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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Bill Shorten had completed his diatribe at yesterday’s Press conference and had invited questions when a pimply-faced 18-year-old chick on work experience pounced to ask the first question. Shorten had been talking his usual crap for the past 10 minutes and many probing questions were screaming to be asked... 

“Is it right that Mr Abbott should be lecturing other people on our asylum seeker policy?”, she asked. 

And that right there was emblematic of the derelict nature of our partisan Press gallery.

Media’s incandescent loathing of Tony Abbott was apparent well before he unseated their beloved Julia Gillard in a record landslide election. 

So, obviously media pays no heed to public sentiment, it clearly cares only for its own ideological mindset.

The hatred became white hot as Fairfax, the Guardian and the ABC then went on a search and destroy mission, embracing litigation and plummeting circulation and viewer appeal to somehow kill Abbott and Hockey.

The blatant criminality of Gillard and highly credible accusations of under-age rape against Shorten were lost in far more important stuff like Abbott’s misogynistic wink to a male interviewer and a bite he took out of an onion and that he “might have” punched a wall 35 years ago.

So, why is the media (with a few exceptions) consistently so far out of step with public sentiment? I mean, it’s not new! It was equally devastated when a hapless Whitlam felt the wrath of the electorate. 

It hated McMahon, Fraser and Howard yet feted the alcoholic, womanising Hawke and a highly questionable Keating.

It is now giving Shorten a dream run despite the polls and that poor girl who spent four tearful hours in my office retelling an awful rape the media did not want to hear about. 

You have to wonder if Abbott was similarly accused of raping a young girl would it be ignored in the same way. I think we know the answer to that.

It’s a case of circle the wagons whenever a conservative force appears over the hill. Protect the Left flank at all cost and shoot to kill. 

Viciously and personally attack those who dare to expose the destructive Whitlam, the criminal Gillard, the incompetent Rudd and the treacherous Shorten... like they do with all messengers, including myself, despite damning, incontrovertible and documented proof of prime ministerial malevolence.

Am I being unfair here? If I am, then why has the malignant media shown no interest in Senator Heffernan’s claims of paedophilia against a living Labor PM? I mean, we all know who it is, but it’s a Labor, not a conservative, Prime Minister so a way will be found to bury that story too. 

Can you imagine the in-depth, investigative exclusives if those claims were levelled against Abbott?

No wonder the rest of the world scratches its head when it sees an Abbott-led Government come to power in a record landslide and desperately try to undertake its promises to the electorate despite an outdated, rag tag, obstructionist Labor/Green dominated Senate. 

He rebuilt our borders and stemmed the Islamisation of Australia, he demanded Islamic leaders be more honest and stopped a destructive UN-devised carbon tax but in the space of two years he was replaced by someone more of the Left persuasion. 

No election, just a change of government to one that was more UN-compliant and one the media would be more satisfied with.

Again the electorate lost out and the media won. 

How can that happen you ask? Poor polling? But hang on who commissions these polls? Yep, the media... and there was little doubt that Abbott would have won an election against a bloke like Shorten in a year’s time... perhaps that was the foreseeable problem.

And when Abbott was being openly undermined by a jealously ambitious Turnbull who was being supported by a treacherous, UN-besotted deputy like Julie Bishop and a sneaky little global warmist like Greg Hunt, I guess Abbott had no hope.

But we are not alone in suffering a partisan Left media. The NBC debate on Republican contenders showed a Left US media determined to degrade all candidates while defending a lying Hillary Clinton who is under FBI investigation.

Why does the modern world’s media dress to the Left? Because socialist educational institutions nurture those intent on a new world order... many, as they get older and wiser, reject such adversarial crap, but many don’t and they gravitate to jobs in the media or teaching positions where young minds can be influenced. 

Many stay in the higher education system to influence conservative-financed pupils to hate conservative values.

The Left is committed to socialist causes like late term abortions, while the mainstream is more concerned about affording shoes for kids who weren’t aborted.

Wherever the Left settles in the workforce it will be in a position of influence and anywhere in the media is the prime prize. 

It’s up to us to filter out the bullshit at the ballot box.


The LNP has yet to discover just how many voters they have lost. I'm sure they count the numbers but, like me, some won't declare until they are faced with a reasonable alternative, a sensible conservative. It won't be the local LNP candidate anyway.

The LNP has yet to discover just how many voters they have lost. I'm sure they count the numbers but, like me, some won't declare until they are faced with a reasonable alternative, a sensible conservative. It won't be the local LNP candidate anyway.

Aren't you allowed to say that Keating is the paedophile to whom Heffernan refers oh sorry!

Panda says: .... Better still raise the Voting Age to 25, or even 30 .... Or best of all, limit the right to vote to those who, by paying any net tax, at all, earn it. In Australia, as only the top 20% of income earners pay any NET tax, eighty percent of Australians would be disenfranchised. As of now Australia is eight foxes and two lambs, voting on what's for dinner.

to many commies sorry lefties in this country maybe we need a McCarthy type witch hunt

Only "Twits"use twitter.

Kym Dunce the oxygen thief.

Yes, Conk. You said what I was thinking but didn't have the courage to say. I love this country. I love her history and her culture. It is a wonderful story. Unfortunately, the final chapter of this story is being written right now. The author is an imbecile, a fool, a dunce with a sick hostility to reason. Also unfortunate is the fact that he represents the majority of complacent, indoctrinated, self-interested morons who can't see the woods for the trees. And so we await rapid decline and ruin. Sometimes it takes for people to go hungry before they reflect. As much as it pains me to be witness to the destruction of a once great nation, I will allow myself a little smile when the idiots get what's coming to them. We are well prepared here for the mess.

Juggernaut, you have echoed my sentiments precisely. It looks as though the only way the generations behind us are going to learn is through harsh, hard and heartbreaking experience. Years of conflict. It looks like each nation is going to become a mini middle east with the islam disaster the common denominator in fomenting unrest and violence. I think it is too late to stop it now. Everyone who tries to do anythung about the impending tragedy to the western democracies is either rubbed out, demonised or destroyed.

Our family have donated tens of thousands to the Libs over the last decade or two. Seems the sacrifice bought us a second ALP party of progressives. Personally, my arsehole is in such bad repair that I'm unable to expose it again to this level of assault. Property, preparation, protection. The Western experiment has been great but the Left have mangled it beyond repair. It is gone.

They're supposed to become more conservative and wise with age but unfortunately some were born with wisdom deficiency syndrome in their DNA. Just be grateful you weren't one of them. Imagine waking every morning with that toxic garb pulsating through your mind. Picture holding to beliefs that are too embarrassing to state forcing you to bomb-throw into crowds of normal people. Eternal sadness is what they have chosen. Sounds familiar. Is this why leftists love Islam?

With Video-Report: Israeli [Golani Brigade] Colonel Arrested in Iraq for Leading Daesh-ISIS Mercenaries
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The only good the left can do is if they all left earth.

We are told you have to vote for the betterment of your country, then Abbott gets booted by a ''Night of the long knives'' and replaced by the Treacherous Turnbully ,i wonder what the ''others'' had to gain by putting him in,waste of time voting ,mow the lawn instead

Jack - I have 'fought back'. I have already packed in my Liberal party membership telling them in no uncertain terms why. I have cancelled my subscriptions to the Australian newspaper and the Telegraph telling them that their increasing left wing bias is the reason for doing so. I have published endless posts about what I think of the Turnbull outrage. I have already urged people on this site to vote ALA in the senate in the hopes of blocking left wing policies, since we have the 'choice' of 2 labor governments at the next election. Complaints to the ABC is absolutely futile especially since it has shown itself to be triple teflon coated and fortress ABC looks to be impregnable. I have never taken anything anally and I presume you don't either.

GTD, yes they walk the proverbial barbed wire fence with a foot either side. Yes the muslim will throw a gay from a tall building and hang them publicly from a crane as in Iran, but that does not stop them fucking each other and using Chai boys!!!!!

I just did a little research on google, seems Kym has friends in the twaddlesphere. , which is the land of the abusive left. They twit to each other about how 'left' the world should be, Abbott bad, Turnbull ok, all all makes perfect sense now.

Kym has expressed himself well, just as all leftard public unionist servants would. A big pat on the back, now off you go and let some adults make the tough decisions that protect the majority of Australians from an unwanted invasion and intentional islamification of our society. Sheesh, these over opinionated socialists create their own moral high ground with no respect for those who are affected, displaced or wear the cost of their selfish desires.
The majority of Australians are not leeches on the government. Why the constant desire to import more who will be just that? Retorical Q, I really don't want your reply Kym.

That's true Tony H, Tony I love muslims Burka electorate takes in the main nest Laaaakemba, and Jason darkest day in Australian sport Clare has I think about 20% muslims. Turtlehead Bowen in Fairfield, what amazes me these left twats want dick to dick marriage and muslims... Well fxxk me, haven't they worked out that muslims hate gays.. And will throw them off of the nearest tall building.

The media gets away with it though doesnt it. People need to stop buying those papers and listening to those outlets then when revenue drops they may wake up. Its the only action we can take. However regardless we must win the next election convincingly. Islamisation will become a major issue world-wide soon and then people may start to wake up. I dont see the Greens waking up but Labor needs all the bad friends it can get and will follow Obama's lead and legitimise illegal immigration to improve the vote of the left . We are being destroyed from within not from without. Keep up the good work.