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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Defund all CSIRO Climate “Research”

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


It’s time to defund all CSIRO climate activities. 

For years now CSIRO and their UN/IPCC puppet-masters have claimed that “climate science is settled”. If so, why are Australian governments still wasting some $150M annually on creating climate scares and producing propaganda for a political war on carbon energy and carbon dioxide?

CSIRO's Larry Marshall (above) is besotted with developing water divining techniques and has taken over the CSIRO on a salary of $800,000 plus add-ons.

 Australia should cease all government funding for global warming “research” and carbon-centric climate models and leave the honest, useful and difficult business of weather forecasting to the BOM, which should revert to its once-proud name and role as “The Weather Bureau”. 

The neurotic focus of Australian politicians and their research puppets on the UN man-made global warming agenda has starved useful research into real factors that do affect global climate. These include cycles and oscillations in solar activity, cosmic rays and clouds, crustal and magmatic movements, volcanic eruptions, and the periodic changes in planetary orbits and axial tilts within the solar system.

 Australia is an island surrounded by the vast oceans of the Southern Hemisphere. But CSIRO is mesmerised by atmospheric greenhouse mirages and largely ignores the causes and timing of ENSO oscillations, the amount and locations of submarine volcanism, and the timing, drivers and locations of deep ocean currents and upwellings.

 If CSIRO and the government universities cannot do such basic research in our region their funds should be diverted to the deficit, or applied to weather-proofing our infrastructure.

(Written today in Canberra while visiting the Australian Parliament to meet 65 global warming sceptics from Australia, Canada and USA at the invitation of Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts. The chair reserved for CSIRO was vacant all night as they declined an invitation to participate, and sent no apology.)



'Tis the season where Greens/CAGW activists drive around the countryside secretly starting forest fires, after which they again drive off into anonymity, in order to bolster the scaremongering by their MSM accomplices and MP activists.

I agree. The 2007 IPCC AR4 report was hailed around the world as the "gold standard in climate science" ... and even prime ministers like the UK's PM, Gordon Brown, declared 'The science is settled ... it's time for action." So... these people can't have it both ways!!! All I can say is "God bless Donald Trump who is going to bring the downfall of the global warming con."

ctly what is happening in our society today. C:\Users\Barry\Documents\wp20328c84_05_06 (2).jpg

He doesn't look too bright , how did he score the gig at CSIRO ? He might have been one of those work for the dole blokes who got lost in their IBM computer programing so he was transferred to somewhere else that landed him in the top job .

Rather rude of the CSIRO , they have failed in their charter proper flash, seeing science has no bias .


What I meant to say was it's been discussed here.

Wonder how much compo the Bill Leak cartoon complainant was hoping to scoop up from Bill , News Limited...and even Australian taxpayers.

What's your point Saddler.., we knew this.

Oz Realist
It is a true and correct marigold post.
Here's the rest of the habitual liars posts pertaining to that post.

marigold 41 minutes ago
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marigold 37 minutes ago
Pretty hard on you oz and deeg and dodo - you have been trying to outsmart two of us and never knew when one was on, and the other not. Did you feel it was easier to bully one person but not two? FAIL.

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Lights Sun 13 Nov 2016 05:26:18 pm
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