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Monday, 18th February 2019

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Dear Phoebe,

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Dear Phoebe,

I am discontentedly disconcerted at your discombobulation over the procreative amplitude within my legislative assemblage. 

Canberra is at the omphalos of licentious lasciviousness and unfledged Colleens must not be discomposured over secluded or observable gravidities.

I have no peccadillion predisposition, ergo I have a topographically, provincial, condignal right to adjudication on transgressional, generative, carnal, incivility.

My ecclesiastical sanctimoniousness is palpably discernible to all suffragists postulating my canonical eminence.

I hope that clears things up for you Phoebe.

Regards, the Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, PM

(aged 63 and one third)

PS, See you at the Mardi Gras…. Whoopee!


What scares me, is the fact I understood not just every word, but the intention behind their usage. Aah, there they are -- the men in white coats are coming to take me away. He He He.

Oh, no reason....

Yes, BB. Why do you ask?

The copy of that letter has been doctored....there is not an "ahh" or an "ummm' anywhere in the contents, which is completely contrary to the normal verbal utterances / diarrhoea we are forced to listen too.

Remember 9/11 lg?

"I’m a bumbling tosser." Hope I was right Mr. P. ??

What it means: I am restlessly/unhappily ruffled at your lack of understanding over the productive capacity within my law-making party.
Canberra is at the central point, unrestrained by law or general morality, to wanton lustfulness and immature young women must not be agitated or perturbed over hidden or important enough to be celebrated pregnancies.
I have no slightly sinful prior tendency; therefore, I have a restrictedly small area not nationally, well deserved right to judge or make a decree on sinful, penetrating to produce offspring, pertaining to the flesh rude behaviour.
My churchly hypocritical show is readily seen and recognizable to all voters, questioning without proof my high-ranking title of honour.
I hope that clears things up for you Phoebe.
Regards, etc, etc, etc.

'One's neighbourhood' refers to the general locality in which one resides, it does not imply possession, Stoney . . . Similarly, one might use terms such as, our street, my doctor, your location, and so on, which imply a relationship or connection, but not ownership. Sheesh! Some people think too much . . . but don't think all that well. Anyway, enough of the English lessons . . . Still waiting for Stringy's response.

Dear Malcum, you are a deceitful, narcissistic, back stabbing, leftard twat. Please f#^"k off before LNP is completely wiped out at the next election so your good friend Billy "the rapist" Shitten continues to destroy this once great nation. Phoebe (hoping to live through the muslim hordes Billy will unleash on us) age old enough for marriage APPARENTLY (according to your friends) !!!!!!!

Larry asks, " Should Barnaby be reinstated if the baby isn't his?" The question should be "what moron accepts being cuckolded?" If he has any doubts about paternity he should get DNA screening when the baby is born. No bloke should be left to raise someone else's child and the biological father should know he has a kid. The second question is: "what chance does this relationship have in making it?" I would say zero. Barnaby might as well have hung a sign around her neck saying "harlot". Talk about hanging out dirty linen. This is hard to beat.

Discharged from the hospital amid the social chaos that followed Germany’s defeat, Hitler took up political work in Munich in May–June 1919. As an army political agent, he joined the small German Workers’ Party in Munich (September 1919). In 1920 he was put in charge of the party’s propaganda and left the army to devote himself to improving his position within the party, which in that year was renamed the National-sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi). Conditions were ripe for the development of such a party. Resentment at the loss of the war and the severity of the peace terms added to the economic woes and brought widespread discontent. This was especially sharp in Bavaria, due to its traditional separatism and the region’s popular dislike of the republican government in Berlin.

thanks dusty..and fair comment...

Breaking,,,, Pyne found staggering around Sydney CBD, wearing his glittery rainbow coloured crutch cutting shorts, with a massive black dildo hanging out of his bleeding Ass Hole. He appeared to be covered in Shit, more to follow.

New post

PART 1 | Origins of an Ego (1954 – 1980)

This part covers the ideological orientation of Turnbull’s mother, and the period between his birth and the end of his schooling.

Raining like all fuck here. The boy's can't get to town looks like the Isa pro's will do it tough this week.

Do tell, Stringy.
...... The former chemist and social worker was found with 33 images of the child - all taken on a mobile phone.

The photo above of that arsehole with the smug look on its face... I don't wish harm on people normally but I will make an exception for this prick. I hope he ends up totally destroyed politically and financially and gets totally humiliated publicly both here and on the world stage so much so that he never recovers and remains a complete blithering mess for the rest of his miserable life.... There Now I feel better,,, all be it till I catch a glimpse of this flat faced ugly arsehole on the TV or net again.

Are there too many illegal immigrants in the United States ?

No Comprende...........................61%