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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Death by Delay

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


“The difference between taking a part of my life, and taking my whole life, is just a matter of degree.”, Anon

There was a time, before the baby-boom generation took over, when we took pride in the achievements of our builders, producers and innovators. There was always great celebration when settler families got a phone, a tractor, a bitumen road or electric power. An oil strike or a gold discovery made headlines, and people welcomed new businesses, new railways and new inventions. Science and engineering were revered and the wealth delivered by these human achievements enabled the builders and their children to live more rewarding lives, with more leisure, more time for culture and crusades, and greater interest in taking more care of their environment.

Then a green snake entered the Garden of Eden.

Many of the genuine conservationists from the original environmental societies were replaced by political extremists who felt lost after the Comrade Societies collapsed and China joined the trading world. These zealots were mainly interested in promoting environmental alarms in order to push a consistent agenda of world control of production, distribution and exchange – a new global utopia run by unelected all-knowing people just like them. 

Michael Gorbachev is a prominent example. Consistent open and covert support came from Hollywood, government media organisations and the bureaucracy.

The old Reds became the new Greens.

The new Greens used every credible-sounding scare to recruit support – peak resources, acid rain, ozone holes, global cooling, species extinction, food security, Barrier Reef threats, global warming or extreme weather to justify global controls, no-go areas and international taxes to limit all human activities. Each cause spawned its dedicated bunch of activists. 

However the public became disenchanted with their politics of denial, and their opposition to all human progress, so they have adopted a new tactic – death by delay.

“We are not opposed to all development, but we want to ensure all environmental concerns are fully investigated before new developments get approval.”

In fact, their goal is to kill projects with costly regulations, investigations and delay. Their technique is to grab control of bureaucratic bodies like the US EPA which, since 2009, has issued 2,827 new regulations totalling 24,915,000 words.

A current example of death by delay is the Keystone Oil pipeline proposal which would have taken crude oil from Alberta in Canada to refineries on the US Gulf Coast – far better than sending it by rail tankers.

It was first proposed in 2005, and immediately opposed by the anti-industry, anti-carbon zealots who control the EPA and other arms of the US federal government. 

The proposal was studied to death by US officials and green busybodies for nine long years.

This week the Canadians lost patience and approved an alternative proposal to take a pipeline to the west coast of Canada, allowing more Albertan oil to be exported to Asia.

Jobs and resources that would have benefitted Americans will now go to Asia.

Naturally the Green delayers will also attempt to throttle this proposal.

Over in Europe, shale gas exploration is also being subject to death by delay. In Britain, the pioneering company, Caudrilla, has been waiting for seven long years for approvals to explore. In France, all such exploration is banned.

Greens also attempted to perpetually delay all development on aboriginal land in Cape York using a new weapon – “Wild Rivers Declarations”. These declarations were recently struck down by the Australian Federal Court. Warren Mundine, Executive Chairman of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, was moved to say:

“It’s easy to oppose. It’s a lot harder to build something that delivers jobs, creates economic prosperity and gives remote communities a sustainable future.”

No wonder India recently accused Greenpeace and other delayers of being “a threat to national economic security”.


A very interesting book being read out at the moment on one of the late night radio stations in nsw. "Ships in the Coral" author - Hector Holthouse. These sailing ships sailing up the East Coast of Australia in the middle 1800's, and all of the men who lost their lives to these tribes of Aborigines, they were speared, beheaded, eaten and on it goes. I am sick of hearing how the poor Aborigines were treated, they were savages, they have killed more white man who lost their lives by their hands than the blacks who were killed by the whites. It is strange how we cannot discuss this topic out in the open (though I commend the reading of the book, hope a lot of people are listening).

The Greens look at their eyes, they al look:SPECIAL????????????

This is a very important article Viv*.Re-reading it 2nd, third time, is a reality pleasure, because it is comforting to know gents like you care to research and inform , then relay , explaining how opportunity for flow was unreasonably distorted, and obstructed.Thank-you again Mr Forbes.You deliver fine legacy with good intent for many.

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Great article - hear hear Larry

We won't. Thanks Gazza for all your help and advice.

The other half never used to sign them either Gazza but the past couple of years, some suppliers have refused credit unless he did sign. Until recently, he was able to get away with it. We are wondering if some of them even have the paperwork, as they have not gone down the path of caveats. He only signed about 5 PG's in 25 years of business., and only one of them is for a substantial amount that we owe. One has been dealt with and we will see if the big one goes down the caveat path. I think that things are going to get very tough. I just hope, pray and try and old faith.

He had to sign some PGs over the past couple of years, just to get credit. A lot if suppliers won't give you credit, unless you do sign. We have felt with one caveat, another has been put on the house, but it is only for $8k. We will see what comes up in the wash.

Check out this on Google. Put in "Squeal Pig 6" my daughter sent this to me this morning. Some of you may have already viewed it. For those that have not. You will enjoy.

Thank you Gazza. I just want it all to go away. There were so many forms to fill out. If we didn't fill them out, the repercussions are pretty serious. The liquidator, only has $8000, to put the process through. We are hoping that the money, won't go to far and won't drag out into infinity. Rev Roofing got the process started and hopefully they will realise, that there is no money left, for them to sink more money in, to keep the process going. Liquidator's need to make a profit too and $8000 hopefully isn't a lot of money.

I think Germany relies on Russian gas - France has mostly Nuclear power and exports its' excess to Germany, Italy( who refused to allow Nuclear power plants ) and other European neighbours.

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If Sarah Hanson Young is involved in anything it will be a cluster fark, Her chubby face shows that she has the intelligence of a house brick. And for those who are concerned about these asylum seekers have more concern for real refugees who have nothing can't afford a ticket on a boat will probably die early and can't get here because people cheat the system. Ray will have something to say on Monday.

someone that can get close to that IMBECILIC female S 2 T S and ask how many Australians can afford $10&20 K for a holiday? and that's what these parasites are ,

someone that can get close to that IMBECILIC female S 2 T S and ask how many Australians can afford $10&20 K for a holiday? and that's what these parasites are ,

My take on Sara two dads she neeto do away with this nonsense wording of refugee and asylum seeker if a person that is living a supposed third world country and can still afford to pay someone thousands of dollars and also manage to leave this so called third world country they are not in my view a refugee and i don,t give a stuff what the UN says or more to the point the likes of Hanson Young . I f she has no problem with the situation as it stands she and all the other bleeding heart greens put their money where their mouth is . Get together, borrow a heap of money start a company and build a centre for all the thousands they want to let in . No they wont do it ,why ? first they would,nt have a clue how to run company that was not gov funded and second they wont do it why should they.

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You didn't mention the super rich sponsors, who are geo engineering the place to death and sponsoring the likes of Gore. Pretty right though.