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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The stupid idea was never a chance of implementation and merely kite-flying for Tony Abbott to dump it claiming he is no Julia Gillard and he intends keeping his word. 

While media’s Lefties were suggesting it was a certainty, the Post was dismissing the idea as fantasy. It can’t happen and won’t happen for these simple reasons:

1. It’s economically counter-productive, unnecessary and aimed at those who are already paying up to 49 per cent tax.

2. Abbott would be branded a liar, in the same way he branded Gillard, right up until and beyond the next election.

3. It won’t pass the Senate.

4. It would be crazy to include a tax Bill as part of a trigger for a double dissolution election if Clive decides to play funny buggers with the carbon tax.

If Abbott was fair dinkum about a “debt tax” he would wait a few weeks until the new Senate sits when it might have a chance of passing. 

And it’s not until the new Senate sits that a double dissolution can even be considered. So he can’t be fair dinkum about a debt tax.

Now that Costello has joined the howls of derision about this crazy tax proposal Abbott will capitulate.

The solution to a budget “emergency” does not lie with lean taxpayers, it lies with an obese Government.


When Abbott put his hand up for Liberal leadership, and won, nobody was more surprised that he was. I recall him saying on camera straight afterwards "I may end up political roadkill". I'm sure he will, and he'll do it all by himself.

the bureau of statistics says otherwise .Bracket creep caused taxpayers to pay 13 percent more tax in 2011/ 2012 year and it is still rising without the government doing any thing .Taxation is the greatest lie ever used on australian people .we paid no tax before the 1930s and and had a very rich middle class now the middle class is struggling with living costs .The the idiot liberal party brought in a thing called the double taxation act .This allowed multinationals to pay little or no tax and this is still decimating manufacturing in Australia. google this .the great australian taxation swindle mark 2 .Both Parties have told us a crock of shit for decades

How's the old political radar going now Mr. Pickering? Liar it is then for the steady, politically smart, no surprises, honest Tony come next Tuesday... The next election campaign starts next Wednesday morning and the unions will spend every cent they have showing him saying no new taxes, no surprises... The top 2% of wage earners pay 26% of all income tax so bludgers can watch tv all day, now Mr. Honest is slugging them another 2%... There is dumb, dumber and dumbest... Tony Abbott now seems to be all three...

Peter Costello was a financial brain that wiped out keeting $96 billion debt and left $22.4 billion in the bank to be squandered by the scumbags

Is it's Black Box still "PINGING"?

Would love to know who had the brain fade. Tell me it wasn’t Abbott.

vitrioli on the ALPBC gleaming and spoofing in her knickers over the comment that TURNCOAT made on the B B C regarding the turnback of the illegal invaders as being harsh , i,m fkn pissed of as to why T A and the rest of the government has not woken up to the fact that turnbull is a fkn labor plant and not a very secretive one at that .

whoever thought that little bottler of bunging a few extra illegals onto an illegal intrusion is worth more money , thats why marty the moron is filthy on T A its called getting our own back for the indo,s its called pissing into the wind .

whoever thought that little bottler of bunging a few extra illegals onto an illegal intrusion is worth more money , thats why marty the moron is filthy on T A its called getting our own back for the indo,s its called pissing into the wind .

get the names of all the labor voters or members and levy them $100 a week till the debt is gone, their party created it,cancel all the unpresented stimulus checks , how can you stimulate manufacturing when witlam and button destroyed it with level playing field

The ALPBC should be first on the hit brigade if they can get control of the senate . Otherwise go for the D.D. Got nothing to loose then.

Hilary Clinton, psychopath and stroke victim, is running on the guns issue for the Presidency. It is poll-driven and coming from a Hawk.
Hilary's main opposition for the Presidency, is a competent woman on the Democrats side.

Democrats are to be smashed at the Mid-term elections.

Debt Tax for over $150,000.
This is good, because the monitoring of this new tax is a cloaked Tax Audit, which is overdue for many.

It lies with an obese welfare system-that's where the solution lies.Too many people getting too many hand-outs.That's why the polls dipped so sharply against the Coalition,because the morons polled are mostly on welfare...go figure!

OT i see the little weedy foreign minister from INDO blurting on about the boats again that they are still coming for fuck sack stop sending them dick-head

The Get Up adverts are very interesting. File tape of Abbott making all these statements about no cuts to this and that. The posters here demanding cuts to the ABC/SBS will be waiting a couple of years to see any cuts.

Before all you people go off half cocked today,read Janet Albrechtsen's piece in the Australian today.It explains everything about that Q & A bullshit on Monday night & what the Abbott guvment has to do in next weeks budget.Absolutely brilliant article!

"Up to 49% in tax". Add in the GST they have to pay on everything, plus the gun buyback levy (it just gets it's name changed to the latest fashionable cause), plus medicare levy and they're actually paying more than 49% aren't they? What a great incentive to work harder.

When are these incompetent idiots going to bite the bullet and stop trying to screw the highest taxpayers in the population and start cutting the massive overspending they inherited starting with the bloated sinecure in the public service and looking seriously at trimming a lot of the fat out of the trough they all have their noses in? Bloody hell, they are all arse up and head down in the trough like a bunch of Muslim illegals in a detention camp!

after watching tracy grimface last night on the box, joe hockey will also save a motza on stopping the ripoff conducted NOW by the exclusive bretheren , they claim to be superior to us and will not associate but they take our money in exhorbitant grants , for get about penalising the battlers joe start stripping the money from the fucking devil dodgers and god botherers.