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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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...1984 style

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Ominous changes to information held on your credit file will come into effect from the 12th of March this year. Now, this won’t affect me because I don’t use credit cards and nor do hold a driver’s licence. 

I have not had an accident nor committed a driving offence in 60 years and I never drink and drive. I simply have a personal objection to the State holding information about me that can be misused. But that’s just me and I don’t advise others to do the same.

What is most concerning about these new credit file laws is that credit providers can issue an “opinion” on whether you genuinely intend to repay a loan... and without your knowledge.

That “opinion”, may be arrived at by a snotty nosed kid who doesn’t like the colour of your eyes and that “opinion” may ruin your life without you knowing why.

Information and an “opinion” about you can, and will, be exchanged between credit providers and banks. There is also no doubt that employers, police, lawyers, partners, media, private eyes and the next door neighbour will be able to access that information without you knowing.

“Oh, we promise we will keep the data to ourselves”, say the credit providers. I say, “What a load of frog droppings!”

Forget Dun & Bradstreet, for less than $1,000 I can find out everything I need to know about you right now, and that’s without these new laws! 

So, next time you apply for credit, be nice to the snotty nosed kid taking down your details because his/her “opinion” of your future intentions matters. And if you have a bad credit rating, $1,000 could change his “opinion” of you altogether.

Of course credit providers do explain that this new information they will hold on you should lead to overall lower credit card rates.

Wanna bet?

[A reassuring, feel-safe overview is here... don’t believe it!]


Actually, don't bother being nice to the kid - it's the computer making the decision for him.

thanks---yeah I do remember that now,you jogged the old memory box.

I could never work out why the crowds in aust.used to boo-Richard hadlee,he was a champion.----maybe that's why?.

I remember when martin crowe got out for 299----reckon hes been yr best batsman by a country mile.--bruce.

im a very big admirer of the don,as a cricketer he was the elite,as the records show.

theres no doubt in my mind about the don as far as cricket goes,at all-----but I do remember watching a video where chappelli was being interviewed and commenting on his approaches to the don,when he was the head administrator for SACA.The SACA at that time was having a damn good income,and the players were making next to nothing.

just ask ian chappell----he will tell you what sort of businessman the don was.

bruce---starting to think yrve got a problem with us,aussies---if you have---pack yr bags n go home.

bruce----would we hear all this if Mitchell Johnson played for new Zealand----I don't think so,get over it.-------who really gives a rats.

I also add that your view of sports where money rules totally is idealistic and obsolete and despite the fact that I would like to agree with you, reality says otherwise.

Bruce always seems to be okay when they do it to us(west indies in their heyday, the poms when they could). Not disagreeing with you totally just saying I only play clean when the other side does and I never cast the first stone but I will retaliate if they do. I never watch cricket so this match evades me but you can call many group on field sportsmen thugs by their behaviour.

It wasn't John Snow,GBB,it was a little bloke called Harold Larwood & the series was called "Bodyline".John Snow came much later,around the 60's & 70's.Jardine thought the only way to beat Bradman,was to knock him out but it all came to nought in the end.

Bruce does not know what the hell he is talking about

its just good hard cricket,its the way its meant to be played.and I remember 4 fast west indian bowlers,jeff Thompson----and yes john snow,in the chappell era,he was quick n mean.--another was Rodney hogg.

BR . I am old enough (and I'm sure you are) to remember one Douglas Jardine and a bloke called John Snow. And that was before helmets and all the protective gear cricketers wear today. I just feel that Mitch Johnson is carrying on the tradition and doing it bloody well.

just wish we were playing the kiwis,then there really would be some whinging happening.

What a load of crap Bruce.....are you telling me that the likes of Lilley Thompson & McGrath were not used against lower order batsmen and that neither the Pommies or the Protea's do not use their best quicks against our tail enders..???
So according to you Bruce, because Johnston is the the best fast bowler we have we should not use him against tail end batsmen.
Its not our fault that both the English & South African lower order cannot bat....when ours can. Ours can bat and when the English & Sth African's use their best quicks against us we score runs and do not get hit in the head...its simple Steyn will not crack a skull.

on the news tonight----Graeme smith was saying how Johnson picks up the lower order batsmen,he picked up smith twice,its just all banter---but the proteas will lose the real stuff,when its onto the second test.aussies 3-----proteas 0.

agree with that one--well said,cos that's the way it is

Actually Bruce I am really surprised that you do not actually admire Mitchel Johnston, like Brett Lee he is not a really tall man and like Brett has worked really hard to become good at his craft. I see no "thug" in Johnston, but what I see is a bloke who was bloody average who went away and did something about it and has come out the other side a world class fast bowler.