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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When you think of something terrific to do when you’re pissed, don’t pretend it’s just as terrific when you’re sober. 

In 2008, Kevin Rudd and Stephen Conroy were enjoying a few after dinner wines in Qantas first class when Conroy came up with a crazy NBN idea. 

He drew a few diagrams on the back of an envelope. Kev squinted at it and told Conroy to go ahead. Kev has since given up drinking on Qantas.

It would prove to be a very expensive absurdity, even for an ex Pom union buffoon like Conroy.

His idea was simply this: Use the half-century old technology of glass fibre to deliver fast broadband to every house in Australia and then flog the system off to some rich bastard.

The problem was that digging trenches to every house in Oz sounded easy with a belly-full of red. 

In reality it’s rapidly proving to be a nightmare and union buffoons with single digit IQs are averse to admitting they were pissed at the time.

So, Aunty Dot and Uncle Arthur in Arden Street North Melbourne will have the same access to the same high-speed broadband as the iconic Children’s Hospital over the road. 

The trouble is that Uncle Arthur can’t figure out how email works yet and Aunty Dot would kill him if he forked out $7,000 for anything.

Perhaps we should put ninety five billion in numbers so Conroy can understand the extent of his folly: $95,000,000,000.00.

Now that’s just a bunch of noughts to Conroy but to us it’s our grandchildren’s taxing interest payments.

When you see Conroy, Gillard and Independents all cheering and pressing a big orange NBN button with lights flashing everywhere and nothing connected to bloody anything, then you know you are in the process of being conned.

And those who promised to prop up Gillard are naturally first cabs off the rank.

Take-up rates in the first part of Australia to get the NBN is flatlining, with just over 100 extra “customers” signing up over the past year. 

The whole drunken thought bubble of a project is going backwards at terabyte speed.

Of the very first Tasmanian towns to get the NBN (Smithton, Scottsdale and Midway Point) 702 premises had signed up out of a possible 3,987 that were passed by the network.

The fact is that hard glass to the node allows those who want, or need, such high-speed broadband to access it. But to connect hard glass to every single house where it may not be needed or wanted is lunacy only Labor is capable of.

Anyway if you think that Conroy’s “glass fibre to the premises” won’t be obsolete by his completion date of 2021 (more likely 2051) then you better have a quick look at this:


judging by labor's past waste, $90 b will cover the first 1000 people sarah

Oh so can you now get unlimited downloads on 4G? How much is that costing you?


No, because it's wrong. I work in the telecoms industry - optic fibre has a life between 40-100 years.

Rubbish. Unmitigated rubbish. There's no such thing as google wifi - I think you must mean google fibre, which is the same technology, and exactly the same speed, as the NBN.

Not true.

Connecting to the NBN is free, the cheapest monthly plans are under $30, and your comments about Conroy being drunk are defamatory, as he's a teetotaller.

Also delfino, no problems here on the streets. Locals of all religions are respected and catered for. I see muslim and hindi and buddhist living side by side. Yes there are soldiers armed with assault rifles near the city centre, but the prime minister is in town.Eveyone is still smiling at everyone tension.
I still see two naval gun boats 250metres off shore stationed there since Monday, but they are opposite the Government Buildings and are remembering the LTTE attacks from four years ago. It's the new year for tamil and sinalese citizens here tonight/weekend . All is good with all religious credes. There are NO issues here for people to claim refugee status ....unless you are trying to escape taxi drivers , tuktuk drivers, bus drivers.
All is as we suspect with this rubbish about the need for UNHCR blah blah blah refugee crisis business.
The economy here is doing quite well for their expectations. There is a strike pending for tea leaf pluckers looking for $5 a day (10 hour day ). No unrest on the streets or the mountains.
Who needs to escape from whom or what I cant see or imagine. The locals tell me , not only here but in the hills of Kandy, everything is fine.
Go figure Sarah Hanson Young

As I sit in my hotel room in Colombo Sri Lanka awaiting the sunset, it's timely that I let Delfino know that in last Mondays local Daily Mirror, April 8 page 2, they describe the pick up by the Indian Navy of a broken down AUSTRALIAN BOUND REFUGEE vessel.120 people had left the port of Velankanni in Nagapattinam district of India.
as reported: " when the boats engine malfunctioned the driver and TRAVEL AGENT abandoned the vessel leaving the refugees stranded."
the occupants via mobile phones contacted relatives ashore who contacted Coast Guard..... ship Rajshree intercepted. it was 10.5 nautical miles of the coast. Sri Lankan refugees from India??? paid 1.2 to 2.0 R's lakh per head for the seat on board to their travel agent for the illegal trip to Australia.
Monetary figure equates to $10k to $15k aussie dollar.
Labor has got to go for our country's sack, want to see these potential taxi drivers drive their tuktuks through these uncontrolled streets and highways.

Does anyone who can write their own name expect anything else from these idiots? They need to huddle for a week to add one and one and they still get five. What I’m surprised about is the number of fools that follow these dam fools.

I am a huge supporter of internet for the people, but overseas countries like South America seem to have approached it right from the start by establisinh wi-Fi points of access to those that need or use it. Even on public transport. For that matter even in North America its more readily available in public spaces than it is in our own homes. Just my thought bubble...why didnt they start out there first - its supposed to be for the people?

Trouble is here why don't the Liberals come out and say this is all bullshit and go full on wireless. Same with the climate change lie. Call it what it is, save the money and get on with running the country.

Well I did have such in January but it was not mine to share around and is anyway outdated - by now they'll be closing in fast on that elusive 4100 subscribers. However the way the info came to me suggests its not hard to get and certainly the Opposition could get it easily. My guess is they know this, but in warfare, information is only good when its used in a timely manner - and now is not the time maybe.
I can say for near certain, that all new housing developments since 09 should be all hooked up, but are not tho the fibre is to their house. But apart from some scattered estates round Armidale NSW, Townsville and somewhere in Tassie, new homeowners are not happy when they can't even have a landline phone or internet of any kind (except wifi) when that was a major selling feature when they bought the land. There is one such estate very close to me in southern NSW with about 30 odd completed houses of a potential 800 or so. None have telecoms to the house but sure enough, the NBN box is there all ready to rock and roll - one day.

I certainly won't pay that amount to be connecting to the NBN. Won't be able to aford that as will be on an age pension next year.

What puzzles me is what are a resident's options if not connecting. Does the existing phone/internet connection remain??

Would anyone care to explain to a non techo like me please!!

Is there any chance that the hopelessly incompetent A.C.C.C will ever prosecute the producers of the T.V. show "Border Security" for the deceitful fraud of its title?

Surely with Labor's almost hourly breaches of what once used to be Australia's international borders by any rotting old fishing smacks, trawlers and leaky sea-going antiques from all over Asia and the Middle-East, there is no such thing as "border security" in an A.L.P. mis-governed Australia.

Any A.L.P. Federal Minister putting his hand out for a Parliamentary salary as Minister for what used to be our 'border security', back in the days when we had competent Government, is a fraud who deserves to be in a prison cell for his gross incompetence.

Similarly for the Defence Minister. How can a nation defend itself against an aggressor when the "Minister for Defence" is so profoundly incompetent that he allows a stolen fishing boat full of illegal immigrants from Sri Lanka, to take on and BEAT what used to be called the "Royal Australian Navy"?

What a pathetic joke these knuckle-dragging, union wallet-stuffers, embezzlers and brothel-crawlers from the A.L.P. are.

it is easy to see why the Communist Labour Party is so in love with the NBN. They think they are going to get something for nothing. Communist Juliar is unable to see that Australians will pay twice for the network. First the capital cost of between 80-100billion dollars and second a much higher, connection fee to use the NBN. The companies building the system and those who will provide the connection plans are not driven by "Communist Love", they will have to be paid. Nothing has ever been free in the history of this world.

Carr has been canvassed over the years as a shirt lifter and pillow biter, maybe he is keeping Bludger Tims bum warm while the other goons are tickling Gillards fanny.

what was that reffo,s boat called NOAH,S ARK? 40days at sea and 40 nights where did they carry the extra fuel and water by the look of that scow it would not be any more than 25 metres long,its time for the foot shooters A S I O starting earning you money and as for the A F P gillard and her mob have them under control.

The responsible ( read " irresponsible" ) Minister said the boat was not detected " because it sailed directly to Geralton". So much for Labors border protection. An enemy only needs to sail due south, take a turn left, land a few hundred troops and a dozen tanks in Port Phillip Bay, capture Piggy, drive up the highway to Canberra , put all the labor idiots in an asylum and bingo! All over red rover! We continue to allow these nincompoots to rule. Time we had our own " Arab Spring"