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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Did American voters really want the swamp drained? It seems not, as those who love to romp in the swamp are the very lawmakers of Trump’s own party. The Dems are an unhinged group oscillating between the socialism of Nancy Pelosi and the Marxism of Bernie Sanders. They and their adoring media hate everything that Trump stands for while his own Party, the GOP, just wants him gone so they can return to the fen that bore them. 

With the Russian farce petering out fast, new attack points are emerging from both sides to kill off the bloke the American people knew they needed and the GOP thought it wanted. With close associate Steve Bannon now gone, only General Kelly remains between Trump and his indulgent family and treacherous staff. And if I were Mike Pence I would be doing my push-ups right now because Trump is close to throwing it all in… and who could blame him? That is exactly what the media set out to convince him to do.

 If Trump had really been dancing with the Tsars then he would have needed to tap Hillary on the shoulder first, in order to change partners, because she has been firmly in bed with the Russians for years while Trump was only winking at them.

Now that the Dems are determined to link Trump to the Russians, suddenly Putin becomes the devil that the Left once worshipped. So never date a socialist sheila because you’ll never know what she is likely to do to achieve her ideological aims, and sleeping with close friends or the enemy is entirely excusable.

“A cold blooded KGB killer”, they scream at Putin, yet the Clintons and the Democratic Party appear to have murdered many more people to enhance their political pursuits than has Putin, or at least they have given the orders for the hits. 

More than half of over 100 curious deaths that appeared to assist the Democrats are rightly named as extremely suspicious with, in many cases, autopsies having been refused as in the mysterious death of Conservative Supreme Court judge, Antonin Scalia, (above) who was ruled to have died of a heart attack on holiday, without any evidence of a heart condition. 

Hillary at the time was favourite to take the White House and Scalia would have blocked everything the Clintons would have legislated for. 

Rewind the tape back to Marilyn Monroe who reportedly died of an overdose just before she was due to dump on the Kennedy brothers’ dirty Democratic deeds. She was bonking both brothers when it was discovered their excessively loose pillow talk was likely to cause regime change.

It might be karma that both the President and his Attorney General brother met ugly deaths with bullets to their heads after they had set out to destroy the Cosa Nostra families that had shoe-horned Jack into the Presidency. The Kennedys were not noted for their loyalties.

Not to mention the Ted Kennedy incident when he cravenly left a blonde, Mary Jo Kopechne, to drown in his car rather than have his dirty weekend exposed.

Unless you are a Clinton supporter, or a Democrat you will find the following curious deaths rather disturbing:

Robert Williams
Conway Le’Bleu
Todd McKeehan
Sgt. Brian Haney 

Maj. Gen. William Robertson
Col. William Densberger
Col. Robert Kelly
Special Forces, Gary Rhodes
Steve Willis
Sgt. Tim Sabel
Maj. William Barkley
Capt. Scott Reynolds…
All were Clinton bodyguards who were privy to the Clintons’ clandestine activities.

Not to mention Hillary’s secret lover, Vince Foster, (above) whose body has recently been exhumed for an autopsy. He also died under unexplained circumstances. There has been no news released about that autopsy.

Bill Clinton’s lover, Penthouse Pet Judi Gibbs, also died in a mysterious house fire amid rumours she was going to the Press with photos of their sexual exploits… the explicit photos were never recovered as Judi Gibbs’ brother had them destroyed.

And former FBI Director James Comey said he had no intention to recommend the DoJ indict Hillary Clinton despite listing a voluminous amount of indictable offences. 

Fast forward to the most recent incident and the murder of 27 year-old Democratic staffer, Seth Rich, (above left) who was rumoured to be handing sensitive Hillary emails to Wikileaks which at the time was offering a $20,000 payment for any information that would lead to an arrest and conviction in the Clinton email scandal. 

He was found dead, shot in the back, after deciding to walk home from the White House. It was curiously deemed a robbery despite that he was still in possession of his wallet, watch, credit cards, and mobile phone. 

Cosmetically challenged Democratic chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, (above) hurriedly resigned right before last year’s Democratic National Convention, and that looks like another unpenalised storm about to break over the Democrats.

There are too many unexplained deaths to itemise here, hundreds are linked to Democratic Administrations, but none warranted a serious investigation by the FBI or the DoJ.

It seems someone somewhere still has access to the J. Edgar Hoover files on every member of Congress plus ten million citizens. Many of his files involved photographic evidence of homosexual relationships with which to bribe Washington legislators, yet J. Edgar Hoover (above right) was the most raving pillowbiter of all, and with his sort of inside knowledge, a licence to kill is a necessary emolument of any Administration.

The best they could dig up on the GOP was Nixon’s knowledge of a break-in at the Watergate building 45 years ago. He was impeached and forced to resign as a result. As is the case world-wide, and here, the media has an aversion to anything conservative.

Yet if a mere one per cent of deaths under the Democrats turned out to be cold-blooded murders it would still outrank the sins of poor little Vladimir who has been accused of a paltry handful of political killings.

The Democrats have a lot to answer for and they need to get rid of Trump before he makes them answer.

So if you feel compelled to murder someone, better join the Democrats first.

But does it really matter if Trump dances with the Tsars? After all, they are determined to hang him for the next thing that comes along anyway.

… and that will be his tax returns.










Reality, our mongrel dog politicians spend billions of tax payers $ 's, importing the unwanted Islamic Trash into Australia. Then spend billions more of our tax dollars keeping them and protecting the very same tax payers that financed their importation. Not even the very best of the worlds comedy writers could come up with that sort of ridiculous scenario surely. No wonder this country is slowly, but surely, degenerating into a complete Shit Hole, full of imported scum.

Hanson Hits Back After Greens Terrorism Attack.
Senator Pauline Hanson has hit back at Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young following highly offensive comments made by the Greens Senator, linking One Nation policy to future acts of terrorism.
“To think that drawing attention to the problems associated with full face coverings like the burqa, and starting a debate, might somehow justify a terrorist attack on Australian soil shows you just how out of touch the Greens are. It was disgusting and Ms Hanson-Young should apologise,” Senator Hanson said.
Senator Hanson stated that acts of terrorism and violence should never be blamed on the victims or those trying to start difficult conversations, because the blame will always lay at the feet of the perpetrators.
Senator Hanson also called out the Greens for having no solutions and accused them of being the party putting Australians at risk.
“The Greens want to open Australia’s borders, they are weak on security and regularly pander to ideological extremists. It is the Greens who are putting this country in danger,” Senator Hanson said.
“The Greens have no solutions and instead look to attack those who try to have the difficult conversation about how to make us safer.”
Senator Hanson also reiterated her long held belief that violence would never solve anything and should always be condemned.
“Violence is wrong and has no place in our democracy. The ultimate form of protest will come at the ballot box when voters are given their chance to really have their say,” Senator Hanson said.
“If we look at recent acts of political violence in Australia we see it coming from the left, like the attack committed on Andrew Bolt by left wing extremists,” Senator Hanson said.
“When Sarah Hanson-Young tries to blame me for terrorism. This is the kind of violence she is inciting, the left have been at this game for years”.
“Because of the threat of politically motived violence, many in the right are unable to speak freely or engage in sensible debate in this country. This is what the Greens should be condemning. Instead they help fan the flame of division by saying stupid things and calling people names.”
Senator Hanson vowed to continue her fight to keep Australia safe and would continue to promote her policies and speak for the silent majority of Australia.

New post

Trump’s enraged critics still do not grasp that he is a reflection of, not a catalyst for, widespread anger and unhappiness with globalization, interventionist foreign policy, Orwellian political correctness, identity politics, tribalism, open borders, and a Deep State that lectures and condemns but never lives the consequences of its own sermonizing.

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that some imported / or home grown piece of Islamic deranged scum, will slip through the cracks and succeed in killing, maiming numerous Australian citizens

Have the BLM/Antifa coalition of ignorance and ugliness campaigned for the blowing up of Mount Rushmore yet? Or is it still on the Soros to do list?

Bollards Turnbull he who misquotes Herodotus, quite understandable really since he only came third in his year at his school in Ancient Greek at the HSC, now demonstrates his ignorance of Islam by pretending that his latest brain fart … the bollards … will deter the religion of piece terrorists from doing what they are allowed, exhorted and commanded to do …. Kill any and all non-believers all of us infidels.

MrT … a few quick questions for you, you mendacious hubris driven total incompetent. Please use your hands and arms to reinforce the inanity of your ponderings masquerading meaningful thought.

So ………

Q1 which sect of Islam encourages suicide/martyrdom (since when) and which sect adopted it after the former abandoned it and when

Q2 why do the families of suicide bombers rejoice at the loss of a son or daughter?

Q3 Is the burqa a religious garb as mandated by either the Koran the Hadiths or even the Suras” And if so name tha chapters and verses where this commandment appears?

Would you like to call a friend? Say the “non-practising muslim Sam the despicable”? Or ask your “mum” Lucy?

We could ask Brandis the same questions but I doubt he possesses any cognitive powers.

The Turnbull Coalition …. vonces, one and all

And don’t get me started on Shorton (brains) or all his cohort of retarded moronic vandals. (with my sincere apologies to all people with genuine disabilities)

There is a simple and effective way to stop Muslim terrorism, globally within 180 days, probably sooner.

Any one know how?

Just like the two boys who witnessed a drug plane drop off in Arkansas and got run over by a train. All these mysterious accidents and suicides surrounding the Clintons are known as Arkancide

The product Tanker Alnic MC is located at 01deg 25min 17.6 secs North and 104deg25min 57.4secs East which is 34NM ENE of Singapore. No sign of the McCain or search v/ls in the area

A married man was having an affair with his secretary.
One day, their passions overcame them and they took off for her house, where they made passionate love all afternoon. Exhausted from the wild sex, they fell asleep, awakening around 8pm. As the man threw on his clothes, he told the woman to take his shoes outside and rub them through the grass and dirt. Mystified, she nonetheless complied. He slipped into his shoes and drove home. "Where have you been?" demanded his wife when he entered the house. "Darling, I can't lie to you. I've been having an affair with my secretary and we've been having sex all afternoon. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until eight o'clock". The wife glanced down at his shoes and said "You lying bastard! You've been playing golf!"

Miserable day here in Sydney so I have to use the clothes dryer - something I avoid doing whenever practicable. I can just see my meter spinning off its dial generating coin for the Energy company. Thanks a million you gutless, useless, fuckwit politicians.

Press Release-Immediate. Deputy Assistant to Permanent Deputy Under Secretary assisting the Director of Departmental Affairs for the Department of Secretary for Security.

The Australian Government announcement, August 21, 2017, relates to the erection of concrete bollards in all pedestrian accessed areas throughout Australia. This initiative is directed specifically at public safely to mitigate growing threats from radical terrorist “vehicular attacks”.

“The Australian Government is considering issuing a memorandum in relation to the possible formation of a road map to review the merits of holding further dialogue with relevant parties to make a determination on moving forward to a more structured assessment of options”.

A Department spokesperson further confirmed, “that any consultation process would be fully compliant with guidelines for Inquiry/Consultation processes, Section 24, that ensure all Government Departments articulate and endorse the desired outcome before proceeding further.”

The draft memo “invites a wide range of diverse inputs from NGO’s, registered charities, construction Unions, primary school teachers, academia, public and commercial broadcasters, the Council for Islamic Affairs and their 236 associated religious charities, along with representatives of the LBGT community”.

In the further interests of diversity the memorandum states that, “consideration may be given, subject to initial dialogue, to include Security Agencies and/or Law Enforcement”. The spokesperson also confirmed that in the event that “Security and Law Enforcement” were deemed to have a contribution, this would of course be the subject of a further internal review”.

I had a thought bubble on how we can fix the world's problems instantly, allthe problems are caused by religion so if any governement had the balls they would withold all funding to religious bodiesCatholic Anglican Judaism and Islam and insist that they withdraw all their holy books and reissue new additions where all the exhortions to violence and blood shed have been expunged. Their holy books should promote piece on earth and good will to all men. Not sure about the buddhists or Hindus though , So all of them stop pushing the theme "death to the disbeliever"

USS John S. McCain in collision with merchant ship. ...The guided missile destroyer USS John S, McCain has been involved in a collision with a merchant ship off the east coast of Singapore in the Strait of Malacca. FFS these navy ships are pranging into merchant ships at an alarming rate. They have multiple radar systems, and still can't get about safely.

How to deal with ISIS? RT - "The Lebanese army has scored major victories in the ongoing offensive against Islamic State terrorists along the Syrian border, securing over a dozen of outposts, and raising a Spanish flag in solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attacks in Catalonia. " ......A nice touch. Seems ISIS don't have any friends left anywhere.

Speaking of sea levels changing, I had graphic experience of Climate change every year when living on a rural block on the reactive clay plains, when very wet the bath water was deeper ar the foot and when drought struck deeper at the head. So what happens when the earth tips on it's axis a mm or so?

So why is it that despite the very obvious danger of allowing people to wear these repugnant full-face and full-body disguises, the Australia government still insists that the burqa remains legal? Just about every shopping centre has a ban on people entering while wearing motorcycle helmets or even balaclavas, yet hordes people in burqas can be seen in large crowded shopping centres in Bankstown, Merrylands, Lakemba, Parramatta and other areas of high Muslim occupation.It is obvious that allowing somebody to wear a full-face disguise is dangerous, otherwise there would not be a ban on motorcycle helmets and other full-face disguises in sensitive places such as shopping malls, banks and even Parliament House. So why is there not a complete ban on burqas in all public places? We should be very grateful to Pauline Hanson for showing the people of Australia how dangerous the burqa is, simply because of the reticence of people to challenge anybody wearing such a disguise. If that person had not been Hanson, but an Islamic terrorist, we might have been seeing headlines stating that 60 or more politicians had been massacred right in Parliament House.

Pauline Hanson should be prepared for One Nation to swamp Queensland in the next election. The 'burqa' move and Barcelona have woken up the masses here. Newman swept in from nowhere. The reason to reject the ruling parties have never been clearer. The pollsters of Queen Street Mall have no idea.

Where is Gentleman?

Bend mal over a bollard today .