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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Phoebe is an 8 yo who attends Lloyd Street State School in East Malvern Vic. and she asks a lot of really important questions.


I wonder if me and my Dad could have some of that $4 million you are giving to the Parramatta mosque ‘cos we need to de-radicalise our mum? She got mixed up with Mr Farkhaed’s wives next door and now that we finally got her back she’s all different.

Now she sings funny sorts of songs in the shower that only the dog knows ‘cos he sings along with her. And she says that Dad must walk four metres in front of her... I guess that’s to stop Dad poking fun at her bum, but what’s the point with that black thing on anyway?

She insisted on going to that “His Butt Too Hairy” conference thing on the weekend and she bought all these books on cooking stuff like “Bombe Alaska” and “Bombe British Columbia While You’re At It” recipes. Funny ingredients tho.

Golly, I don’t know Mr Turnbull, how much do you think it will cost to de-radicalise Mum? Dad says $2 million should do it, that’s if we can get a refund on her Syria tickets and if we can get a buyer on eBay for these AK47s.

It’s sort of urgent Mr Turnbull ‘cos Dad could be back in jail as soon as Mr Farkhaed finds out it was our pet pig that got his goat pregnant. She is due in two weeks, crumbs, Dad should never have trained Percy to jump the fence.

At the moment Mum is trying to get my brother Shamus to do a martyr thingy but Shamus isn’t all that keen on it and he reckons it’s not really Mum anyway. Would Mr Farkhaed be that sneaky? If only Mum would let us look under that black thing, then we could be sure.

Oh well, the only good thing so far is that Vegemite and Bega cheese are back on the menu.

Hope you can help.

Love Phoebe,

aged 8

(and three quarters)


Bless Phoebe and may she stay 8 (and three quarters) forever. Love yah!

Hawke was and still is a flaccid man.

More Taxes[GST increase etc] if we expect services '' ,according to Business know all ,more like to cover all the career welfare Bludgers we are bringing in ,12,000 of them and the ''Rest '' ! nice to know our taxes and more of them are going to a ''worthy cause '' NOT

Sorry Jack....very sorry Jack.

I am indifferent to anything you may say Jack. I was just using my rather dim memory as I scrolled back through your posts I found most had been deleted so I just guessed. Sorry to have misquoted you Jack. Can you feel the warmth?

Stand to........must go in an instant.

From what I gather Jack you are used to being in the 'defence position'....plenty of practice old scout.

Congrats to alt. Exchanges aplenty and not once did he accuse gay marriage detractors of secretly wanting a cock in them. This is a first.

Is there anything else you want society to change for you, alt? Just choose a law, a definition from the list of those most important/fundamental to society and we'll smash them to bits to achieve an inner glow. What about democracy? There's less Aborigines than other Aussies so they must be at a disadvantage. Capitalism is full of inequality. Let's kill it. Paedophilia. Who are we to judge and prohibit? Treason and violent revolutionary overthrow of government. They're really just freedom fighters you know. Rule of law, whose law? Freedom of speech. Yes, but only if it doesn't upset me. Polygamy. But we all love one another. Incest. Same. Laws are made by society for good reason. They are changed for good reason. There is no good reason to allow men to marry men.

You took many hours to produce that putrid limp argument Jack. You my rattled friend are not worth the effort as I have explained already. The fact that nobody else is interested in this thread or others for that matter with the heading Jack French says, is tantamount to branding you and your disgusting form of racism as piffle. You are the Premier bullshitter on this site without peer. Piss off Jack you termite.

So Mr Turdbully did a Captains pick of his own by removing the Knights and Dames from our honours list. Fair enough, granting Prince Phillip a Knighthood was silly, but i personally believe those honours should never have been removed in the first place. Funny how the coach and the captajn if the victorious All Blacks look setto be awarded Knighthoods. Funnier too, the fact that Turdbully was blowing wind up the NZ PM's arse on the last visit. Looks a tad inconsistant. Be prepared people to have his Republic foisted upon us, whether we like it or not!'s Melbourne Cup Day..!!!!!

Homosexuals are free to carry on their perversion in private but the society doesn't want it openly promoted. I remember when people used to keep parks and public places free of such people trying to corrupt young men. They used to fall in the river in the Adelaide parks at night. One couldn't swim and drowned. The TV crew arrived just as the cops had pulled the body out so the cops threw him in again so they could film it.

Yeah, not into the whole killing thing, m. I'd prefer they just stay out of my face and keep to themselves. They have the same freedoms and rights as everyone else but they can't have breasts and a vagina and they can't have marriage.

So little Johnny sleeps in the bedroom adjoining Dad and Dad's who are bonking madly. If the little bloke has a nightmare and ventures down the hall, he may wish that nightmare had lasted a little longer.

Jugs...Same Sex Marriage will make it easier for them to be identified when the Musso's take over.......then watch the High Fliers off tall Buildings.....great.

They need to call it marriage to legitimise what they know to be depraved. If they think a single word and a piece of paper can make right what they know to be wrong, they are fooling themselves. Men should not have sex with men. Everyone knows this. Always have. If society is contorted to cater only for the sensibilities of its freaks and fringe elements, the majority will be screwed. I care not for what homosexuals want just as they don't care about normal people.

If you think we have dummies in this country, check this out and weep for the US:-

A pity the interviewer didn't say to the ladies - "So you don't mind if your clitoris is cut off and your sexual enjoyment days are over?"

Folks, I have changed my mind on the issue of Islam in Australia, which will please the gatekeeper of the Australian (who regularly chucks out my very polite submissions on the topic) no end. I now think we have to treat having this whacky religion on our shores as a cost to the community. Much like aboriginal issues, it will never go away, and it will all be the fault of Anglo heritage Australians. Muslims are going to do exactly what they want anyway, so the best we can do is to police them meticulously, and have a very large cohort of top young computer hackers to keep on top of their game. Get them before something very bad happens. Plus the cost of the pensions etc. of course. Perhaps another 2.5% on the GST should cover it all. What do you think?

Jack J Richards, you need to do some reading. Menzies served with the University Rifles all the way through the First World War - he did NOT resign his commission when the War began. There was a family conference when the war began - the family decided that Menzies two brothers would enlist, but that Menzies would stay home to care for their elderly parents. ("Robert Menzies: A Life: Volume 1" by A.W. Martin.)