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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Australian of the year Adam Goodes has decided to rubbish his own country (or should I say the white inhabitants of his own country) as an invited guest to the Ol’ Dart. 

Racism is not a one way street yet he was happy to once again go against the traffic and display the same Aboriginal form of racism he did with that 13 year-old white girl during an AFL match against Collingwood.

I have worn a red and white No 4 jumper for most of my playing career in Canberra and for Sydney’s St George. I played my last game at full forward for the Woy Woy Swans at the age of 49. 

After winning that premiership game my son Jamie, who had played in the centre with me for seven years, also retired. 

That was the last game of footy my AFL mad dad watched before he died, so you could say I have an affection for the old South Melbourne Bloods. 

An affection that was shattered when my hero Adam Goodes demanded that a little girl be removed from the MCG for calling him an ape. 

Ever since that shameful day muted boos can be heard whenever Adam gets the ball.

He has not represented Australia nor his Aboriginal brothers well and those Aborigines who have graced the only uniquely Australian game for over a century did not rush to support him.

Well Adam, unlike you, I’m not “ashamed” to be Australian but I’ll play the sorry game too if you say sorry for the way your brothers left my great uncle to die a horrible death in red hot sand with a spear in his back. 

You see, every country has been invaded, every country has suffered attempted colonisation by others, that’s the way this world evolved. And who knows who was here before Adam’s antecedents arrived.

I love Aborigines and their culture, I want to be proud of it, but I’m over this racist nonsense that is acceptable from one side only.

Australia was always going to be colonised, if not by the Brits then by the Dutch or Portuguese, and I doubt either would have been less brutal.

Okay, so this is where I get into trouble for telling the truth: For 60,000 years Aborigines did not attempt to improve this land and it was begging to be colonised by someone. 

They planted no seeds, although there were plenty. They did not invent the wheel, although they walked huge distances. They did not discover numbers, although trade is a tribal imperative. They remained nomadic, although a rich 10,000-mile coastline was begging settlement. 

And we wonder why voluminous amounts of money have not succeeded in “closing the gap”. 

The “gap” will remain for generations to come because Aboriginal tribes were the least developed of any indigenes on earth. The “gap” was actually a grand canyon and we have never understood it.

We were as ruthlessly cruel to Aborigines as the Plymouth pilgrims were to the more developed American Indians and the Chinese are to the developed Tibetans, but it’s a price that is always paid by those with less sophisticated weapons. 

Adam Goodes might be a monument to political correctness but he is an impediment to our hopes for assimilation.


two months away from financial meltdown and global insecurity and we discuss vigorously these issues which are tiny within the total spectrum of human and world's like the world is on fire and we are arguing about where to place the lounge in regards to the spectrum of issues nad ideas....and the shit we think is important ,we are having meltdowns over......

he was hand picked for australian of the year because those who own this country had the recognition of aboriginee in the constitution: in mind.....these original people are not aboriginal ...the same as abnormal people are not normal....they are not first australian because their claim to ownership and custodianship predates the name australia....tony abbott says he will sweat blood to get the recognisance passed

E.Maguire suggest Goodes do some advertising for King Kong The Musical....Well Ed had a point....King Kong is a far better ape!

While the Winnebago is a euphemism, the point is correct. aussierod should read Larry's article above....

Adam Goodes is a girl.... Imagine, a grown man taking offence at a 13 year old girl's rant.... He should have understood, after all Adam Goodes is a "girl". What a baby, take a shot at easy targets, a flag is as defenceless as a 13 year old girl, I was amazed and embarrassed when he was made Oz of the year, I'm an Oz and am NOTHING like him.....

aussierod, do you really expect anyone to believe that. ". . . lived and breed (sic) in the comfort of the Winnebago for many generations." Quite a feat since Winnebago (Australia) has only been around about 25 years or less.

One very brave woman. I hope that your flak shield is ready.

good to C u r still sharp as a tack . .

WOW, so happy to read this, should be more like you, congratulations on being honest and truthfull.Tr

Putin has your free home for you.

Thank you Larry, to me, he is just another privileged, overt, loud mouthed racist.

most of what we think we know about the black fellas is a pack of lies made up by communists to make us all feel guilty for very real poverty caused by left wing religion anyway. & in short there never were any stolen generations at all. total cow shit made up by communists.

Re my post Fred Hollows I've since found out that Fred, may he rest in peace, was a Kiwi(later took Oz citizenship), a Communist and an Atheist. Still I revere him as an Australian of the Year.

Well they did practise the remarkable "pointing the bone" which resulted in the death of the target who gradually faded away. Never hear of pointing the bone these days. Perhaps its regarded as too nonPC to mention. Or maybe European settlement and education took away the power of pointing the bone to kill.

I'm tired of Fragile Goodes whining, and who is to say the people who claim to be the 1st indigenous Australians really were here before any other humanoid? what about the remains found of Mungo man, they seem to predate the claim of our current indigenous Australians, Mungo Man
Turning evolution upside down
In the study of human evolution, Australia has not traditionally believed to have much to offer; however, the skeletal record has thrown up a few spanners in the works that may one day transform beliefs about where humans came from.
One of these spanners is Mungo Man, who was discovered in 1974 in the dry lake bed of Lake Mungo in west NSW. Mungo Man was a hominin who was estimated to have died 62,000 years ago and was ritually buried with his hands covering his penis. Anatomically,

more like alzheimer's!


Very PC of you LP. Properly Correct.

Finally, the Pickering page works.

The votes are in.....Goodes is an ape.