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Monday, 25th March 2019

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... and the continuum of ideals that gives rise to it

Stephen Quinton

Stephen Quinton's extensive research in the education sector spans 30 years and he is published globally. Stephen was born in Pambula NSW in 1952. He is now retired in Perth Western Australia. His website and blog address is:


Thinking further on my comments about Jimmy Barnes (Turning Back The ALP, Only Where It’s Safe To Do So, Larry Pickering, 23 Jul, 2015), it is perhaps timely to reflect on the worrying trend that underscores Jason Barnes’ use of the term “racist”. As I implied, the fallacious use of the term ‘racist’ has its roots in fascist stratagem.

The escalating use of terms such as racist, xenophobic, right wing extremist, fascist, supremacist, anti-gay and homophobic, misogynist, anti-islam and islamophobe, anti-muslim, hate speech, bigot, and (perhaps the least understood of all) unaustralian (and the list goes on), over past months and years are all exploited as a divisive means to attack people and groups that are attempting to do no more than exercise their right to engage in free speech and reasoned debate about matters they believe hold serious consequences for Australia and its way of life.

In recent times, such terms are being used by so-called pro-islam and anti-racist groups, journalists, and individuals to taunt and insult well intentioned and genuinely apprehensive organisations such as Reclaim Australia, Halal Choices, and individuals such as Larry Pickering, Paul Zanetti, Harry Richardson, Bernard Gaynor, George Christensen, Pauline Hanson, Jacqui Lambie, as well as anyone who has the courage to express their views through contributions to online comments to blog and social websites.

Here I refer to groups and individuals who wish to voice their opinions on matters that cause them genuine concern, knowing that they should be free to do so without abuse. 

After all, is this not their right in a society that espouses democratic privileges? As George Christensen so eloquently put it: “The apologists of the left, the do-gooders and the politically correct crowd said I shouldn’t address you because you apparently are a crowd of racists, bigots, Islamophobes, extremists, white supremacists, skinheads and Nazis, but when I look here today and I look at this crowd that’s not what I see. What I see is mums and dads who love our country, the Australian culture, the Australian lifestyle and our freedom.”

The above named organisations and individuals are not chosen because I am affiliated with them in some way, but because they are examples of targets for the type of abuse outlined beforehand. They also hold a number of common beliefs that I share: they stand for families, our longstanding cultural values; and an earnest drive to protect our institutions, heritage, culture, and history. 

In short, they believe in the views and convictions that have been forged and refined out of the struggles and successes of the past two hundred years. After two centuries, we now possess a deep-seated, instinctive understanding of what it is that makes us truly Australian. We do not always express this understanding very well, but we know immediately when it is being undermined.

The bottom line for many Australians is that no group or individual, no culture, no religion, no cult, no government, no politician, no corporation, and no flavour of the month idealism is going to take what we believe in, trust, and value away from us.

Particularly now that we are beginning to understand how special and precious it is to be a true Australian. 

Paradoxically, the antagonists should be heartily thanked for this revelation – for it is through their actions and words that we have been given the means to compare the pros and cons and from that begin to define what it actually means to be Australian. This is first and most important step to take – for if we do not know with certainty what it means to be Australian, how can we ever hope to neutralise and ultimately eradicate the illusory idealisms that pose a very real and serious threat to our unique way of life?

The next crucial step for combating unwanted or untoward attempts by an individual or group to undermine the ideas or values or traditions that are the foundation of our way of life and the unwritten principles that underpin it, is to know the history of idealisms that have contributed to the antagonist’s current way of thinking. Consider for a moment the following continuum of beliefs:

Marxism -> Fascism -> political correctness -> tolerance -> multi­culturalism. 

In essence, this delineates the pathway that has occurred over the past one hundred years and given rise to the transition from economic and political marxism / fascism to what we now experience as cultural and linguistic marxism / fascism.

By understanding the history and evolution of ideas and beliefs, it is possible to describe a continuum of twists and convolutions that appear on the surface to open the way to progressively more enlightened thinking, unconditional acceptance, openness, and benign cooperation, but in actual fact obscure the fact that the roots of marxism and fascism not only still exist, they are now more deceptive and destructive than they have ever been in the past. The notion of cultural nazis is in fact an apt description of what Australia is now dealing with.

Third, we must recognise that the use of spurious terms and false allegations as a means to ridicule and intimidate are in fact a transparent projection of the mindsets and ideals of the individuals and groups that unhesitatingly seek to denigrate, belittle, and abuse those who do not fit in with or comply with their views. In this sense, the destabilisation and potential destruction is not aimed simply at Australian culture, but also Western culture in general. Although not constructed of concrete and enveloped with razor wire and machine guns, nevertheless the potential for complete repression of our way of life is as imposing, yet arguably even more difficult to overcome than a concrete wall.

The immediate threat is not just overt terrorism (from both external and internal insurgents). A much greater threat is the more insidious and manipulative malignancy of political correctness and multiculturalism. These ideals become even more alarming when one considers that on the surface the words used to label these mindsets appear relatively innocuous when compared to the root beliefs of marxism and facism.

This however, is the revelation that demands greater attention and diligence from all of us.

The attacks that are directed towards true Australians are not simply borne out of their apparent relative benignness, they are in fact a direct facsimile of the intent and destructiveness of the original ideals. What makes the present versions even more societally implosive and culturally ruinous is the simultaneous absorption of the unsurmountable trinity of narcissism, arrogance , and ignorance. These points will be the subject of later posts. 

Getting back to the Jimmy Barnes incident, and subsequently the Farnham reaction, and prior to all this, the Midnight Oil, Williamson, and Schumann episodes, I question just how much these entertainers truly understand the Australian character, or have they simply become adept at tapping into the prevailing psyche to boost their sales?


Looking like a choir girl she's crying like a refugee ,what is that shit!

Great commentary, Stephen.

Turncoat is just that a turncoat who shouldn't be in the position he finds himself by stealth!

Words such as racist, homophobic, misogynist, islamophobe and bigot are used so often to describe so many people that they have lost their meaning. You can call me an islamophobe. Sure, I do have a healthy fear of Islam. I'm not the only one. I want other to see the danger Islam poses to our Australian culture, our freedom and way of life.

So did Midnight Oil.

what the hell are you on? Fascism is the opposite of Communism not the same thing. Hitler was fascist and went to war against communism in the most cataclysmic war in history. fascism seeks to stop communism and vice-versa. it's really simple.

Shit you know some impressive words and how to string em together. Reckon you summed it up in one sentence but; 'I question just how much these entertainers truly understand the Australian character, or have they simply become adept at tapping into the prevailing psyche to boost their sales?' Is that Rhetorical????????????

True alter boy. It may in fact have been missing altogether. A reviewer of one of Keneally's particularly nasty tomes said the cause was the guilt the Southern Irish feel for their complicity in the holocaust.

Keneally's a notorious racist. Anglophobia permeates his work. Not someone a decent person could look up to.

Just a bit? Hehe.

And the list goes on ... although I don't necessarily agree that our national character is defined by solely our artists, but it's a pretty good indicator. As for JimJim's comment: "It's no secret that the entertainment industry worldwide is rife with socialists", what a load of irrelevant garbage! Can you back that up with facts or are you just making this stuff up and hoping nobody will call you out?

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Stick and stones may break my bones,but"Names"will never hurt me.Says it all really.

I am humbled by how well expressed this article is ... and Larry produces most excellent stuff which puts me to shame and sets the bar very high! I am sending this article onto a LOT of people who still don't get PC (= Political Correctness = People Control) and people of the left. Plus those I know who are moderates. Can I suggest others do the same?

Don't listen to anything from those two dickheads anymore.

Here's one entertainer who has a brain:

As always Disraeli, you have nothing of substance to contribute, so you just insult people. Schoolboy tactics mate, very boring.

Socialists and paedophiles Jim. alter boy thinks a bunch of pseudos define us. What a wanker.