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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If you wish to know where a network’s ideology is embedded, simply note their preference for overseas political news feeds. SKY doesn’t use its sister network FOX, it uses the icon of all fake news and Trump hysteria, CNN. 

The ABC uses the terrorist-supporting Al-jazeera (sanitised Al-jazeera “English” of course) as Al-jazeera “Arabic” openly promotes Al Queda and finances the Muslim Brotherhood, where even the Egyptians found it necessary to gaol the far Left Australian, Peter Greste at our media’s outrage.

Apparently SKY doesn’t trust its viewers to judge the efficacy of views from people like Blair Cottrell. So if you had the warm feeling that at least SKY was moderate in its views, think again! 

Along with the ABC, SKY is happy for us to hear the views of far Left, fascist, anti semitic communists and Muslim radicals like Yasmin Mageid and Keyser Trad. 

Malcolm Turnbull’s idea of free speech is to allow the terrorist group of Hizbut-Tahrir to run free in Australia explaining to young Muslims the best way to get to Syria and join ISIS!

Token Conservatives like Bolt, Credlin and Murray are the highest rating but what’s ratings got to do with it when ideology is at stake? The far Left is always slinking in the background waiting, waiting with endless patience, until eventually they are offered employment by the ABC or The Guardian.

The disgusting views of Yasmin Abdul-Mageid and multiple wife-beating instructions from Keyser Trad seem quite okay to SKY but if opposing views from Blair Cottrell are mistakenly allowed, albeit objectionable, SKY falls over itself to profusely apologise and rid the network of all memory of the "offending" interview, vowing that Cottrell’s views “are not those of SKY”. Well, who gives a stuff what SKY’s views are?

It will be interesting to hear what the Outsiders, Murray and Credlin think without having their segments ingloriously canned.

Free speech is quite an expensive pursuit…especially here on PP, where we are continuously shut down and our site demonetised. What meagre advertising we used to get is retained by Google on the advice of its Get-up, Green, Lefty little self-appointed Australian monitors.

But somehow after a decade we are still here and Fairfax is gone and The Guardian is begging for donations.

Unfortunately Malcolm Turnbull is still the number one supporter of the ABC (ideologically that is) yet we are the forced number one supporters (financially).

When far Left Green ideology overtakes media’s allegiance to its shareholders, we have a serious problem that can only end in the moral and financial bankruptcy that Fairfax has justifiably suffered.      


I've given up hope on Sky, which lately consist of 50% ads and 50% lefty interviews. Bolt and Murray are both token "conservatives". Bolt loves to have the red underpants nong and the Guardian waffler on his panel regularly. Murray's discussion panels consist of 90% Labor lefty loonies including the annoying anti-business screeching parrot. Bolt is an anti-Trumper. Credlin lives, breathes and eats politics for the sake of politics and is a political commentator that, just like Murray and Bolt, seems to have more Labor lefties in interviews than conservatives. Alan Jones spends 80% of his time promoting opera singers, sports personalities, and trying to promote a few farming communities art the expense of all other business. The only show worth watching these days on Sky is Outsiders.

Victorian Government bans Sky News from their rail stations and trains! These people are kidding!

I saw a segment of Blair’s interview as posted on Michael Smith’s website and he sounded and appeared quite rational. I would like to have seen the entire interview. I also believe there is a fake website in his name with damaging comments etc which he has been unable to have removed. The left will stoop to any lengths to discredit those on the centre/right.

Jim Traficant: Exposing Israel’s Control of America
August 7, 2018 renegade 4 Comments
James Traficant was one of the most heroic politicians in the past hundred years, and that’s why his tractor flipped and killed him.

Paint a Cabinet Minister's name on each of them, post the pictures on Facebook, and there will be plenty of us willing to participate in an auction to have them put down. I predict the highest bid by far will be for the steer named MALCOLM, followed by the skinny old cow called Bishop.

There's still some intelligent discourse here TFC. I just look for keywords like 'jew', 'sigley' and 'ballina' and scroll on by. Life is too short now to get involved in daily slanging matches.


25 millions of us now, 30 years ahead of time so what would or should it be like now. What was your life like in say 1988, was it better than now or worse? Did a house cost 2 arms & one leg, was getting to work an absolute nightmare of congested roads & packed trains & buses. Did you have a job. Did you perhaps wake to the call of the muslim call to prayer of the rest of your street. Where you at school suffering under oppressive teachers who forced you to actually learn things like how your ancestors built a nation from the sweat of toil with more than a few tears. Are you happy, now?

HEY !!

And the 1st of many you know you've been waiting for .. "our" ABC telling the heart-wrenching tale of the terrible effect of "bad" publicity on those, wrongfully, maligned Sudanese "immigrants" ..

Barnaby Joyce on Alan Jones this morning. Making a lot of sense. Compared Canberra with boarding school where one is always an outsider and can only survive and thrive by making sure that you stay on the outside.

Also said if you don't get back to the electorate and spend time with the people it is all too easy to completely lose touch with reality.

Flysa and his maggot mates have screwed this blog, I just had a quick read and nearly cried at what they have reduced it to..........imagine how Larry feels..........anyway, they got what they wanted.

BLAIR COTTRELL could be our Tommy Robinson


I was having a beer with friends at my local Club last night, when a bloke on the fringe of our group started dumping big time on Trump. I let him rave on for a while then asked him if Trump was so bad, why is the US economy stronger than ever, it is recording record GDP growth and unemployment is at an all time low? He smiled at me and said “easy, it’s all the policies that Obama put in place coming to fruition, it takes 1-2 years for big plans to eventuate”. I can’t believe there are people allowed to be walking around unaided who hold these thoughts and believe this type of rubbish. It was at this point I remembered by old Dad’s sage advice “Son you can’t reason with drunks or idiots” so we moved on down the bar to continue our discussion on football.

Forget batteries in that upcoming electric car. Hydrogen is the fuel of the future.

Chopper as usual is loaded but the gun never has been.

this is what I am talking about Turd says drought caused by Climate change..and his measures to destroy Australia will of course stop the drought..utter bollocks of course..UNLESS you the fkwit who is in charge of the National Farmers Federation 'But National Farmers Federation president Fiona Simpson pointed to a 45 per cent reduction in red meat industry emissions between 2005 and 2015.

Ms Simpson said Australia needed to understand the effects of climate change to continue as a world leader.

"The impacts of climate change will mean that (drought and rain) events could be more extreme but they could be more frequent," she said.

Paul Weston - Fake News Media & Tommy Derangement Syndrome

They are going to settle the dispute by a boxing match to be broadcast on Sky and refereed by David Speers.

“The bitter Emma Husar row has spread, with Ms Husar accusing a state Labor parliamentary colleague - understood to be shadow minister Prue Car - of deliberately "isolating" her and excluding her from media events within her own electorate.”