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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Dear Mr Palmer,

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


You are such a cuddly man...and you can sing too! My Dad says you should get a band. A lap band I think he said, so you’re probably good at lap dancing too!

We just gave my older sister, Maureen, a baby shower. Mum gave her a pair of booties and Aunty Mavis gave her a rattle. She had a holiday at Coolum last August and Dad’s not real happy about it, so he just gave her some dirty looks.

Anyway my Aunty Mavis must like you a lot ‘cos she said she’d like to give you a golden shower. But I don’t think she can afford that, she’s on a pension you know.

My teacher says you might cause everyone to be doubly disillusioned in Canberra but I think they already are. So it can’t be your fault Mr Palmer. And anyway I don’t care what my Mum says, I like you lots. Actually I like everyone lots.

And if you don’t make a good politician Mr Palmer, please don’t worry ‘cos I reckon you’d make a good Father Xmas, and you could afford lots of presents.

Please write and tell me when you’ve made friends with Mr Abbott because my Mum says he can leave his shoes under her bed any time but not when Aunty Mavis is home ‘cos she will kill him, she’s on a pension you know.

Keep your chins up Mr Palmer,

Love Phoebe,

8 (and three quarters)  


Just read in The Oz that Palmer received a humanitarian award related to the Queensland floods when he was nowhere the rescue site. Sure he provided the chopper mainly to rescue his staff, and some others, but that may be regarded as generous but certainly not in any way heroic. Another Clive myth....they are mounting up.

For all his faults, it makes you wonder just how disillusioned the public must be in politics in this country if they willingly vote for Palmer in the belief that he is not as bad as the existing parties.
He does say the right things sometimes but it's hard to say if he would decide on what is right for the country and what is right for Clive Palmer. Compare that to Bill Shorten and the answer is a resounding: "Will do what is right for a) Bill Shorten, b) The Unions, c) The ALP - and "...the rest of the country can go fuck itself."

“We don’t support lifting the pension age, no,” he said.

“I just couldn’t employ Joe Hockey or Tony Abbott at the age of 69 no matter how competent they were because I couldn’t invest the time in training them because they’d retire the next year.”
So sayeth Clive, while bragging about the 3 latest (Indigenous) defectors to his PUPpet party. What leaves me scratching my head, though, is that if he won't invest the time into a 69 year old, because he's going to retire the next year, then why keep it at 65? After all, who's going to invest time in a 64 year old who's going to retire the next year under the current system?

Fat slob! Self absorbed to the nth degree!

And they never will, no matter who is in Govt, mores the pity!

Funny you should ask that! Hokey is not mentioning anything about THEM doing some of the heavy lifting!

Why is Clive there? Direct Action at $3.2B is just one of many pipe dreams that should be put on hold until we pay off our Labor debt. You can add to that the ridiculous Parental Leave Scheme, cancel the part where the pubic serpents and politicians are getting it now. How can a woman be paid to stay home and do what women have been doing for thousands of years? While this sort of rubbish is going on the Disability Scheme is in limbo! Now they want to throw another $14B at planes we don't need! That's how a bloke like Clive can win an election, it's not a vote for Clive, it's a vote against the Labor/LNP and the ridiculous programs they want to burden us with.

Clive Palmer is a devious unprincipled self-serving manipulator, he's paid his way into a position of power in our federal parliament to be able to influence decisions that favor him.You only have to read-up on his involvement in just one of his mining projects that being the Sino Iron Ore project in WA. He tryed to fly in a fully Chinese work force but was denied this by the WA conservative government. He's a lovely piece of work our Clive

ugh...what a thoroughly distasteful thought :-(((((

lg: and without bursting DJT's bubble. My wife and I sat many times on a massive rock outcrop in WA called Dingos Rock. It had a hole about two metres in diamenter and many mitres deep. Aboriginal custom said that was the result of many years of camp fire heat eroding the sandstone.

We use to talk about how many of the elders would have mussed over the future of the surrounding country which we could see for miles. Were they discussing how they could some day invent massive tractors and earth tilling machinery that would produce crops that would feed millions of people.

Don't think so...they could only think as far as spearing the next kangaroo.

When Clive Palmer beat Ted O'Brien, a very good LNP candidate, in the seat of Fairfax I was very disappointed. Now, I believe Clive could save the Coalition Government from itself by stopping it from wasting $3.2 billion on useless Direct Action.

Yeah, Mulrunji Newton was on the verge of inventing the solar-powered throwing stick when those pesky Poms got here and ruined a thriving advanced civilization.

rugby there you go again letting these cple of smart arse clowns bait you

After the wonderful answering by Maurice Newman to Emma Alberici to her insistence of CO2 pollution, Greg Hunt spoilt it by being on Sara Ferguson and talking about how he believes in climate change and undermining the great Newman talk the previous night. I'm disappointed in him for letting Ferguson bully him with her questions and interruptions.

Nods DJT, I see your Fair Dinkum , hope you have a fine Day tomorrow.Regards 2 Ye .Don`t let them steal your balance smiles *.

Oi !! Arcy.....John Howard stated that "middle income Australians pay the greatest share of taxation in this country"......"By volume, middle income Australians are the largest taxpaying group in Australia, yet for years we have given their hard earned tax dollars to lower income earners....but what have they been given in return? Howard stated that" it was his intention to recognise the contribution to the country of middle class Australia"
That is why the changes were made and changes to Child care & Medical funds were made.
With a Surplus every year .......mind you,,What was wrong with that ???

Just a warning to the present govt,which I believe in and support--------We have been left a legacy from the previous govt.Lets not have any illusions---its huge,but if you try and get the money back too quickly as in the pensioners----yr not going to last the 3 years,theres a lot of of other areas you can concentrate on----HEY,ROME WASNT BUILT IN A YEAR,----slow down and concentrate on the areas where you have never had any revenue---say the illegals for starters

And so mode it be.

DJT: Have a good trip and give my regards to Troy Buswell. Just joking.

smartgirl. I have read a lot of your posts and am extremely impressed by your intelligence and capability. But when I was younger I was an avid fisherman and with the fishing hole on the chart, marked BR. I always come home with a full catch But let me state, in all honesty, I'm not peeved, just like to be attuned to current debates.Bruce is like an old pugilist, he leaves himself wide open at times. Bruce, read the words of a wise woman(SG).