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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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... Hi how are you?

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Dear Jimmy, Hi how are you? Er, you probably have never heard of me, but of course I’ve heard of you, rock legend and all that. We do have a few things in common mind you. We both came from the UK (other side of the border) and settled in this great country.

You sang in a band called Cold Chisel and as a welder, I used a cold chisel most days of my working life. You sang about working class heroes and I worked with some real working class heroes.

Lately we had another connection where we were again on different sides of the fence. I gave a speech at some of the Reclaim Australia rallies and you were on record requesting that the organisers not play your music.

I’m not blaming you for that of course. If you listen to the media accounts about the Reclaim Rallies they were full of violent racists. Who wants to be associated with those sorts? I sure wouldn’t.

Of course, having been in the media spotlight for so long, I’m sure you understand that what you read in the papers is not always the true story.

In light of recent tragic events I ask that you at least take a moment to hear our side. What I am about to tell you is of the utmost importance. It can help to prevent the kind of horrific tragedy that you have just witnessed.

Firstly, the Reclaim Rallies were not about racism as was widely claimed. You like Thai people and so do I. I fell in love with a Thai girl many years ago when working in Kalgoorlie and we live together with our half Thai daughters.

Four of the people I know who gave speeches in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast have non Western partners. One of those is a Pakistani mathematics professor whose wife is also from Pakistan. Some of the Reclaim people were Aboriginal or from other races.

There was always a chance of course, that some of the people at the Reclaim rallies would be racists. That was always going to be the case in such a public event and I was reluctant to get involved for that reason. I felt however, that the high profile nature of the rallies would give us a chance to share our message and that alone made it worth the risk.

No one involved in the Reclaim movement had anything to gain. In getting involved we endured accusations of violence and racism. We were labelled as hateful Nazis, right wing extremists and fascists.

In Sydney and Melbourne, the people attending the rally were physically attacked by counter protesters who had to be restrained by police with tear gas.

These were minor irritations in comparison to the real risks we took. Every one of us is a target of the sort of people who murdered the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and those unfortunate Jewish shoppers in Paris. There is no shortage of these types of people as I’m sure you are aware.

More than 20 jihadists are currently in Australian prisons for attempting mass murder.

So why do we take this insane risk? We do it because we passionately believe that by spreading knowledge, we can prevent endless unimaginable tragedies of the kind you just witnessed. What you just saw was only one example of the suffering we desperately wish to prevent.

Whilst this bombing has yet to be confirmed as an Islamic attack, the gentle Thai people are suffering these murderous events constantly. The press don’t report this, but the Thai people suffer the second highest rate of Jihadist attacks per capita of any nation in the world. What you just witnessed is occurring relentlessly In Southern Thailand. Because it hasn’t targeted Westerners however, no one seems to give a damn.

We in the reclaim movement do give a damn however. We are convinced that by spreading knowledge of Islam, we can put an end to all kinds of misery. We believe that simply by spreading this knowledge, we can drastically reduce wars, violence, murders, poverty, injustice, ignorance, illiteracy, oppression, slavery and more. Can you see now why we risk so much?

Few people truly understand Islam. What it is? What are its core beliefs? How did it start? What does it want to achieve? Only by understanding the basis of this belief system can we find ways to deal with the inherent problems.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is by reading my book, The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled. I know that you could afford to buy a copy, but if you email me at [email protected] I will gladly send you one for free.

The book is short and very easy to read. After you finish it you will have a clear understanding of what is going on in the world with regard to Islam. You will understand why Muslims are murdering peaceful Buddhists. Why many Muslims are trapped in this ideology. Why a supposedly peaceful religion is often so violent. Why ordinary people who want to explain the ideology and background of Islam are branded as racist Nazi scum.

There are many other online sources of information such as “Religion of Peace” or “Gatestone Institute” you can go to. Please make the effort because someone in your position can make a difference simply by sharing your knowledge.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by doing this,

Kindest Regards,

Harry Richardson.

PS. My mate Bazza’s birthday is in late October so if you happen to be over this way with your guitar, I’d love to surprise him.


Thank you Harry, well said. Sadly, most media commentators, including conservatives, do not want to acknowledge even the existence of Lenin"s Long March through the Institutions, let alone how effective they have been. The catastrophic problem is that Lenin did not factor in to his plan, the recent opportunism of toxic barbarian Islam, stealing most of the spoils.

It's been fixed .

We're all rooned, rooned, rooned I tell ye. :))

Only the weak kneed will let the bastards beat them.

Hear hear Phil.

Arguing with Muslim about Islam is pathetic. They call the people who disagree with them right wing Nazi's and yet the Caliphate they want so bad is a far right wing ideology too. Go figure?

Even ABC says he is a crook. IE post confirms it. If this shit gets to govern us--- oblivion!

ABC running with the blatant lies Roo.

Quite agree far too many just read headlines of the many left wing newspapers/ plus ABC/SBS because they vote Labor or Greens and then think all are racist who question the agenda 21 of the left. Shame really so many just forgot to think for themselves these days or maybe got a pc education which teaches not to think just accept and parrot the party line.

a republican no doubt.

Why not? There are a couple of comments there old man.

...and he said he just wanted to "rob" the passengers, pull the other one...

BW, Larry gets ore hits than your site, wonder why? Free speech.

The Horse Haemaphodite might have had shaky knees seeing that comment come up.

Ah Unions 30 million war chest? Stolen funds from workers, no different to stolen money from businesses - Halal.

oops here's the link any ideas? Perhaps if Tony starts with unnecessary costs like this he stands a chance with the electorate. I also want to know what's the process for tenders for this sort of work?

OT but related to Hotrocks comments below re Burka's entitlements. Can someone please enlighten me re Dept Finances reporting of paid MP's entitlements on their website, why do so many office fitouts costs so much?? Both sides are guilt of huge expenditure but it's not itemised when you check at the individual MP's total costs (click on their name), just a total figure. Things like photocopy paper and phone calls are broken down but not these excessive amounts. E.g. Tony Pasin MP (Mount Gambier) office fitout $506752!!! Is this is office in Mt Gambier (lovely, sleepy country SA), or at Parliament House? Here's his page

My post must have dropped of in the ensuing comments break. I have a friend who went to kings cross last week for a night out, he told me he couldn't get over the amount of towel heads who were lined up outside strip joints to get in and have a gawk, even the bouncers were towel heads he reckons, so much for the moslem religion in relation to women.

Here here. The sight is all but ruined.

You're barking up the wrong tree Harry. Barnes is a part of the left-wing performing artist’s mafia. It’s almost a requirement if they want to be accepted into the club when they become famous. Apart from angry Anderson, I can’t think of any Australian, conservative celebs. There are a few overseas stars like Steven Segal, Matt Damon, John Voigt, Diane Cannon, Cliff Richard and Jeremy Clarkson, but they are still vastly outnumbered by their communist piers.