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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


 He walked like Daniel into a potential lions’ den, his chest out, his head high. His women without head scarves, shaking hands with shocked Islamic dignitaries. He sipped his tea in the wrong (left) hand and didn’t care that the left hand was religiously reserved for Islamic cleansing of anal lavations.

 His speech called out "Islamic extremism" and "Muslim terrorism", something the Left said he would not dare do. It was interspersed with flattery, recognition of holy sites and so-called cradles of civilisation. An overreach, but it worked. 

Despite some sleeping heads and those who refrained from applause, the speech was a game changer.

I wasn’t going to miss the live early morning coverage... it had the smell of something epochal and it turned out to be much more.

                     Egypt's President al Sisi calls for an Islamic Religious Revolution

Egypt’s President al Sisi, said of Trump, “He has a unique personality and is capable of the impossible.” But such felicitation might be expected, as Obama had interfered with the Egyptian elections to get the disastrous Muslim Brotherhood temporarily elected as the founders of terrorism.

I recall Nasser’s death after he spent his life unsuccessfully trying to unite a disparate Arab world. I recall the heralded Kissinger doing no better. And I recall Obama, Kerry and the Clintons’ retrogressing.

                    King Salman is in danger of being overthrown by the Wahhabists

The Saudi King was fawning in his introduction. It was the first time that 50 Arab Islamic States had been drawn together to cop a lecture from a US President, yet they enjoyed it and they too saw it as a game changer in the Middle East jungle of deceptions.

It was clear that the assemblage saw Trump differently to the US media who were squirming in their seats trying to find fault with all he did and said.

Friday after prayers many of the Arabs had been nearby in Chop Chop Square watching Saudi citizens being separated from their limbs and heads, women being lashed for driving a car and public hangings for criticising Islam.  

Little Joko Ono was there looking out of his depth, the Palestinians were there preparing for Trump's onslaught in Tel Aviv at his next stop while northern Africans were looking at their watches.

Trump did not preach unification, in fact he promoted division... division between Sunni and Shia, mercilessly lambasting Iran, but at least that had the Gulf States on side. 

What a strange meeting of nefarious minds it was with the Saudis having cleansed their hands of involvement in 9/11 and no mention of their recent support of ISIS and creation of the student Taliban. No mention either of Saudi manipulation of the oil price that has helped devastate nations like Venezuela.

                 The treacherous Turkey's Erdogan dons traditional Wahhabist gear

NATO member Turkey also supported ISIS but changed its mind once the opportunity came to kill the Kurds while pretending to kill ISIS fighters. The Saudis also changed their minds once ISIS became a threat to their obscene palaces.

The Saudis also railed against terrorism but the Wahhabists behind the Saudi kingdom are the very worst of Islamic terrorist activities and strict Shariah Law.

There has never been a meeting of more disingenuous lying bastards. But that’s the way they are, and always have been, and if there is to be peace in the Middle East we and Trump need to accept a 1400 year-old belief in "taqiyya", a Muslim law that encourages them to lie if it promotes the interests of Islam. 

                                 Somali jihadist President Shaykh Sharif Shaykh 

We need to understand that a Muslim will change his alliance if it favours him. Islam is a nation of cunning and ruthless tribes without loyalty or conscience. We can’t change that, so we need to work around it.

There’s much evil in Islam and many adherents will never aspire to decent Western values... but it’s a start. A start that Obama, Kerry and the corrupt Clintons never arrived at.

Trump boldly flung a tomahawk into the door of Islam and now it’s up to the warring factions to dislodge it and shake hands with civil modernity. It won’t happen overnight any more than Christians will immediately stop molesting children, but we somehow must make this start.

And Trump has made a start that no-one else so far has made. The dumb media should applaud him. He is flawed, as all great leaders were, but he is the best chance we will ever have.

After the address I turned to watch CNN wipe egg from their faces. But alas the moderator was busily suggesting that, when Trump received the Saudi Order of Abdulaziz al-Saud medal from King Salman (above), he lowered himself for the shorter King to place it over his head. CNN claimed he was bowing... and he had once criticised Obama for bending his knee. Hmmm.

Be prepared for another success in Israel this week as Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner (above), who was behind the $400 billion US-Saudi trade deal, displays his negotiating skills over a two State solution. But the lying US media is prepared and has named him as the person behind the so-called Russian connection.       

Bloody hell, what Russian connection? ... Will we ever again have a media that is fornicating honest?


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I see I still get a little x next to my posts???

Said to my mate 'Larry recons one day the media will be honest' he said ' Tell him he's dreamin'.

Australia's Prime Minister is ultimately Responsible for ALL of Australia's Security. So far Islam has shown time and again that he has NO control over our security, or an ability to Protect the Australian Public, as the Lindt Cafe and Parramatta Terror attacks, Bank arson attack, and now another massacre along the footpath with a car have shown, Which only NOW Months later we are officially told via Court reporters of His affiliation to the Terror Infused Cult, that is, ISLAM. Our leaders have NO WAY of identifying which of their Undocumented Islamic mates, are Terrorists, and which are not. They tell us time and again this latest one was “Suddenly Radicalized”, it appears ALL Followers of Islam are capable of this “Ability” to suddenly Morph into a Terrorist. The Government is more than happy and willing to risk OUR lives as Islamic Cannon Fodder rather than do what is right for our future generations. Your Tax dollars are funding the entire Invasion. Health, Education, Accommodation and Military Training Venues(Mosques and Prayer centres). Like the one that supplied the Parramatta Terrorist with his guidance and pistol. Of Course more tax dollars were Gifted to the local Islamic Training centres to De-Radicalize others, in those very Same venues with the Same teachers in charge spreading the Same Qur’anic message from the Same Qur’an that inspires ALL their Islamic Terror attacks. We need serious Political change while we still have the numbers to do so. In a few short years, we will be like Londonistan, with an Islamic Mayor and the Terror infused Cult dictating how we can either Live or Die. The Westminster System of Government as it stands appears to have NO defence against the Islamic Invasion, or means to protect our Western Culture and Values…We MUST either adapt our Traditional Westminster system of Governance to rid ourselves of this Cult, or Die at it’s hands. Make NO Mistake, there is NO plan B.

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This is American but it pertains perfectly to us as well. A great tribute to the forgotten heroes.

G20 Governments All Agreed to Cyprus-Style Theft Of Bank Deposits … In 2010
That’s something else to thank our recently-deposed PM Julia Gillard for doing, without our knowledge or permission


Whistleblower: EU, IMF Manufactured Greek Debt Crisis Through Unscrupulous Accounting
“We had the role of a rubber stamp...” - a former board member of Greece’s national statistical authority has revealed that she and other members were forced to sign off on falsified deficit and debt figures that plunged their country into an ongoing economic depression. ……………………..”

New Post Up .

Picture tells the story. Trump looks like he's about to puke while the gold medallion is being placed over him.

It would be sensible to cease any Muslim migration to Australia until we sort out the ones already here. Give those who do not wish to drop the crazy tenets of their idiotic creed, the opportunity to return to a country of their choice in which it is accepted. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the essence of madness.

Florida man accused of choking his girlfriend during oral sex, and whose defense was his over-sized manhood, is found NOT guilty of murder

O/t...looks like the gravy train is gathering speed for the Coories stolen generation FFS!!!!.....

"British Authorities treating Bombing as a Terrorist Attack for now ." Well what else could it be , a local manufacturer of 3 inch nails distributing free samples ?

It there's a positive to come out of the Manchester atrocity, it may make a few of those young girls Islamo-aware. Talk about filthy cowards - little girls. What's the next target, a maternity hospital?

I know it's blinding obvious for many of us. It appears some can't even understand it when it's explained really simply.

I love it when my cousin live streams a video call from Hawaii and it's sunset and we are still in the middle of the day. Apparently NASA intercept the call real time and edit the whole call so we don't really say what we are really saying about the sunset and the middle of the day in Australia. Later when we meet at a hotel in Sydney or I go to Hawaii they use mind control drugs so if we discuss the phone call we can't work out that it was all edited.

Flat Earth & NASA Hoax Debunk SLAMDUNK

O/T....almost time to think about the afternoons libations.Gonna try a Coopers Best Extra Stout this arvo.I have Garlic and Herb Lamb Shanks commin along nicely in the slow cooker.They will be served with potato mash ,and a glass (or two) of Wolf Blass Shiraz.Have VB in plentiful supply for backup.

The bombing in Manchester is not an opinion; it is fact. That moslems (not Jews) want to physically harm us, is a fact, not an opinion. Geddit, fakey funky?

Vomit alert. Just listened to our PM on the Manchester Bombing. What a load of drivel. I have to ask this fool as he is spouting off about our own safety. WHY ARE YOU STILL LETTING THIS FILTH IN. There should be a blanket ban on all muslim emigration. I saw on TV last night about a new Mosque and community suburb going to be built here in Australia. You got to ask , WTF are we doing ?

Next Monday is National "Insult an Abrahamic" Day.