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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Dear Journalist, vous n'êtes pas Charlie

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Dear Journalist,

Larry is now Charlie, he is on the hit list of Al-Qaeda. You probably feel a sense of relief that you are not on that list. Unfortunately, I have some rather bad news for you, actually you are.

Of course you are not at the top thankfully. The top 30 or so who actually feature on the Al-Qaeda website such as Geert Wilders or Salman Rushdie are immediate targets, but once those people have been dispatched, they will move on to the rest.

The entire Jewish race is above you of course, as are all the Apostates (Muslims who have renounced their faith). Then there are the moderate Muslims who refuse to cut your head off when called upon to do so (although when push comes to shove, I’m not sure how many of those there will be).

Once all of those guys are done with however, it will be the turn of the Kaffirs. A Kaffir is one who refuses to submit to Islam, if you don’t want to become a Muslim (and a radical one at that) then that means you.

Please don’t dismiss this as the ravings of an uninformed redneck. I have spent the last 8 years studying Islam. I wrote and published a book on Islamic strategy and tactics (some people have even called it THE book on Islamic strategy and tactics). Although it is self published and has no marketing budget, it is currently the number 2 bestseller on on the subject of Islam.

So why are Jihadists so bent on slaughtering cartoonists? Are they crazy? Illogical? Stupid?

No, no and no. 

Islam has a strategy which is ruthlessly and logically brilliant. 

Remember the National Socialists?

First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no-one left to speak out for me.

That is how it works. They know they can’t take on everyone at once. Even with the “moderates” they only make up 2% of the population. So they start with the opinion formers, those with a public profile.

Once they have silenced dissent and cowed those guys into sycophantic apologetic justification (“They brought it on themselves, they never should have insulted the Prophet”) they move on to the next lot. Eventually, no-one dares speak out, and everyone has to do as they are told, on pain of death.

If that sounds far fetched, take time to read the history of the Nazi ascent.

To be honest, I consider the Nazis to have been rank amateurs in comparison to these guys.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an alarmist or a pessimist. I do not believe that they will win, not by a long chalk. The Islamic strategy of conquest depends upon surprise and deception.

Until recently, the tactics of Islamic conquest were completely unknown to non Muslims, even after 1400 years of conflict. This was what made them so devastatingly effective.

Fortunately, today we live in the information age. Anyone with a smart phone can find out anything about anything. Every time the Jihadists try to silence someone, hundreds of thousands try to find out why.

They slaughter 10 cartoonists and suddenly 10,000 are holding up pencils while googling the story of Mohammed. Because of this, the Jihadists are desperate. They know that the tide is turning against them and they have to silence us all before it is too late. Unfortunately for them, it is like playing Whack-a-Mole in a mole farm.

From my own experience, sales of my book are exploding since Martin Place and now Charlie Hebdo. When the next atrocity happens they will go up even more. So these guys will keep pushing more and more and the West will start pushing back in response.

The German rallies are just the beginning. As the atrocities mount, people’s resolve will harden and there exists the possibility that things will turn really ugly. Ultimately however, once the people of the West have woken up, radical Islam will be crushed and moderate Islam (as it exists) will cease to be.

Phew! Well that’s all right then, I hear you say. 

Well not so fast champ. Let’s go back again to France in 1945. At the end of the war the French largely, if rather grudgingly, forgave the Germans. They did not however forgive the collaborators.

Terrible things happened to those who had sided with the Germans. Betrayal is one of the hardest things for humans to deal with and war does peculiar things to people.

I remember the Falklands War. Thousands of miles away on a rock no one had heard of. I was a student at the time and I still remember my disbelief when seemingly mild mannered friends began chanting “Kill the Argies”

As a journalist, your opinions are on the public record. You are probably not very familiar with Islamic doctrine and you may wonder why you should be. 

“Because it’s your bloody job” is the answer.

As members of the Fourth Estate, your job is to warn us of danger. Misunderstanding is one thing, but wilful blindness in the face of overwhelming evidence is something which will not be well received.

Millions of ordinary citizens now know the true of the nature of Islam, so why don’t you? 

It doesn’t take much. You may think I am pushing my own barrow here, but my book is the easiest place to start. You can download it for free or buy a Kindle or paperback. It is short and will set you well on your way to understanding.

The time is fast running out when people will forgive you for blindly parroting the propaganda of the Jihadists. Calling people racists and Islamophobes used to scare people. Soon it will just make them ropable.

Please take the time to discover Islam; it’s your bloody job after all.


Sounds like a great book on I-Slam. I am new to this site. What happens when I insult what's his name here? Do a dozen Jihadists rock up to my front door on Black shiny camels and carry me off to be be-headed without trial? Look - if these people are so determined to get into "Paradise" (whatever that is ) , why don't we help them a little, and educate them that they don't have to take someone else's life to be accepted- they can simply self-terminate. The last thing we should allow these creatures are Nuclear Weapons - they have absolutely no respect for Life On Earth.

i would take 20 copies.

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I think the majority of the world's problems with Islam lies at the door of the United Nations, this body has become feast fest for do gooders and career beauracrats (not sure of the spelling) who have mainly their own benefits at heart. maybe the world would resolve it's problems in regard the the Islamist threat that is being funded by welfare of the west if there was a major rehash of the UN.

IF ANYONE CARES to look at the link I provided it will take you to a 2 Hour ( long I know ) documentary entitled. Waco, the Rules of Engagement. It analyses the issues and the events at Waco...It has a local sheriff saying that no evidence of child abuse was found despite allegations and he spoke highly of the BD’s.

The BD's were registered gun dealers and legally had the right to have the weapons that they had. ATF could have arrested Koresh any day of the week, either in town or when he was out running. They chose a military style sneak attack and they opened fire first according to the BD’s, the evidence of them shooting first, i.e. the front door with bullet strikes going into the building and ATF video of the initial parts of the assault, have both conveniently "Disappeared". The ATF literally ran out of ammunition and withdrew under a “white flag”. While they had made many preparations for media exposure and they had made videos for public release, when they were snotted by the BD’s they didn’t even have ambulances on standby. They shot dead a number of BD’s in their own home with their Soviet style raid, under the pretenses of “serving a warrant” ( apparently the ATF did not have jurisdiction to serve this warrant either ).

There is evidence that the FBI lied to a Congressional Hearing into the Waco mass murder saying that they “never fired a single shot” during the event. The BD’s did not set fire to the buildings…the US authorities pumped CS Gas into the building via a military Tank, and then set fire to it. Infra-Red aerial video footage shows clearly, automatic weapons firing at the escape points of the building once the fire took hold, seemingly to stop surviving BD’s in the building making any escape. Supporting this, surviving BD’s say that they were under gunfire when they tried to escape. Spent incendiary rounds were found adjacent to the building after the killings. No forensic evidence was gathered as the building ( and evidence ) was levelled soon after the killings were complete. Efforts were made to suppress video evidence of events and such was confiscated by the authorities.

The Government of the USA under Bill Clinton and Janet Reno have a lot of questions to answer, but I know that there are a lot of Clinton and Reno fans here on PP who won’t under any circumstances challenge or question the official government line…

It once again puts Abbott's judgement under question. It is time to stop stuffing around. We need a forthright Leader - Morrison.

So true Pie. She is also pro gay marriage, abortion and anything else Emilys List. She deceived her pre selectors and pushed family values as her forte then pissed off from her marriage and is now being shagged by an Albury publican. A prize bitch of Gillard proportions who is now a token woman in Abbotts Ministry. Ministers should be appointed on ability not gender.

The biggest deficiency in Susan Ley's repertoire is that she thinks Islam is a religion of peace.

Media complicit and indispensable to “false flag” success

Posted by Jim Fetzer on January 14, 2015

Boston bombing, Charlie Hebdo and Sandy Hook would never have stood a chance against a vigilant press but for abdicating its responsibility to the public. William Shanley's suit against the media over Sandy Hook may be the most important ever lodged--and might be the reason he is now missing

Well said Harry.

is there nothing that these barbaric sexual deviants wont try to poke?

Some poofti-mufti declared a fatwa on snowMEN because it promotes 'eroticism'. So they have to cover up snowMEN with garbage bags so the muslim 'men' don't get sexually aroused....WTF???!!!

Closet Muslims like Obama? The fact that the Abbott/Credlin guvman won't touch the Muslims is highly suspicious to me!

Simulated anti-Semitism is used to provoke the desired result.

...It is a well-documented, open secret, that the exodus of over 100,000 Jews from Iraq, they formed one-third of the population of Baghdad, a rich and vibrant community, was plotted together by the Israeli government under Ben-Gurion and the British puppet ruler of Iraq, Nuri e-Said, who was hanged in the streets after the revolution of 1958. Israeli agents later testified to having planted bombs to simulate anti-Semitism in order to provoke the flight of Iraqi Jews. In exchange the Iraqi government got to seize their assets....

French Jews Flock To Israel Amid Rising Anti-Semitic Attacks Investmentwatch (InvestmentWatchBlog)

How Netanyahu’s Policies Are Fueling Anti-Semitism

I am no longer surprised by what Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu says or does. No leader with any pride and sensitivity would have tried to exploit for political gain the tragic deaths of four French Jews who were assassinated in a kosher supermarket in Paris. It is one thing to travel to France and demonstrate solidarity with the French people after the horrific execution of 12 journalists at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo; it is an entirely different matter to use the occasion to call on French Jews to immigrate to Israel to avoid anti-Semitism and “live secure and peaceful lives.”

At this moment, when France has a good deal of soul-searching to do, we may do well to recall the thoughts of Jean-Paul Sartre, whose Anti-Semite and Jew, though written over 70 years ago, contains observations that are no less true today, such as his diagnosis of anti-Semitism as an all-consuming passion, a “total choice” that transforms hatred into a faith.

Sartre understood that the answer to anti-Semitism did not lie in the Jews of France leaving their country — “their original fatherland” — to live in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, as Netanyahu recently proposed.

Any solution to the problem of anti-Semitism (which is on the rise all over Europe) will involve recognizing, in Sartre’s closing words, that “[n]ot one Frenchman will be secure so long as a single Jew — in France or in the world at large — can fear for his life.”

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls recognized this fact when he expressed deep concerns about the prospect, however remote, that a large segment of French Jews may leave France because of the rise of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiments.


French Jews Flock To Israel Amid Rising Anti-Semitic Attacks

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested in a Paris synagogue last week that France’s Jews should move to Israel, he likely tapped into the fears of a community shaken by the recent attack at a kosher market and increasingly concerned about their safety.


So, eventually they will come for me? now that's a bother because John Howard took away my means of defense, yes I know I can use a chopstick even a toothpick, a sharp edged credit card, all that shit....but it all sort of pales when faced with an AK47, so, John, my death will be down to you. The thing that consoles me is that all those gun haters will get offed as well....there, see, life is not all bad eh?

Know your enemy. You cant defend yourself if you don't know who is coming against you. Know his tactics. This is crucial if you are to mount a winning counter strategy. I found 'The Story of Mohammed' very helpful in understanding what we are up against.

Don't ever forget that Cat Stevens (now Muslim piece of shit) put up money for the fatwa on Salmon Rushdi. This bounty still exists so if you buy tickets to this idiots concerts or have done so you have contributed to a bounty being put on the head of a person who spoke freely.

DEAR JOURNALISTS, your job is to be inquisitive and objective. Great article, Harry.

.. to which I'd add, if Abbott is as smart as you make him out to be, then he ought to be smart enough to learn how to remedy his piss poor communication, and fast.

Lever, all of that amounts to SFA if Abbott can't communicate effectively. In the modern era, there has never been a successful political leader who cannot communicate effectively.