a wealthy democracy, this is an unbeatable method for gaining power. By pursuing our current policies, we are guaranteeing a transfer of power to whichever group can outbreed the rest of us. What could possibly go wrong?

I don’t know for sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion it might not end well for those children unfortunate enough to be born with white skin.

Will my grandson end up shacked up against his will with a big African bloke called Winston?

I don’t know, but at least now I can be sure that they will be able to tie the knot in a church and make it all nice and legal.




I have been waiting and waiting ...... but no one has dared to say it ..... Mugabe was a marxist, leftie, lenninist, stalinist, fabian, laborite or any one or variant or combination of them. Another big fat failure for our beloved local lefties, who were delighted to see Mugabe take over government and see out the old regime. A further slab of evidence as to what monumental fuckwits they are. And always will be.

Great post as usual, Larry. Amazing how few people dare face the facts raised here.

Tyrone ; Any Court proceeding would have to include you as a witness in person .

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Funnel Ck became infamous when the bodies of two? murder victims were found wrapped in wire netting in the creek beside the then dirt road.

I traveled the "The Horror Stretch" many times when serving and later working in Tvl.

Once when coming back from leave there was a police road block outside Miriamvale because a gunman was on the loose. I told the coppers I had a DB shotgun with me and they said 'proceed with caution'.

How times change.

Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons

That hasn't changed then Hunter. A long time ago coming back from leave I got held up at Funnel Creek by floodwater along with a few others and before we could turn round we'd been cut off by rising water behind. No biggie as we were on high ground but we were stuck for a few days. I had no worries, had the old hexy stove and some ration pack stuff in the boot plus water so got out the hootchie and camped up.The RAAF ended up dropping food to all the stranded motorists but they didn't seem too grateful as I recall.

FOOLs, it's up!

pest - need a new post.

worried about Larry. He is usually right on top of events like today's.

Not sure if I just heard this, Channel7 News - reporting Charles Manson's death "...."abandoned by his mother as a child..." DID THESE CUNTS JUST TRY TO MAKE HIM OUT AS THE VICTIM?

Shorten is having his finest hour. Enjoy it William. Doesn't happen very often.

We've traveled the Bruce a lot and found the road in the cane producing areas like Prosepine and Ayr to be the worst. The land is so saturated from irrigation that it undermines the road and causes the surface to deteriorate.

Mind you the B Doubles don't help.

how about HAPSBTTUDATTRCIBFFs sailor (Hang all Public Servants by the throat until death and turn their rotting corpses into Blow Fly farms).

Nah, it's probably a bit long. Back to the drawing board for the Pineapple.

Tim Nicholls has just been on the local news & has nominated the bruce highway up grade forethe Miriamvale section, which is notorious for crashes. Tim is running for premier of Qld not bundaberg mayor.

"You can't be too careful these days, the world is full of weird people" - Herman Munster

I always thought you bought what you wanted. Not with the NBN, you will have it connected to the building and with an outlet in each unit - whether you want it or not and in our buildings case - all 8 units have wireless and don't want or need the NBN. Too bad, your building and yard will be defaced so we can comply with the edict of Chairman Kev. When we are finished it is up to you to paint the new work and repair the yard. Fucking wonderful. Their visit today was a disaster.

The High Court has ordered a new count for the Senate vacancy to fill Fiona Nash's place. It is looking like Jim Nolan will get it. Hooray if he does.


Might be gossip I don't know. At Yahoo a story that the Queen will abdicate in the next few months and Will and Kate will become King and Queen before their new baby is born.

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