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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Dear Mr Turnbull,


Phoebe is an 8 yo who attends Lloyd Street State School in East Malvern Vic. and she asks a lot of really important questions.


Dear Mr Turnbull, Congratulations on your new poll, but Dad says you can’t win any elections unless you fix the mozzie hello certificate thing and look, we still can’t get more than $14 for our house on Ebay since the Farkhaeds moved in next door.

We’ve been able to keep Dad out of jail so far this year, but it’s not looking good because when Mum gets home from the supermarket, Dad checks all the stuff for hello labels and then he throws them all at the Farkhaeds when they are praying out the front of our house with their burkahs up.

Now we are feeding all the Farkhaed family too. They left a note in our letterbox saying they want more of the Bega cheese, (because one block went missing) and more Tassal smoked salmon and all the wives like that Cadburys, Nescafe and Kraft stuff, but they put the Vegemite back in our letterbox with a note saying, “you are kidding aren’t you”.

Mr Turnbull, we can’t even afford our electricity bill let alone having to feed two families.

And I am in trouble at school again after my show-and-tell photo of Mr Farkhaed’s nanny goat after she got penguin from our pig, (the one that Dad trained to jump the fence). It’s a really funny looking baby something, but my teacher, M Green, (we aren’t allowed to know if she’s a she or a he and we can’t tell anyway) didn’t think it was funny at all, and sent me to see the headmaster, Mr Fahrouk.

Well, Mr Fahrouk was very unhappy with me and said I have to wear a burkah for a month and write an apology to the Farkhaeds. Goodness, when Dad saw me in the burkah he was really angry and took it to school and told Mr Fahrouk to shove it where the sun don’t shine (I think he meant in the cupboard). 

Mr Fahrouk then got angry for some reason and chucked a green book at Dad so Dad knocked him out cold.

Golly, I just know when he wakes up the police will be around again to get Dad. And the magistrate always says he must learn to respect mozzie culture. But Dad always tells him to go and get (rude word) so the magistrate doubles his sentence every time.

When Dad gets out he says he’ll apply for a cleaning job at the local mosque and I think that means more trouble because he’s been buying tons of Superglue.

Anyway Mr Turnbull, could you please do something about our electricity bill. Mr Gore’s global warming isn’t working in Melbourne and it’s all right for Mr Farkhaed ‘cos he’s got four wives to keep him warm.

And please fix the hello certificate thing because we can’t afford to keep feeding two families now that Dad will be away for a while, again.

Love Phoebe,

(Aged eight and three quarters)


Union overlords feather their own nests at the expense of their members. Ref 1: Shorten and the underpaid cleaners. Ref 2: Wilson, Gillard and the WA Miners Death Fund. Plenty of other examples uncovered by the TURC which referred over 200 union officials for prosecution.

Poll from Australian for those not able to get behind the Paywall
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What a disgusting comment. Bolt works hard to keep some sanity in our country - and good on him -

Dear Phoebe - I have a darling grand daughter same age and intelligence as you. Mr. Turnbull will not do anything about the situation, he is a Muslim lover - he says anything and is anybody's to stay the PM - nothing comes from his heart, it is all just talk - wasn't he on the Project recently? What does that say about this farce of a PM - but chin up, we are still fighting for our Australian grand children.

Q & A stands for Queers and Arseholes. It certainly seems that our overlords in the halal Media, Al Qantas, the Spirit of Islam, ABC-Jazeera and in the dhimmified Khilafa of Canberrastan fit that category.

Look up Muslims Minnesota on You Tube

I have gotta ask I.E. what's with the blue ribbon on some and none on others?

And, in a way, we do feed other families when we buy halal certified goods. Simple solution is don't buy the goods and the bludger families will have to feed themselves. And i don't mean with food alone.

mots... They will have to work for my scalp. I refuse to surrender to that Terror infused cult.

You and me both pab, looks like a bullet in the back of the head for us.

mots..... So is kneeling on a prayer mat...A skill I will never have a need to learn...

It's a skill.

The union Labor Doctrine on lying - press gang the populace into ever higher taxes to fund the socialist welfare dependent parasitic vote-herd lifestyle that takes from the self reliant worker, and gives to the indolent layabout with an overblown sense of entitlement. These parasites were once called bludgers, now they're labeled as 'vulnerable' victims (?) FGS!! . Whatever happened to the great Australian work ethic? A: the Unions and the ALP killed it off, stone dead!

Not all of course, and this is the twist where they lump everyone together;

That is our poster, he makes himself unwelcome wherever he goes.

There used to be a Kym from Wangaratta over at Bolts.

Please supply the Names and addresses of the Jews you are refering to, if you cant, shut the fuck up!

Two Questions to ask people.
Is Islam a religion of peace?
What has Islam done to make the world a peaceful place?

My father if he was still alive would have been 100 years old today
but the Government allowed companies to sell the killer weed which
hastened his demise.
My Father was one of the Rats of Tobruk and at the battle of El Alamein
where his legs were machine gunned and he became a POW of Rommel.
My father fought to stop the Middle East falling to the Nazis but now
the Australian Government is importing the new type of Nazis called Muslims.
Their Quran is a terrorist document and should be banned and they should all
be expelled from this Judeo Christian country before Australia becomes like
Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Malaysia and Indonesia, these were either Christian or
Buddhist countries.
If you only read one verse of the Quran 8:12 is where their God declares
that he is a terrorist.