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Monday, 17th December 2018

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...or deliver us our bloody guns back

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If you could take the Islam out of the Muslim you’d probably have a nice bloke, but what chance is there of that? Once a Muslim toddler is taught that non-Muslims must perish at the hands of righteous jihadists, then you will never change him. 

You will never change a Catholic once he/she is baptised as a baby. If Jews are god’s chosen people, does that not imply all other people are god’s rejects? Just who is looking for a fight here?

Most faiths have at least a subconscious belief in paedophilia. Practitioners of the Church of the Latter Day Saints practise bigamy and are constantly in US jails for child abuse and women adherents of the religion even sit on the Family Court Bench here as magistrates.

Most faiths believe in domination through numbers. Boko Haram and ISIS kidnap thousands of young girls... there must be no vacant wombs, no contraception, no abortions. Girls must be impregnated by any man of the faith as soon as they reach puberty. Mohammed decreed it and current Islamic leaders insist on it.

Muslim leaders take multiple wives. Men are the predominant sex in Islam as a man can have 100 children in one year, while a woman only one. Women are no more than available uteri to be used for numerical dominance and a barren women is despised even today.

But there are thousands of religions each with their own god or gods. Each with their own rewards and punishments. Humans are frail beings, they must believe in a superior deity and they refuse to believe in a natural death.

Each religion has as its founder a revered infallible being who sits in the sky. A person who has never been affected by religion as a child would understandably say that this is crazy stuff.

Athletes who win races or score goals or birdies point to the heavens to thank their god for his assistance and for not assisting those other unworthy competitors... WTF is that all about?

All religions strive for numerical dominance either by competitively converting unsophisticated native islanders and indigenous tribes or knocking on suburban doors.

There is no doubt Islam is winning the numbers battle.

There is no doubt Islam has an agenda that other faith systems lack, and it’s this: Islam believes that every person is already born a good Muslim, there is no need for Christenings or baptisms, and if one departs from that holy birthright he must be destroyed. He is a cancer that could permeate the entire faith system with an alternative belief.

So, unless Islam is confronted and dealt with, it will win! If mushrooming mosques are what you want, then fine, but you must be prepared to embrace the vile, stone-age laws of Shariah that accompany them. Islam’s aim is a world-wide caliphate with its base in the Levant (it has already established that) and it honours no other law but the law of Islam’s shariah.

Christianity is slowly dying on every continent through lack of commitment, educated youths are no longer impressed, yet the impressionable youth of Islam is aflame with passionate excitement and clamouring to join in the mass killing of non-believers.

Martyrdom is an honour the Japanese used with devastating effect in the Pacific but martyrdom can only work with the countenance of a supreme being.

But, as with the ascendancy of Christianity in the past, Islam must eventually fracture in the same way it does with Shia and Sunni sects, yet both believe in the one god and the one Mohammed.

Protestants and Catholics believe in the one Christ and the one god. Yet all breakaway groups despise the original faith followers more than they do the non-believers. Non-believers can be converted, those already converted to a variation of the same faith cannot be re-converted and therefore must be killed.

It might be crazy but it’s as predictable as the sun’s rising.

Islam recognises no separation of church and state. It is an all encompassing belief system of total dominance. There are already more than 20 Islamic dominated electorates (up to 23 percent) that sway government attitudes and policies. There are no Christian electorates. These electorates are invariably Labor-held seats due to Muslims’ reliance on welfare.

Muslims are instructed to tax non-believers using a system called “jizyah” that includes subsidies, welfare and halal certification. It is already a world-wide, multi-trillion dollar income for non-working Muslims administered by the Saudi royal family's Wahhabist doctrine.

Mohammed found that killing Jews to acquire their wealth was inefficient when compared to keeping them alive and paying taxes until they died of natural causes, but only if they converted to Islam.

Those silly people who mask their faces and call those who object to the Islamification of Australia bigots and racists may have been successful in having my face book page banned, and countless Islam-critical cartoons and articles deleted, but they will not affect this blog, although they still try their little hearts out.

It’s amazing that these stupid Lefties would be the first to complain if Islam was allowed its way with terrorism, paedophilia, child genital mutilation and the subjugation of women.

But masked Lefty protesters will always find something to protest about, eh? 


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Anne Marie Waters writing in Breitbart London
by Sharia Watch
About 20 years ago I lived in the Netherlands. Amsterdam to be precise. I don’t know if it is still the same but finding decent affordable accommodation in Amsterdam is an onerous task – especially when you are on a budget, as I was. After some difficulty, I did find a fairly decent flat, but I left it, in the middle of the night, with my rucksack and all my possessions, because my landlord did not understand, nor did he want to accept, that I wasn’t interested in a sexual relationship with him.

Fast forward eight months or so, and I am living in a new flat with a female friend of mine. Late one night, while my friend and I were sitting talking in her room, someone let himself in. He immediately decided to take his trousers off and walk in to the bedroom with a stupid “entitled” grin on his face. We left the flat, there and then, with our rucksacks and all our possessions. So, twice within a year I had to leave the place I lived because of nasty little men who thought they had every right to treat women as if we owe them sex.

In both cases, the landlords were Moroccan immigrants who had not long been living in Holland. On a separate occasion, a taxi driver drove past several times while I was walking with a friend in central Amsterdam. He threw a rather grim present out the window at us. It didn’t hit us.

Much more recently, I travelled from Copenhagen to Malmo by train. Only moments after the train entered Swedish territory, I was witness to what I can only assume to be representative of the new Sweden: a young blonde woman was jogging and had the misfortune of passing a group of men (I have been heavily criticised for describing them as “Middle Eastern-looking men” but that is what they were) who proceeded immediately to harass her – blocking her way, shouting, grabbing their genitals. Soon afterwards, in the centre of Malmo, I was treated to a “pro-Palestinian” rally which I have no doubt at all was attended by many a Jew-hating Islamist, as is common in the new Sweden.

Readers will be more than aware that Sweden has become Europe’s rape capital. Its government has blamed this on everything from increased reporting to the internet to the weather. Norway and Denmark also have some rather alarming rates of rape, but those countries are more readily willing to admit the cause.

In Norway, recent statistics revealed that 100 per cent of violent street-rapes committed in the capital city of Oslo were committed by “non-western” immigrants. It’s a similar story in Denmark, where the majority of rapes are committed by immigrants, usually Muslim.

In England, it’s been rape after rape – tens of thousands of young British girls are brutalised, tortured, beaten and raped by organised gangs comprised almost exclusively of Muslims. And now we have Germany. When Chancellor Merkel threw open the doors of her country to hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa, she opened the door to the rape of German women.

Rape and sexual assault (as well as forced prostitution) is rampant within the refugee camps in Germany, and it has spilled out to the nearby towns. Rape in Germany has already been described as an “epidemic” and one that the German authorities, and media, are keeping rather quiet about. The reality is that German authorities, who know that many of these asylum seekers are rapists, will allow those men to live freely among German women – they have decided to allow German women to be raped, just like authorities all across Europe.

Women of Europe must understand what is happening here. This is not Page Three, or a Carry On film sexist joke (for the record, I wouldn’t be without my Carry On collection); this is a truly brutal hatred of women that demands we are slaves and absolutely believes it has the right to rape women who don’t submit. The men think of women this way because that is where they come from, that is what they know.

Reports reveal that the bulk of “asylum seekers” now piling in to Europe are from countries including Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, and other places where women are treated appallingly as a matter of course. It’s not the “extreme fringe” or a “tiny minority”; it is the norm, the mainstream, and the law of the land.

It’s true, women are abused everywhere, but in most countries it’s against the law. In Islamic states, it is the law.

Many of the men on their way to Europe were raised, as in Pakistan, to believe that a woman who isn’t all-but invisible is asking to be raped. On the legal books in Pakistan, a woman can be stoned to death for being a victim of rape. What on earth do we expect from the bulk of men who grow up under these rules? How will they view women, and rape? And what on earth do we expect to happen when they come en masse to Europe? They will suddenly become feminists en route? No, they bring this misogyny with them, and it’s a misogyny that Europe’s women are about to become very familiar with. Migrants leave behind many things when they leave their country. Their beliefs are not among them.

In a letter to the German government, women’s rights activists described how some men in refugee camps “regard women as their inferior and treat unaccompanied women as “fair game”.

Our leaders are now allowing men from violent misogynistic cultures, where women are stoned to death for being raped, to come to Europe in massive numbers. They’re allowing known rapists to mingle freely with European women. They know what this will mean for our safety, but they do it anyway. A Swedish lawyer recently explained exactly why this is.

Following the brutal rape of a dying woman in Stockholm, the prosecution did not attempt to deport the rapist and claimed that this Somali citizen could not be removed because he would present a danger to the women of his home country. It mattered not a jot the danger he presented to Swedish women, because in the new Europe, Europeans matter far less than migrants. Ingrid Carlqvist wrote recently: “the destitute Swedish senior citizen must choose between paying 100,000 kronor ($12,000) to get new teeth or living toothless, a person who does not even have the right to stay in Sweden can get his teeth fixed for 50 kronor ($6)”. In Germany, property has been confiscated from German citizens to be handed over to migrants. According to Carlqvist, this is on the cards in Sweden as well.

In response to the rape epidemic, European authorities have decided to follow the Islamic way entirely; they’ve decided to place restrictions on the freedoms of their own women, rather than the freedoms of known rapists. In Germany, women were advised not to travel to and from the train station unaccompanied.

So there you have it, the removal of a woman’s most basic freedom – the freedom to go about her business in safety – is the German authorities’ solution to rape. Young girls have been told not to wear shorts in another German town, because this might lead to misunderstandings (“misunderstanding” is Newspeak for rape in progressive modern Germany).

So it is the girls who have their freedoms removed, and the emphasis is placed on their behaviour, while rapists are permitted to run free. This is only the start. Will girls be prevented from playing sports to avoid “misunderstandings”? Just how much freedom are our leaders going to give away to appease Muslim men? We’ve already handed over free speech, now it’s time to hand over women’s freedom.

It should come as no surprise that free speech has disappeared in Europe as the Muslim population has grown.

We know about the shootings, and the stabbings, the politicians on the run, and the forbidden cartoons, but now Angela Merkel wants to prevent us from expressing any negative view of her suicidal immigration policy. We found out recently that the Chancellor has had a quiet word in the ear of Mark Zuckerberg about keeping that dreadful racist disapproval far away from the pages of Facebook.

You’ve got to wonder – why on earth would Europe’s leaders do this to their own people? What is causing this?

Some have told me it is stupidity, short-sightedness, or even insanity, but it isn’t – it’s hatred.

This is all part of a broad-ranging, virulent, and vicious hatred of the West, and of Western people (especially white Western people).

The Western world is dominated by leaders who despise its history and its heritage and are determined to bring an end to its power. They wish to extinguish Western culture, and opening the borders is a hell of a good start.

Merkel recognised that she was changing Germany beyond all recognition and that the Germany we know today will not exist for much longer. Much worse is that she considers this a positive thing. What does that tell us about her attitude towards the country she leads? The same can be said for the Swedes, who have leaders who praise the way of life of immigrants (regardless of the misogyny etc.), while telling native Swedes that they don’t even have a way of life.

The West is being disarmed – to demolish our cultures, our leaders are persuading us that there is nothing within them that is worthy of defence. Our identity is expendable.

Examples of attacks on European or Western identity are too numerous to mention.

There is also vast inconsistency with regard to national or ethnic identity. Just look at the difference in how the Left – which is behind all of this – views nationalism. Scottish nationalism here in Britain is applauded by the Left, as is Welsh and Irish, but English nationalism – however mild – must be suffocated at birth (even flying the English flag can be controversial in England). Thus we know that the Left is not against national identity per se, just when the big Western powers are involved.

Jamaica recently demanded that the British pay them billions of pounds in compensation for slavery. But what about slavery today? Why not focus on that? Furthermore, why just the West? Why not hold to account the Islamic countries which also traded in slaves for centuries (and some still do today)? What about the black Africans who colluded in the Atlantic slave trade, selling off their own people? Will Jamaica be claiming reparation from them? No, because this isn’t about slavery at all, it’s about attacking Western powers, for which they’ll get an enormous helping hand from the Left.

The biggest problem we’ve got is that our leaders are of the same bent, and believe that the West, and only the West, deserves to be perpetually punished for its past crimes.

In stark contrast to today’s culturally suicidal politicians, I believe strongly that the Swedish government, the German government, and the British government ought to unequivocally and without reluctance put the best interests of their own people first – that means keeping rapists out, as well as refusing entry to those who violently threaten our right to speak. This isn’t because I think Westerners are entitled to more protection than other people. Contrary to what my enemies would love to believe, I do actually care about women in the most misogynistic countries in the world, but we do nothing to advance the cause of women’s rights globally by destroying the rights of Western women – quite the opposite in fact.

The reason a government ought to put its own people first gets right to the heart of nation-state democracy; the duty owed by the elected to the elector. Politicians should answer to those who elect them – it is the purpose of the vote. This is something the Left rejects of course because it rejects the freedom (specifically the market freedom) that nation-state democracy inevitably constructs, and sadly the Left is now calling the shots.

Make no mistake, Westerners are about to be made to suffer, and the reason is that our leaders fully believe that we deserve to.

Check this out


Mr Tickle goes to town is proof Mr tickle exsists

The koran is proof that alah exsists

The bible is proof that God exsists


Highlights extracted from a Gatestone Institute release:
The German government estimates that Germany will receive up to 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015. With family reunions the actual number could swell to more than 7 million. In Berlin, a classified police report revealed that a dozen Arab clans control the city's criminal underworld, dealing drugs, robbing banks and burgling department stores. "For years the policy has been to leave the population in the dark about the actual crime situation."
According to the President of the German Police Union, "In Berlin or in the north of Duisburg there are neighbourhoods where colleagues hardly dare to stop a car because they know that they'll be surrounded by 40 or 50 men. The perpetrators are expressing their contempt for our society."

7.30 on ABC tonight a story about live sheep exports to the muslim countries.
One of the exporting companies (Wellard Rural) is angry that rules on animal welfare are being broken by its 2 fellow competitors.
Video showed towelheads loading a trussed live sheep into a car boot in 40 degree heat, and then shutting the boot lid and driving off. God knows what the temperature was in the car boot or how long the poor animal was going to be in there.
Other video showed men beating sheep with sticks, hacking at sheep every which way with a bladed instrument, blood everywhere.
But it's all to a good cause, 3 days of animal sacrifices, to appease the mighty Allah.

Marco......I have become seriously skeptical of the MSM for some time. The ABC news service I completely ignore as being delusional fantasy as with its Insiders, Q&A, 7.30 Report and the rest of the insulting censored and biased rubbish costing taxpayers $1 billion plus per annum.Complete divorced from reality is the ABC and as for the MSM...well not far behind.

Lebensraum ?

What Muslims are saying on facebook -
Anti-Wahhabis in Australia
December 14, 2014 ·
Why Australian authorities not arresting the people who really brainwashed these terrorists.... like Jamal Rifi...!!!
another Australian joke... This extremist became advisor on how to fight against extremism....
Australia should engage with returning jihadists, says expert on terrorism
Of the 20 jihadists living back in Australia, less than half have been charged.

Every religion believes they are the chosen ones, each has a catalogue of bizarre rituals, each calls theirs the only god, each manages their flock by fear and each god need money and power. The positives are, religion has often offered a guiding set of principles to people without principle; the negatives have as many chapters as War & Peace. Religion has much to answer for:- Catholic Priests, 72 Virgins, Honour Killings, Stoning and on it goes. Islam though is not a religion, it is an ideology, a disease without cure, one which kills or must be killed, for complacency and idleness is Islam's friend. Islam is a reprehensible, vile, conspirator like parasite which invades by stealth, disables its host and proceeds to bleed it until death. Islam makes Hitler look like a rank amateur.

Yes, all part of the game plan but the wheels seem to have fallen off lately as Putin has put a stick in their spokes. That is if the MSN is to be believed at all?

Ali Al-Nimr’s Father Pleads For Son’s Release & Online Activism Ahead Of Crucifixion
The Saudi government’s move to sentence a juvenile offender to death, particularly after what the human rights group describes as a “grossly unfair trial” and confessions elicited under torture has sparked international outrage.
Saudi Arabia has carried out a record number of executions this year, but that didn’t stop the kingdom from taking its seat on a key panel at the U.N. Human Rights Council.
And even though it’s not something the corporate media likes to talk about, as of July, Saudi Arabia had already beheaded nearly twice as many people as ISIS so far this year.
One scheduled execution, in particular, is receiving a flood of attention from international media, human rights groups like CodePink and Amnesty international, and even the hacktivist collective Anonymous.
Ali Al-Nimr was condemned to be crucified in 2012, when he was just 17 years old. Under Saudi law, he will first be beheaded, then his body will be publicly displayed. His uncle, Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, is a well-known political dissident and Shiite cleric who has spoken out against the repressive ruling party of Saudi Arabia. Last October, he, too, was sentenced to death..................................."

“Russia was right about Iraq and Libya, and America and Britain were dead wrong. Regime change doesn’t seem to have changed Middle Eastern countries for the better, as Vladimir Putin has been warning for years. His policy is not to support any armed groups ‘that attempt to resolve internal problems through force’ — by which he means rebels, ‘moderate’ or otherwise…
“Russia’s decisive intervention has left Barack Obama and David Cameron looking weak and confused. When the usually steadfastly patriotic readers of the New York Daily News were asked whether Putin or Obama had ‘the stronger arguments’, 96 per cent said Putin.
“In Britain even hawks like Sir Max Hastings — no friend of the Kremlin — are arguing that Russia can help beat Isis. And most importantly, Putin stole the show at the United Nations General Assembly last month with an impassioned speech denouncing the whole US-backed project of democracy in the Middle East at its very root.
“The Arab Spring has been a catastrophe, Putin argued, and the western countries who encouraged Arab democrats to rise against their corrupt old rulers opened a Pandora’s box of troubles. ‘Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster,’ he told assembled delegates, in remarks aimed squarely at the White House.
“‘Nobody cares about human rights, including the right to life. I cannot help asking those who have forced this situation, do you realise what you have done?’ It was quite a sight: a Russian president taking the moral high ground against an American president — and getting away with it.” ..................."

- Rafah Cleric Brandishes Knife in Friday Sermon, Calls upon Palestinians to Stab Jews

OT. I am still fuming about Turnbull's speech to Parlm't praising Tony Abbot. Behind each phrase of praise for TA was another twist of the knife. It reeked of Mark Anthony's speech about Caesar. What a low conniving .... (leave it to your imagination)

Good work .

I read where it's the Arab mothers who are radicalising their children.If they die of Jihadism,the mothers and the rest of the family go to heaven! WHT,were wasting all this money on Imans to get them to stop preaching when all we need to do is make burkas soundproof.What a twisted ideology,when mothers groom their children to commit suicide.You know we can put an end to this by getting our feminists and Arab women to say "We don't like Islam anymore."The women can lead the way to change because they control the life on this planet.