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Wednesday, 22nd February 2017

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Could it be that the Brits have just saved Europe from dictatorship for the third time in just over a century? That might sound melodramatic but there is no denying that the EU is no democracy. What’s more, it has been steadily increasing its stranglehold on the nation states under its sway.

Up until now however, the powers in Brussels have not had control of an army. European armies were still under the control of the democratic nation states. This was about to change.

An EU army was being discussed. If you are familiar with the way the EU does things, this means it was about to happen.

It wouldn’t have happened all at once of course, that is not how the scam works. The EU army would have been small at first.

Slowly but surely however, national armies would have been starved of funds and manpower. At the same time, the EU army would have grown and grown. See if you can figure the answer to this simple puzzle: Dictatorship + Army = ?

If you are struggling with the answer to that one, try Googling “World War Two.” You may be in for a bit of a shock.

I bring this up because no-one knows what will happen now. There is every chance that we are in for a bumpy ride.

The world’s monetary system is at breaking point. Somewhere in the region of one third of the world’s government bonds are paying negative interest rates. This is unprecedented in world financial history and it is not a good sign.

                                                    ECB president Mario Draghi

Any number of other factors are causing increasing stress and Brexit could be the catalyst to crash the system. The UK will also face a period of readjustment.

There will be winners and losers both in the UK and in continental Europe and when things get ugly, Brexit and its supporters (like me) will cop the blame.

Whatever happens however, I still firmly believe that the alternative would have been infinitely worse. What is more, after a period of adjustment, the UK has a chance to rediscover the secret of success.

This has been proven time and again. It is guaranteed to end poverty, prevent war and reduce inequality. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suit the powers that be and consequently has been buried under an avalanche of propaganda.

In case anyone is listening, I will repeat it here: Small Government, low taxes, sound money and strong property rights. These things may not sound “cool.” Yet these four simple principles will do what Bono and Sir Geldof never could and never will do.

In the meantime, the first losers of Brexit will be the European banks which have sold off heavily already. The reason for this is simple.

Big banks have an awesome two-part business model which is insanely profitable. One part involves printing money and lending it out at interest. The second part involves taking insanely risky bets with enormous sums of money.

Taking huge and risky bets wouldn’t normally be a great way to make profits. The banks however, are in bed with Governments and have a sweet deal going on.

When the bets pay off, the profits go to the bank. When the bets turn bad and the bank gets wiped out, Governments declare them too big to fail and reimburse them with taxpayer funds. Banks say, “thanks very much” and take on ever bigger bets to make even bigger profits.

By 2008, the bets had grown so large, they almost took down the governments with them. Since then, the bets have grown much larger.

If you owned a European bank stuffed full of risky derivatives, who would you want guaranteeing them? Would you want the British Government, or the Governments of Greece, Portugal and Italy?

Not surprisingly then, it has been the banks and their highly paid economic advisers who have been warning of a financial Armageddon in the event of Brexit.

No doubt there will be turmoil and financial destruction aplenty when it finally hits the fan. At the end of the day however, it will be the taxpayers of the EU who will be on the hook for these bank losses, not the long suffering Poms.

Will the EU be OK? Well, they may be losing a bulldog but at least they are gaining a Turkey. We will see how that works out for them.


Brexit will be about as big an aggregate burden as was the "millenium bug."

As England is just another country to me, the sentiment is certainly lost
Mr Henry Lawson expresses my independent streak
But no disrespect to your dad was intended, just a different outlook
And why is the poem gone and thread scattered?

No Sandy, you are wrong. There are a lot more people on this site who do appreciate poetry than you realize.

Watch this. You gotta love Rudy Giuliani awesome mayor of New York and I hope the Donald puts him on the team...

Mark Latham rubbishing Labor on Paul Murray Live. Seems he is becoming a bit Conservative in his old age ?
Yes start worrying.

Shut down 457 visas, it's a rort.

So the Oldies who knew of life in Britain before the EU won the day because so many of the Younglings, who only know life under Brussels, didn't even bother to vote. Perhaps next time they might take things more seriously, instead of relying on others to do the heavy lifting for them.

I have to add, Harry, that that is a simply fab picture of Her Maj. Very appropriate. Where on earth do you and Larry find them?

Bolt & Price.... Should be a bumper show tonight !

Painful drum weed hates the leave vote, surprise surprise.

CONTD Muhammad, the founder of terrorism and the font of all evil.

The Marxist prick being WHITLAM .Look at all the great races of people that comprise our population all except the races that follow that paedophile Ma

I strongly believe in a MULTI RACIAL policy for Australia as it was from just after the WW2. My wonderful country , the best in the world , and there's not too many that I haven't been to, is so much better for our immigration policy BUT when that Marxist prick changed the policy to Multicultural that fucked it up forever.

I dont watch CURRENT AFFAIR but tonite is on the APEX race gangs in MULTICULTURAL AUSTRALIA a nd may touch on why the Victorian state police minister threw in the towel.

The scum rises to the surface, Tony Blair and Soros the first to emerge, the iniquitous elites, corrupted intellectuals and brain dead lefties are squirming at a decision that did not go the way they had planned and expected. This is so shocking to them that they have dropped their guard and are openly crying out not fair, democracy is not fair to them. The working class and older generation do not deserve a say in government in their view. Enjoy the implosion of this rotten horde who are starting on a journey they did not buy a ticket for.

Yes a universal truth.

They say the truth is the first casualty of war ..

And it's the victors of war that have the right to write history (lie) and if you ever speak the truth they will nail you to a cross. I'm learning everyday that lying and killing are the best policies if you can get away with it. And that is what all sides do so well. If the truth was held in higher esteem than lying and killing the world would be a better place.

Jesus Christ proved that the biggest criminals on this Earth are the ones that tell the truth. Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and many other Christ like people around to prove that point. And the Bushes and Clintons are living proof that evil is the successful formula.

Thanks Sandy for pointing out my mistakes, maybe I should just start killing and lying and make myself a better person.

Bill Shorten: "The Australian Government has lost control of immigration" due to the criminal actions of immigration staff. That would be PUBLIC SERVICE UNION MEMBERS would it Bill? Another union and its members involved in corruption. And Shorten has the audacity to blame the current government! He enpowered the union criminals while on the government benches for six years. No wonder he and Labor fought hard to discredit the Royal Commission into Union Corruption. Unions of today are full of graft and corruption. The current ones should all be outlawed and their accrued funds dispersed back to current members.