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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The best child care available is time with Mum. Time spent in those formative years with Mum can never be replaced and that’s just one of the reasons Abbott’s PPL is a shocker with more holes than a crumpet.

I know I’m a troglodyte but I have never asked my wife to work when our children were young or needed care, no matter how broke we were. And at times I have worked three full time jobs to ensure that always happened. 

But that was pre-Whitlam when fathers were breadwinners and mothers were caregivers. Those times have gone forever... that beautiful mother-child relationship has given way to family finances, socialist ideology, latent female “liberation”, perceived equality and that awful stigma of “housewife”, but there is no way I’ll win that argument, so I’ll just accept it, I’ve lost.

Simply shifting funds from paid parental leave to child-care does little to solve the gaping holes in Abbott’s signature policy. 

Productivity measures aren’t effected by encouraging women OUT of the workforce with attractive “making babies” payments. 

Those babies will be a drain on the public purse in education, health and related services, child-care and, until they get a job, unemployment benefits... and if they make it to uni there’s an even bigger drain! 

So, if the PPL was introduced in another 20 years’ time, that would still be too soon. It’s rubbish, it’s unaffordable, it’s open to rorting and it’s economically retrogressive.

The most unfair part of this PPL involves the mother who has gone without to be able care for her own child and who will take no part in this largesse when she has another child because she has chosen not to work in the interests of her first child! 

The very mothers the PPL should be assisting are the very same mothers who are left completely out of the loop... the mothers who don’t have a job because they happen to think the mother-child relationship happens to be more important! 

And it is those mothers who aren’t a current burden on government-subsidised child-care!

But hang on! Under this PPL scheme, a woman planning on pregnancy would be stupid NOT to gain full employment first! Otherwise she will not be paid to spend time with her new baby! 

So, what does the employer do then? Replace her, and hope she DOESN’T return to work, or tell his new employee she will be redundant if the mother DOES decide to return? 

And there is no guarantee she will return, there is no agreement to say she must. How is your “productivity” looking so far, Tony?

Abbott’s explanation is that private enterprise needs to keep up with the Public Service, hmmm. Keep up with the Public Service? Please tell me you’re kidding! The Public Service doesn’t care how much it forks out in parental leave entitlements, but the private sector does. 

And this will be a permanent disincentive to the private sector employing females of child-bearing age. “Productivity” looking any better yet Tony?

I wonder how Joe Hockey feels having to defend this PPL farce when he’s copping a hammering trying CUT costs?

Don’t tinker with it Tony, get rid of it, it’s costing a fortune in political capital, it’s never going to get past the Senate and your own Party thinks it’s a bloody joke. 

If you really need a social legacy to be remembered for then find something that makes a little more sense.

If you persist with this, the only person who will give you a kiss is Peta Credlin and she’s not even in your Ministry!
... or is she?


OK you guys you win. You are too smart for me. And you are the people who say the polls are rigged. I've got a good idea for you which can make you famous and rich at the same time. Tell TA and Hockey the polls are rigged and really the Libs are in front and making people happy. JUst keep doing what you are doing and the Election is yours. At the same time, the betting agencies are tipping a Labor win and of course they are wrong too so put your house on the Libs winning the next election. You can thank me later. Cheers.

Feminists are the emerging Army . Being straight isn't the norm any more and there is SUM TING WONG with who is rearing the kids.. The great thing about old age is it doesn't last long so there is relief in sight for us disgusted oldies.

Yes , those great days of Mum meeting the kids after school are gone but so is the fabric of family. . >> marriage is now a one night stand, single parents the norm, and

dante, I think Hermes request is quite valid and I'm interested in those figures too.

I thought I addressed this to flying. Didn't expect you or DJT to get involved. It's Labor's fault Hermes. Probably Gillard. Or was it Rudd. Maybe Mark Lathan or Gough Whitlam. Where are you flying? Quick before DJT gets into the act.

yes when?

I thought I addressed this to flying. Didn't expect you or DJT to get involved. It's Labor's fault Hermes. Probably Gillard. Or was it Rudd. Maybe Mark Lathan or Gough Whitlam.

Found it... this is the take on pensions flying....No change to pensions? Here is a promise clearly broken, in both deed and intent. Pensions under the Abbott government will be indexed at the rate of inflation (CPI) rather than linked to a percentage of Male Total Average Equal Earnings. On past performance, pensions will now grow at a slower pace. And Mr Hockey has flagged that the pension age will increase from 67 to 70 by 2035. Now flying, it's your turn. You tell us how come we are getting these changes when we weren't supposed to. If you can. Good luck.

Seeking attention ?

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Wouldn't a communist welcome more welfare you fool !

It would seem the Public Service PPL isn't means tested against high salaries or Leigh Sales from the ABC wouldn't have got it. Not much Equalisation going on here I'm afraid.

You tell us dante, what changes and what cuts? 'Cause out in pensioner land, it aint happening!!

Abbott should just extend the current scheme to 24 weeks at the average wage and leave it at that. This is simple unconvoluted and fair and also stop the double dipping by the public sector. Abbott comes across as pig-headed on a few issues and I think he will sink the Liberal party all over Australia and bring in 100 years of debt by getting Shorten elected. Now isnt that what he isnt supposed to be doing.?

biggest scam in world history

HOW TO WIPE OUT THE LNP SUPPORT BASE. if you wanted to radically reduce the number of capitalists in the land of OZ? or the number of people joining the LNP? donating to the LNP? donating to conservative think tanks like Menzies House? IPA? What would be the most efficient device for killing the LNP and almost all other conservatives? A, Why de-regulate the banksters of course. Adopt UN-fair globalised free trade, competition policy, etc. ALL policies invented by Communist economics adademics at the height of the cold war and introduced by comrades Whitlam, Hawke and Keating. Of course having Juliar Dickhard close down live cattle exports over night is just the icing on the cake.

Flying, seeing that you are an expert on pensions and lies, you tell me what changes have been made to pensions. And then tell me why these changes were made when Mr Tony Abbott our Prime Minister told us ther would be no cuts to pensions.

why should the cellar dwellers i.e. the public servants get preferential treatment over those who are believers in free enterprise….shame on you ALP shame…..

We are looking for transparency…what is the ppl for the public service which includes all the people employed under the public service act whether it be state or federal and I believe it includes the ABC and SBS, they are feeding of the tax payer dollar and test they do pay taxes however as the major recipient of the tax payer dollar then they should be as transparent as Pharrell Williams saidI love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgment.

I am with Larry 100% on this. Female. Career woman. A generation younger than him. I think he would be surprised how many younger women would gladly stay at home with their pre-schoolers, enjoying the special "once-in-a-life-time" experience, if they could. Little kids are far more fun and rewarding than 99% of jobs! Instead, we are herded into the workforce like slaves, to pay taxes to over-spending and irresponsible governments seeking to use our taxes to buy votes. Bugge'em. It's the road to serfdom and state brainwashing of the next generation.

With the possibility of the child care industry ultimately collapsing,their many buildings could be turned into age care facilities, just a thought.