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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Phoebe is an 8 yo who attends Lloyd Street State School in East Malvern Vic. and she asks a lot of really important questions.


I’ve worked out how to stop these terrible terrorist people who live in al-Raqqa. Bombing them just spreads them out everywhere, so could  you please tell Mr Obama to stop all this silly bombing... oh hang on, you better tell Mr Putin, he seems to be running things now. This is my really good plan, Mr Turnbull:  

I looked in my school atlas and there are only four roads in and out of this al-Raqqa place. So instead of blowing things up (I know you boys love to blow things up) just block all of those four roads so no-one can leave and no-one can get in!

They’ve got no boats and planes, and no-one knows how to fly helicopters, so by the time Christmas is over they will all be getting very, very hungry and they will have run out of bullets. But they’ll be so, so very hungry!

All you will have to do then Mr Turnbull is fire up 100 barbeques around the outside of the city and cook yummy chops, chicken wings, onions, big steaks with jacket potatoes and corn and stuff. Mr Turnbull they will go crazy, the smell will reach everywhere and they will all rush out to see if they can get some of the yummy food.

That’s when you’ve got them Mr Turnbull, ‘cos every barbeque has to have a can of Mortein. And Mortein works really good on mozzies. There will be mozzies on their backs and kicking their feet everywhere. 

Then you can wheel all the barbeques into al-Raqqa to feed all the poor women and children.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Mr Farkhaed’s goat next door finally had its baby and it looks nothing like our pet pig Percy. Phew, that’s a big relief.

But Dad reckons it looks a bit like Mr Farkhhaed, it even has a little beard exactly the same.

Anyway, please ring Mr Putin and tell him about my idea, Mr Turnbull.


We have always done that CS and will always continue to do so. Looking forward to locking horns another time however we are of the same in stopping Muslims coming here and what pisses me off is many shopping centres in Australia do play Christmas Carols and yet in Malaysia an 82% Muslim population every Shopping Centre plays carols and have huge Christmas trees and all the locals love it, so my question why do we need to appease a small minority here.

Cs you also can do better as you are totally blinkered by Pauline. Not lies CS and lets wait till the Election.

CS The commissioner retired and yes won 11 seats but looked what happened after that it all fell apart as everyone woke up to what was happening. CS sometime next year the voters of Queensland will decide. No matter what you say the majority of voters don't like Pauline and no one else will give her preferences. Doesn't matter what you say history is history and NO the QEC will never refund the money as the Court determined it needed to be repaid back, so a Court order would be required. Pauline wont do that as it will open up a can of worms oh and it wasn't her money.

No The Chief Justice knew the mistakes by the DPP and overturned the decision, however he knew there was other facts and witnesses who didn't give evidence and the circumstance surrounding why these witnesses did come forward to the Criminal Trial. The fact remains Pauline and Etteridge were found to have registered the Party with incorrect membership details and were found to repay monet cannot be any clearer than that. CS she will not be elected to the Senate that's what you need to understand as she still has too much baggage and people are sick of her standing and just getting Tax payers money. They knowingly supplied name to the QEC that were not and never were members of One nation only supporters and look at your One Nation membership and you will see that printed on the back.

CS Pauline was still guilty and it was up to the DPP and was decided not to have another trial as witnesses in the Civil trial would not make themselves available again for the Criminal trial and kit wasn't because they did not want to come to Queensland. The Civil trial proved that Pauline and Etteridge formed the party illegally. The Judge found they formed the party illegally and as such ordered for the repayment of all funds paid to them by the QEC. Time will tell CS however he hopes of election as very slim to nil. Not scuttlebutt at all.

Ah... Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings... :)

Pauline will never ever be a martyr she if so far removed from Aung San Suu Kyi. Pauline CS at all times was in this for Pauline and nothing has changed.

CS it was other funds so you don't know about that and the party failed as the Australian public woke up to Pauline long ago and yes agree with you about Bruce and he has gone very quite. It was always going to be that she would lose the Civil trial and that appeal and yes she was guilty of Electoral Fraud but off on appeal a technicality. Time will tell as well as the election however I feel as many others do Pauline has passed her use by date. There is a lot you will never know what really went on behind the scenes.

Over $500,000.

CS also was her then boyfriend in Sydney who not long after dumped her and Alan did withdraw after a short time with his support. You say candidates were paid however that's not correct as that's what started all the trials. Greens and democrats are not the issue here Pauline is and well as for the Greens they are only a part of the Labour party nothing more to say. Pauline had her chances when she was the member for Oxley however when she linked up with the 2 David's that's when the wheels fell off and lots of questions were being asked. Pauline refused to answer the questions. CS no myths with me all the truth most of which you don't know about. There was money quite a deal actually that was never accounted for that came in after the formation of One Nation.

The charges Glori were not trumped up at all that's what only her supporters want everyone to believe. Pauline was found GUILTY in the Civil trial and on appeal she lost again and where did the funds from the Electoral commission go as they were never accounted for. The Criminal Trial again found GUILTY however on appeal and it was the appeals court with the Chief Justice and 2 other Supreme Court judges found for the appeal due to a minor technicality. Totally agree with you on Labour however the Australian voters will decide on Pauline and her chances will be very slim as she will get NO preferences. No one Trusts her.

Please.... give it a break.

I am not interested in what you say Pauline did years ago. I am only interested in today. If you look at the Labor Party and the Unions you will see Pauline would come across as an Angel compared to the Labor Party and the money it gets form the Unions. Pauline was sent to jail on a trumped up charge and that was why she was exonerated. In other words the Judge let her out of jail because she was innocent.

Ask yourself why did Pauline ask for assistance to repay the Electoral Commission where did that money go to as it didn't go to the party to pay candidates as they paid there own costs. Supporters paid the QEC back not Pauline. Pauline and Etteridge broke the law by registering the party in Queensland knowing the names they used to support the application were not members of One Nation but members of the old supporters group. There was more that went on that it appears you don't know about. CS look at the facts in the matter then make a decision and I feel you will look at Pauline in a far different light that wont be how you think of her now and possibly ask some hard questions and see what she say and will be more lies.

There were many detectives on the case. Look at the card and you will see what many didn't see and all thought they were members of the party but the deception was they were only members of the new support movement and the one Bruce started was discarded and you and others believed the lies from Pauline and the 2 David's regarding the manner in which the party was formed and run. Etteridge told everyone lies to cover what they were actually doing and you all thought that all money was accounted for well that's was not the case as there was much behind the scenes that no one knew of and that lead to everyone believing in Pauline but CS Pauline was part of the problem and know and agreed with everything that the 2 David's did.

They are not the issue and the Detectives knew that they had Pauline and never doubted she did in fact fraudulently register the party. The civil trial was an event and she was guilty and had to repay the money however she asked supporters to pay but she had the money all along. CS there was never any membership to the One Nation Party all were members of the newly formed supporters group and were never going to have any say in One nation. Look at your membership card if you still have it and it reads you are only a member of the supporters group not One nation and like many others you fell for the trick and the lies.

the syrians...

Not second hand information CS and the civil trail was NOT overturned she is still guilty of Electoral Fraud of which she know what was going on and the only reason Oldfield was not included in any trials is that he didn't sign and Electoral papers, her getting off the Criminal was a technicality which if the Prosecutor had of done his job properly Pauline and Etteridge would have served the full sentence. Time will tell if she get in however very doubtful though.

Glori she needs votes not always preferences but will make money of the election however that depends if you gets enough 1st preference votes bur Glori she still carries to much baggage. Australia has woken up to her however there are a few who still believe in her however they don't know the truth as it appears you do not either.

Pauline was only defeated because on one would give her preferences. The likes of Jackie Lambie and others are given preferences. Most Parties do not want her to get preferences because she may get a lot of people elected.