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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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...yes, but only in the right circumstances

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Most people (except those at the ABC and Fairfax of course) are slapping their foreheads in disbelief at how Shorten can possibly outpoll Abbott. Shorten as PM is the stuff of nightmares and horror movies and if it ever happened I’m out of here and off to New Zealand. Hang on, hang on, I take that back... better make that Afghanistan.

I mean, fair dinkum, Shorten would make Gillard look like Mary MacKillop and Rudd, Menzies. Australia run by a Cabinet of CFMEU thugs and AWU crooks is just too painful to think about.

Okay, polling can be outrageously inaccurate simply because it’s all about the question. Take the latest gay marriage poll, it asked: “Should gay people be allowed to marry?” 60-40 in the affirmative! Fair enough, I’d answer yes to that poll question too.

So politicians on the Green/Gay Left declare that the people have spoken, the evidence is clear, let’s get on with it and let’s pass the legislation.

But hang on a minute, if the question had been more truthful, like: “Should the powerful gay lobby be allowed to render the Marriage Act non-gender specific?” 60-40 in the negative for sure!

Pollsters don’t always publish the question that was asked, but they publish the poll results they, or whoever contracted them, were seeking.

That’s why the Gay Lobby doesn’t want plebiscites or referenda that would allow for a period of open debate, because the truth of what they really have planned would then be outed.

So, back to the Shorten/Abbott polling enigma. Okay, let’s allow for some bias (apprehended of course) in polling. The latest 25 or so polls have Shorten ahead, that’s cause for concern as not all polling is dishonest, and it certainly reflects a credible trend.

Regardless, the Abbott-hating Left is determined to make the looming by-election for Canning a death sentence for Abbott and if the Libs fail to hold the seat by a healthy margin, Abbott will indeed be put to the sword. Fairfax and the ABC are salivating at the thought.

But why is Abbott such a hated man? Is it his persona? His awkward walk? His staccato, repetitive delivery? No, it comes down to one thing: He destroyed their beloved Julia in a tirade of ruthless misogyny... or so they say. The truth is that Julia was an abomination of a Prime Minister and it was actually Shorten who finished her off.

Despite his appalling record of thuggery and dirty deeds, Shorten remains the Left’s pin-up boy. It’s a matter of comparison for the wider bogan electorate, that small percentage of politically unaware donkeys who decide all elections.

When compared to Abbott, Shorten looks sort of okay to the average bogan.

Ninety per cent of us can never decide an election simply because we are part of an established and accepted voting bloc... we mean nothing!

It’s all about comparisons. So to the accompanying cartoon; let’s say Abbott was marooned on an Island with one palm tree and Jacqui Lambie.

For the first couple of years Abbott would find the palm tree far more sexually attractive than the cosmetically challenged Jacqui. But eventually Jacqui would slowly appear to be a voluptuous, irresistibly sexual female and Abbott would appear to Jacqui to be an irresistible, horny Adonis.

This would certainly happen because Jacqui and Abbott to each other were only comparable to an inanimate palm tree.

A woman can only be attractive if she can be compared to someone who is unattractive, or plain ugly. Someone can only be tall if there are some shorter people around, fat if only there are skinny people, smart if only there are dumb people.

But when there is no-one else there to compare Jacqui to, she will eventually become the yardstick, the only woman in existence, because there is only a wilting palm tree for comparison... and the same applies to Jacqui’s perception of Abbott.

So maybe in ten years’ time both Jacqui and Abbott are rescued with three “beautiful” kids in tow and it’s not until they get back to civilisation that they realise they and their kids are extremely aesthetically challenged, or flat out ugly, and they are a carbon copy of the Addams Family.

Is Shorten acceptable because those polled are only asked to compare him to Abbott? If this is true then Abbott needs to go for the sake of his Party in the same way and for the same reasons he asked Bronwyn Bishop to go. But he won’t!

Prime Ministers Whitlam, Hawke, Gillard, Fraser, Howard and now Abbott all hung on ‘til the bitter end, at the expense of their Parties.

If Canning by-election results are even close then 30 of Abbott’s backbenchers are looking at a long dole queue. They will ensure Abbott is gone, either honourably or kicking and screaming.

...and that’s a shame because he’s probably a nice bloke!



Problem is, the unwashed, uncaring soundbite fed masses hate a caricature of Tony Abbot, drawn up around the time that Gillard was playing the gender card for all it was worth. Most of them wouldn't even be able to give an intelligent reason why there's a need for "Fuck Abbott" or put up a plausible reason why "Hands of our Universities" is a real necessity. Most of them are totally oblivious to the fact that Abbott's defence of marriage doesn't stem from some deep seated Catholic hatred of gays, lesbians or transgenders. They only believe what can be spoon fed to them in a 10 second sound bite or a catchy social media tag.

I'm with you Wazza.....I hope the Libs win in Canning.

Think they'd have to be on that island a fair while. lol.\

I don't hate Abbott. I don't even hate the likes of krudd, skankard, shorten, sarah sea patrol, and the list of laborgreen slime is endless. I just loathe all those laborgreen slime for the laborgreen slime they are. As for Abbott. He is just a wanker, a tool, a blathering idiot who would not repeal 18C. And yes, it would not have passed, but he could have at least put it forward, to have it repealed. But no, to do that would mean the stinking blackfellas would not invite him back to blackfella lands like Maningrida, where black skanks wear Fuck Tony Abbott T-shirts with pride. Abbott, what a fucking idiot. Always trying to appease those who hate him and would never vote for him. Again, what a fucking idiot.

Reminds me of the old school yard story. Two boys were caught fighting. The teacher asked "How did the fight start?". One of the boys answered "The fight started when he hit me back!"

Will you please reign it in and spare us to have to see your mutual abuse? It looks like Larry got control of the site again and we all hope to return to a civil and civilised level of comments and contributions.

yep..I'd say its the usual puppet masters.. the Deputies and/or the Libs as well as the getup says a lot when you can identify your enemies and they cover such a diverse number of I sai earlier, its actually pretty scary

yep aint that the truth....look at the crap Larry's site is copping

fair comment..what we need is nation states with sovereign borders, sovereign rights, and freedom..currently all these ideas are being dissolved into mass serfdom, under the guise of compassion, war mongering, state funded terrorism, christianity, sharia law, one world currency, dissovling the nuclear family, dissolving ANY sense of identity (unless you are a moslem or a jew) etc etc..the internet will go soon

dusty..dont want to pursue this at the moment..but Marx was a genetic jew (and maybe an expert on Macchiaveli? lol)

dusty the inescapable conclusion appears to be Marxism is Jewish enslavement...which as you say hijacked the workers struggle for rights...leaving them increasingly powerless ( gee what a surprise!)

I remember Bolt mentioned it at the time, but the story is also at this link down the page .. 'Desperate to placate the Jewish activists now aggressively assailing him from every angle, Bolt adopted a more conciliatory tone, attempting to frame his opposition to Section 18C in terms more likely to appeal to them: Jewish self-interest:' I have said before Bolt is a flake..but occasionally comes out with something that is normal. The agenda is as you say to dissolve our sovereign borders..which Bolt decides to ignore and then points out the problem with mass immigration!! The Jews have openly threatened him and prosecuted him for having an opinion about abo much so that Bolt now lives in fear of the Jewish mafia, more than the sharia mafia!! this is all becoming very weird and dangerous

too true dusty..and I recommend Camp of the Saints to anyone who wants to see what is in store for us if we dont wake up and stop the mass immigration fraud (and the associated 'fake' wars driving well as tolerance, the refugee industry etc)..the Catholic Church comes in for a hammering in the book..and that was written in France around 1970..!! and now the Pope is welcoming the illegal islamic hordes!!. The refugee industry is now one of the biggest industries in Australia -with essentially a bottomless pit of cash for all the rorters and their hangers on to pursue their morale ambition of total social annihilation..led by the Christian churches..we're playing with a ticking time bomb

dusty yep...I really Hope Latham goes for the Rothschild Bank of Australia and blows the whistle in this stinkin fraud..he's about the only person in Oz who will and can do it..his attitude to everyone is perfect..'you can all get fcked'..hes not a little female like Hanson, who Abbott cn bash and bully and lock up easily..this bloke is big, and not terms of where Australia is now he is possibly the best thing Australia has going for it..someone should forward this comment to Latham and let him know he needs to show the depth of his character by going after the J controllers..forget about the soft targets like idjot female journos

Are you just using red herrings for bait Wazza?

Pissed Wild Critter .

PWC - Thats not a very Christian thing to say to Jack!

You Sir/Madam (delete not applicable) are an ingorant TROLL.

I'm not sure. Ask Bruce..

It's obvious why Fitzsimons covers his head with a silly red bandanna. He's as bald as a badger & full of lumps.