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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I have been against the death penalty ever since a journalist friend bore witness to Australia’s last execution, that of Ronald Ryan on Febuary 3, 1967 in Coburg’s Pentridge Prison. But I have covered a number of stories on Indonesia’s death penalty and the part it plays in an outrageously corrupt judiciary and military.

But there was one story I ignored, and I shouldn’t have. It involved a Mr McJannett who was arrested for importing drugs through Denpasar Airport.

He had detailed how he had escaped back to Australia after serving a paltry few months in Kerobokan Prison with the Bali nine and Corby.

Three years ago I spoke at length with Mr McJannett but his story could not be corroborated... no-one else was prepared to come forward, so I spiked it.

One drug importer's tale of his own experience wrestling with the judiciary of one of the most corrupt nations on earth was compelling and publishable if only it could have been substantiated by someone other than the drug importer himself.

I have now seen documented proof of what he has claimed all along and Australian officials appear to be deeply mired in that Indonesian cesspit where even the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Akil Mochtar, was found to have taken a bribe of $232,000 in a brown paper bag.

This is McJannett’s story:


CORRECTION: Ryan was hung in 1967.



Their lawyer made the inquiry "How much" with the judges and prosecutor as happens with every single case in that court and the answer came back $150k but then the AG from Jakarta demanded the death penalty because he wasn't getting a slice of the action

Yesterday you called Rob Mcjannett a drug dealer now he is a drug importer? Which is it? In any case I have it from a reliable sopurce that the AFP and or ASIO planted the drugs in his bag to stop him blowing the whistle on some high profile movers in Perth. What happened Larry why did you rewrite this part did the bad man threaten to sue you for defamation?

"was", G. "Our PM was"

Our Politicians are every bit as corrupt as their Indonesian counterparts.

I see Ronald Ryan's fellow escapee, Peter Walker was arrested last year on possession of drug manufacturing paraphernalia. 73 years of age and still a crook.

Bong binge. She's locked away and in la la land. Check the nearest 7/11 when the Doritos run out.

They couldn't be corrupted on this, no matter the pressure brought to bear. Maybe they are on the improve and we are on the decline. Our PM was a corrupt union lawyer and fraudster. Her ALP mates paid the legals for a corrupt MP who stole for hookers. Glass houses and all that. Congratulations Indo for your conviction and not listening to those who think laws don't matter.

Did you say Geoffrey Robinson, LD? He's supporting the rapist and anti-West Assange. And wasn't he David Hicks' number one fan? What lovely company he keeps. Traitors, rapists, drug traffickers. Next he'll be raising up the ISIS flag. Don't support evil people. Drug traffickers deserve to be condemned. Those inflicting the harshest of punishments on humanity's worst deserve our support.

Everyone seems to have a comment about the "poor" fellows who were shot in Indonesia. But what about the poor kids who were their victims, ruined for life so they could make a quid, huge signs at Bali airport advising them of the ramifications. Please give a thought to these poor ruined kids and don't forget the ones executed would still have been destroying kids had they not been caught. Something to think about.

Yes, Mr. Gaynor is a staunch Roman Catholic, & I have no problem with this [I am agnostic & abhor religious nuts on either side of the debate], I believe he is speaking the absolute truth from a unique perspective that none of us will ever have, & he is a true patriot for pointing this out, to the detriment of his career & potential safety. He has been treated despicably by those [i.e. Aust Gov't] who employed him in an Intelligence role & now he is pointing out the naked truth [i.e. The ADF have no idea what we are doing AND have no idea what the enemies' goals are etc etc], he is vilified for it. Good for him I say! And 99.9% of 'Joe Public' have no clue as to his real heroism & dedication to the truth...ignorance is a major part of this 'folly' imho.

OzB - yes I have heard of him. Apparently his problem is that he's white Aussie born heterosexual male who has conservative views based on traditional Christianity, married with Aussie kids, who has served his country on multiple times in an elite capacity, is fluent in Arabic, and committed to Australia';s security and sovereignty. The likes of Hurley, Cosgrove and Binskin deemed he is a worthless POS and not wanted in our proud Military and gave him his marching orders to be replaced by islamic jihadists (committed to killing Aussies),transgenders and homosexuals, with women on the frontline who can barely carry a rifle. You get the picture. We're in safe hands now...

Doesn't surprise me Pelican, however I imagine Big Brother America are the real beneficiaries of this 'policy'. Have u heard of Bernard Gaynor [former intelligence office & Major in the ADF], dismissed from the Army by the generals last year for saying Australians should not have been in Irag & Afghanistan etc? If not, check out his videos on Youtube. He has done 3 tours, so he knows what he is talking about. As someone says "This guy should be our head of military. Heck, make him prime minister":

OzB, well Australia's involvement in the 'ahem' 'Afghanistan 'War' (lol) was all about securing the lines of heroin production and massively increasing the worlds illegal supply of heroin. The Australian Defence Forces have been active participants in the internaitonal heroin drug trade, under direction from Abbott,and prior to that Rudd Gillard and of course Howard

Ryan was not hung in 1967, he was hanged. Correct English please - meat is hung; people are hanged.

Yes, saw that. Bit on Alex Jones if you want.---

Oops, I forgot the unions in Australia.

Try the whole damned world, k. It is simply more open in the asian-africa belt. Gotta luv our western banking system, and the shadowy figures running our western govts.

Larry, tell me one govt that is not corrupt in some way. With their control over intel, the media, the judiciary, etc. That will really make the news.

I wonder where the first blame TA cheer will come from? Won't be Trioli on breaky, she'll be all cut up and caring. Idiots on 7 and 9 will be crossing to the beach for surf updates.

No not done to death not by a long chalk