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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Dear Mr Abbott


Phoebe is an 8 yo who attends Lloyd Street State School in East Malvern Vic. and she asks a lot of really important questions.


Dear Mr Abbott,

Can you please help to get my Dad out of jail again. He keeps getting into trouble with the mozzie man who moved in next door. (He calls them mozzies ‘cos he says they sneak up and bite you when you’re not looking.) 

Dad didn’t really do much wrong, it’s just that the mozzie man called my dad a "non-mozzie" and Dad got really mad. He said, “I’m not a non anything!”, and that’s when the real argument started.

The mozzie man told Dad to stop Mum from sunbaking in her bikini and that we had to keep our dog inside. Dad told him to get (rude word) and to get a job.

I don’t understand, ‘cos the mozzie man shouldn’t be on his ladder all the time if he doesn’t like to see Mum sunbaking. 

Anyway Dad called him a scary man (terror something) and said he should shove his hairy head where the sun don’t shine. I s’pose he meant under our umbrella, but that’s close to where Mum sunbakes. Golly I don’t know.

But I think the most hurtful thing the mozzie man said was that he was enjoying our Vegemite while we were stuck that Dick Smith (rude word).

Then there was an awful argument about hello food and Dad grabbed him by the beard and pulled him over the fence yelling that he was going to hello slaughter him. Crumbs, there was blood everywhere and the lady in the black garbage bag was running around in circles and ringing the police again.

Poor Dad, he says he wants to sell our house now, but there’s a mozzie man on the other side too and the Estate Agent says we might as well donate it to the local mosque.

Anyway Mr Abbott, we need Dad out before Christmas ‘cos he’s trained these three little piglets to jump the fence and he reckons all the mozzie man’s Christmases will come at once. 

So Dad obviously wants to make friends with him... I think just for Christmas, ‘tho.

I know not many people are voting for you right now, Mr Abbott, so we both really need my Dad back home.

Love, Phoebe

Aged 8 (and three quarters)


A couple of days ago the Daily Mail ran a story on 16 year olds getting the vote. The Labour leader Millband thinks its a great idea. Of course it is...Labour would remain in power fro decades. The reaction of commentators was immense. 95% said Stupid Idea FO!. So what does the DM do?......stops the comments on the story! The Qz Cancer works again!

We sadly all thought that as PM Tony would be a Fire Breathing Dragon. Devouring the ALP, Greens, the Unions. Chewing up the ABC and SBS and spitting the remains into a swamp. Quite frankly my dear friends, I will not be surprised if Tony comes back after the Christmas break wearing a dress and telling everyone "PLEASE, JUST CALL ME ANTONIA FROM NOW ON".

I have voted Liberal all my life. It used to represent the Aussie spirit of building, doing a fair days work and paying tax because that was what one did. And guess what, most of us felt that wasn't such a bad way of life. NOW all we see is two warring parties hardly differentiated by the brand of their clothes both taking the Australian people for a ride. Well, I for one have had enough. If only to get a message to the tone deaf in Canberra I will vote for the Australian Liberty Alliance in the next election. Despite being the new kid on the block they are the only ones that make any sense at all.

Rossco, absolutely agree. Literally, they are servants of the people. Even people living in Canberra cannot say they are so badly disadvantaged that they must have benefits that the rest of us not only dream of, but pay for!

If they ditch the pps scheme then ditch it for the public service as well, why should they get what the rest of the country don't?

Tony Abbott is on the nose partly due to his own doings but mainly due to the ABC - SBS a Government owned entity. Only just yesterday the Head (Dickhead) of the ABC kicked Abbott/LNP over the death of the crippled dwarf lady. Stating Government cut backs.... Abbott should never of answered the Questions put to him prior to the election that now make him out to be a liar. (He should have stated to all questions presented but Labor Media..that he is hopeful of no change, but cannot confirm this at this time...) Shorten Should be referred to in Parliament as the "YET TO BE CONVICTED RAPIST" ....

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. A conservative government is not supposed to oppose change and evolution it is supposed to oppose RADICAL change and RAPID evolution. Abbott and his jellybacks are NOT conservatives. Like Cameron in Great Britain they are centralist, statist, big government socialists.

Just love it Larry

Reminds me of another joke of about the same vintage: A British family is waiting at the airport to catch a plane to Australia. The son, little Jimmy and his sister are playing with a skipping rope. To keep in time, jimmy is chanting 'We couldn't get a house 'cause of Pakistanis." A parson, sitting nest to them reproaches little Jimmy. "Can't you think of something better?" "Like what, sir?" "Try, "Jesus Christ was born in a manger." little Jimmy thanks him and resumes skipping, only now to the words "Jesus Christ was born in a manger. because they couldn't get a house 'cause of Pakistanis."

Used to read the London Daily Mail every day. Since they linked with ninemsn they have become obsessed with "celebs" and other shit. The webpages are wall to wall crap. I used to read the Mail Online to get away from all the Aussie Media shit. The Oz Cancer is world wide now.

ggofoz, then they go around telling us how to spend our money, and for us to give to their pet causes, but do they put their hands in their own pockets? They revel in the spotlight. Strange how so many of them are lefties, which to me is an oxymoron. The left are supposed to be there to share with the poor, I guess sympathy only, not their wealth.

biggest scam in world history

Larry, is there a calendar this year? Otherwise, I'll have to revise my Christmas gift list.

Excellent reading. Australia the divided nation. Never thought I'd see it. We have to fight an imported enemy within, fight our politicians, fight our local government planning authorities, fight, fight, fight to try and recoup all that sanctimonious slurping politicians have thrown away. Never will we vote Labor/Greens extremists, but the LNP has copied Gillard's/Rudd's treacherous, misguided, unrepresentative patronising style and they will have to turn the ship around quick smart or deliver us back to the unions and Lurch Adams (aka Bill Shorten) and then its curtains. Sickening but true.

HOW TO WIPE OUT THE LNP SUPPORT BASE. if you wanted to radically reduce the number of capitalists in the land of OZ? or the number of people joining the LNP? donating to the LNP? donating to conservative think tanks like Menzies House? IPA? What would be the most efficient device for killing the LNP and almost all other conservatives? A, Why de-regulate the banksters of course. Adopt UN-fair globalised free trade, competition policy, etc. ALL policies invented by Communist economics adademics at the height of the cold war and introduced by comrades Whitlam, Hawke and Keating. Of course having Juliar Dickhard close down live cattle exports over night is just the icing on the cake.

You're in deep trouble, Mr Abbott, and even moreso because you can't seem to accept that you are. Particularly because you're letting down your rump voter base. In trying to be all things to all men, you're making yourself nothing to anyone.

I think The Rapist Shortarse has got hold of North Korea's Kim's Nutjob's Diary. Every morning he collects fellow rapists, pedophiles and Dykes from his adoring Media Pack and they all troll off to this or that factory. "Here is Bill testing Arnott's biscuits", Yum Yum! "Here is Bill showing Toyota workers how to do up the nuts tightly on a Camry". (Something Toyota workers rarely do). After a busy couple of hours they all retire to a local Public Lavatory to "unwind".

Bill will now organise himself to be photo-bombed with all participants in this dispute blaming TA for Mossie-Moh perving on the sunbaking mum.

Hi Phoebe...many thanks for making my day...week...month...year. Your story has made me laugh all the way through. Your Dad sounds like a very nice man and I hope you and your family have a wonderful, happy Christmas.

Hi Alan. What happened to you? I am distraught having been your number one fan to now hating you. You are greener than SHY and Bob Brown. The Left now embrace you. We are in a financial hole and you scream at anyone trying to get us out. The most vocal anti-mining, anti-development, anti-free-trade activist in the country, by a mile. Isn't the natural order that we get more conservative with age? I never imagined the great Alan Jones singing Kumbaya with a bunch of anti-progress, drug smoking hippies. You have become the Conservatives' worst enemy and the ALP/Greens' best friend. I'm gutted. You care much less about revenue and jobs than Bill Shorten. When my kids grow up and ask why we left such a sordid fiscal mess, I'll explain that some influential dick on the radio turned feral and squealed hysterically every time real solutions were floated. The Socialist Alliance are replacing their Che T-shirts for Jones skivvies. Wrecker Jones. How depressing. What happened?