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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Dear Mr Abbott,

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


My Dad thinks you are terrific and my Mum thinks you are sort of okay. My Aunty Mavis calls you a dreamboat, but Mum says she’s just got oldtimers disease or something.

Anyway my teacher says we have to do an essay on “Abbott’s Crazy PPL Scheme” and I think it’s about making very expensive babies for free and making productivity, um, producing things I think that means.

Dad says it won’t affect Mum ‘cos she’s had a hysterical me, or something. But will all the brainy ladies with tubes really be able to have a free baby and a free holiday and free pay too?

I think that will mean a huge productivity, in babies.

My teacher says you’re just trying to get all the ladies to like you and make free babies, but I’m sure they like their husbands much better for making babies with.

Anyway Mr Abbott, I like you anyway ‘cos Dad has stopped using naughty words and smashing our TVs since you got rid of Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

But when I’m old enough to have a baby I don’t want a free one Mr Abbott. I just want a nice one, like my brother Shamus used to be.

Please send me anything you’ve got that explains this PPL free baby thing, Mr Abbott.

Love Phoebe,

8 (and three quarters)


saw on the news last night they had a float with Labor Gals in suits and Labor fella's in sequence frocks and glitter. I looked hard to see Anthony Albersleezey and Peneopee Yng Yang Wong on board with the dykes on bikes, however to my disappointment it was da Wrong float for those dykes, I keep getting it Wrong. Yes, as does Penny when she's about to drop a Penny in public, it's just wrong?

On 2 September 2014 just prior to the Election after his address to the National Press Club Tony Abbott was asked this question
“Just going to a question on equity; a senior executive or a senior politician married to, say, a merchant banker would receive $75,000 for six months for having a baby whereas a single mother would lose her parenting benefit worth $35 a day when her child reaches the age of 8. Where is the equity in that and should this not be addressed?”

Here was the PM’s answer:

“There are some benefits which go with a child and there are other benefits which should go with the parent. Obviously, Family Tax Benefit is a benefit which accrues to people simply by virtue of having children depending upon your income, but paid parental leave is a benefit which should accrue to the worker by virtue of his or her employment.

So I simply disagree that this is a child benefit as opposed to a parent benefit. It goes by virtue of your being in the workforce and taking leave from your work to look after your child for six months, and as I said, there are many people in this room – public servants, people who work for government agencies or large companies, who get paid parental leave based on their real wage. Should they lose it? Is that your proposition? The fact is, this is being paid for through subsuming the existing welfarist Paid Parental Leave Scheme, and from a levy on big business.

So, essentially it’s being paid for by business – but my essential proposition is that if you get your wage when you’re on holiday, if you get your wage when you’re on long service leave, if you get your wage when you’re sick, why shouldn’t you get your wage when you are on parental leave?

This ought to be a workplace entitlement, not a welfare entitlement. It’s accepted if you work for the ABC or if you work for the public service, or if you work for large companies by and large, that you will get paid at your wage for paid parental leave.

Now if that’s the situation for people working for Government or big business, why shouldn’t as a matter of justice and fairness and social equity, it also be the case for people in small business?

Why should the public servant maybe on $300,000 or $400,000 a year get 14 weeks or 18 weeks at his or her salary when the shop assistant, the factory worker, the fork lift driver in western Sydney just get a few weeks at the minimum wage as a kind of welfare hand-out?

I think what I am proposing is a very, very important social advance. I think it’s good for women, it’s good for families, it’s very good for small business. It’s good for our society, it’s good for our economy and I am very proud of it.

I accept that not everyone agrees with me, but every single social advance, every single social advance is rejected initially.

People say “Oh, it’s too soon, it’s too expensive, it’s unfair, I didn’t get it so why should anyone else get it?” Well, I think we’re better than that. I think we’re bigger than that, and this will be a signature reform should there be a change of government on Saturday.”

For the full address and all the questions and answers:

I wonder if if wong got the baby bonus?

theres only 2 things that the libs have done that I don't agree with-----that's this one above,the second is the 75,000 dollar payout for the bali explosion,for the rellies,sorry tony-but both of these are crap---but no ones perfect.

I agree get rid of it. If you want children then pay for them yourselves and have them because you want them, not because you can get paid to have them. One thing I would like to see (I'm well past it) is for single income familys have the tax paid by the person working split between both.

Two scenarios:
1. A working woman gets six months PPL to have her baby. She's on a high salary, paying a high rate of income tax. She may have two or three children and take a total of eighteen months PPL during her working life. The children are well looked after, given a good education, imbued with the same good work ethic as their parents and go on to become productive, hardworking citizens.
2. A woman on the dole goes on to have five or six children. She's paid a 'baby bonus' each time and she and her children are supported by the state. The children are poorly educated, have the same (poor) work ethic as their parent and go on to have a similar life as their mother - living off the state.
Which of the above scenarios is the most cost-effective and beneficial to the country?

The PPL should be scrapped, as I've argued elsewhere - if only so we don't have any more Corbys produced...that's the best I can muster for this morning. I need another coffee.

One of the major problems is that the PPL only applies to women who are working at the time of giving birth. This stops a significant proportion of women from getting any assistance. I understand that, when Costello brought in the baby bonus, Howard insisted it applied to all women, not just working women. Within my own immediate family, at least 5 young mothers decided to stop working and mind their babies for at least 2 years. All except 1 are now back working, and the non-worker is a full-time, stay-at-home Mum looking after her kids while Dad works full-time.

Good to see I stirred a few emotions earlier. My point was it may be a good idea to help populate the Country with people other than the result of a good night out.

The database connections are maxing out, trying to circumvent

That has (RC`s) alternating consequences, as in moral structure re degrees of honesty and benevolence , some empathy and gentleness.. versus some that abuse that in principle more awareness of this in the past 10-30 yrs.But yes that`s a valid point DJT*.

Good point DJT* , I was thinking , also that the majority of RC`s are aging , not as common with youth it seems.

I`m not too sure JM56 but it is an aging population in OZ so that cancels out a fair few, reality wise and a lot of medium - high income earners are already awarded parental leave.I am not sure about the others you mention , but they don`t sound too positive the last 3 , as in anti productive and hopefully the first a) would be replaced by the more incentive style PPL.

I just wonder if you get paid leave for having a child
a) do you also get the baby bonus
b) do you get paid leave for a miscarriage or a late abortion
c) do you get paid for a stillborn birth
d) I wonder how much you get if you are receiving Newstart

JC Well said I agree with you 100%

Wouldn't Tony Abbotts PPL in Western Societies go a long way to solving this problem. Thats why i say Tony Abbott may well be a man well before his time. I believe his PPL scheme will become a world leader in promoting "home growth in the western world". .....WHAT DO YOU RECKON ABOUT THAT LARRY. Everyone think about it - and sleep on it.

ANZ bank a major sponsor of the Gay Mardi Gra. Looking for deposits. They have just lost mine. What bastards they are. No better than the ABC. As if they could not donate to a worthwhile reputable charity.

Just been reading The Oz Online, the EU need Islamic & African Immigration to boost their population growth, so as to boost their economic growth.

having problems myself

Queen bees only mates once for life. A manogamous moral insect. She does not have the pleasure of endless sexual liaisons to multiple drones like those feral breeders we know have in Australia. A great pity a lot of our drones like Shorten and Thomson dont die after they mate just the once. What a rejuvinated parliament we would have.