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Friday, 14th December 2018

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...while the ABC and Wilson look for a way out

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Commissioner, Dyson Heydon QC, was trying to discover who leaked Bruce Wilson’s statement to Jon Faine of ABC radio, while Counsel assisting, Jeremy Stoljar, was telling the hearing that evidence would show Wilson had conspired to defraud the AWU and others using a slush fund set up under a false name that implied it was an AWU entity.

He said, "It will be submitted that the evidence establishes that Mr Wilson conspired and agreed with Mr Blewitt to create the association for the purposes of issuing false invoices to Thiess, thereby committing an offence under section 558 of the Criminal Code WA."

The evidence will also show that Julia Gillard paid for the renovations to her Abbottsford property with those same misappropriated funds. Gillard has denied this saying she had paid for her own renovations. 

Mostly she did, but has never disclosed the source of the money. 

Today’s evidence should explain how and from whom Gillard received the funds, and it will confirm what we have been saying all along. 

I do not attempt to pre-empt what the Commission may finally find but my ten part series on “The Gillard Files” is no secret.

In another explosive side issue that has dragged a lip-licking ABC into the fray, Bruce Wilson has claimed lawyer, Harry Nowicki, had offered him $200,000 to implicate Gillard in the scandal. 

A prematurely ageing and weary Harry and his associate Richard Thomas, a retired industrial Labor lawyer, have been working on this story for years. 

Harry has been researching material for a book he is writing on the AWU and had paid for Ralph Blewitt to travel to Australia to assist him and to give evidence to the police and subsequently the Commission.

I know both Harry Nowicki and Richard Thomas, and they are no right-wing nutjobs. To suggest Harry would offer $200,000 to anyone, let alone Wilson, is ludicrous. 

So far, Harry has forked out less than $5,000 to get Ralph Blewitt to and from Australia.

They had asked me to help with costs by arranging for donations via my web site. I couldn’t do that of course; I’m a commentator and retain my right to independence in the same way Fairfax and ABC journalists can’t solicit donations for Gillard’s defence, tempted tho’ they may be. 

But it does explain just how wrong is Wilson’s accusation that Harry offered him $200,000. And how wrong is his claim that Blewitt was madly cashing cheques for himself. 

Crooks invariably turn on each other in an attempt to save their own skin. It never works.

Old Labor solicitors like Harry and Rick don’t spend their own money and years of unpaid time forensically unpicking Gillard’s involvement with Wilson in massive union fraud and money laundering to then undo all that work by offering the prime suspect money to change his story. 

But perverting the course of justice and contempt is the least of Wilson’s worries, it’s just a symptom of a desperate man slowly being crushed by closing walls with no way out. 

Those who have suffered to expose the Gillard/Wilson scandal can now enjoy a pyrrhic victory, pyrrhic because there are really no winners in this epic tale, only losers. 

Everyone who has tried to uncover Gillard’s involvement in the AWU scam is broke. They all, including myself, have been vilified and defamed by Gillard personally. 

Those in the Left media who still support her are also happy to besmirch and then shoot the messengers.

There is a high price to pay for exposing a Prime Minister... but some people have been prepared to pay that price. Strangely, those who have paid the most were good Labor men of good conscience and journalists just trying to do an honest job.

Kernohan, Milne, Smith, Blewitt, Nowicki, and others have all paid a hefty price for daring to expose rampant Labor/union corruption and the involvement of a Prime Minister who was up to her ear lobes in organising the lucrative scams. 

Today should show how she was knowingly in receipt of at least some of those defrauded sums. 

In the Commission yesterday Ian Cambridge, another concerned Labor man, deftly batted away cleverly phrased accusations from Wilson’s skilful counsel, Kristine Hanscombe. 

But there is no counsel skilful enough to save Bruce Wilson.


This has to be a hoax.

Latest from the cesspit of Unionism , Kathy Jackson HSU would earn $8000 cash for attending Union meetings .

Even if Television news is mentioning The AWU and Wilson's apparent guilt they are still not mentioning Gillard as being knowingly a party to it, Wilson's slip up ... He said Gillard wasn't involved in the incorporating of the slush fund BUT in the same token Wilson said WE used rules from a book of rules that Gillard had from previous work .. HUH?

No matter what, Madam is finished. Too much shit has hit the fan and it's going to stick. Everywhere she goes, let-down, angry Australian bloggers will follow, enthusiastically providing background, supplying otherwise uninformed hosts with links to the details she and her cronies all tried to hide for decades. They actually thought they got away with it. I'm completely stumped as to how one woman could do so much damage to so many innocent people. Whatever goes on inside her peculiar mind will never be known but it sure is devious and nasty. It seems that over a long period of time, she took out or damaged every poor bugger unfortunate enough to make her acquaintance.

All Royal Commissions are a crock! A white wash for the big boys (and biggish girls) Yep, they may get to the bottom of the truth but those that gave evidence will no longer answer to the courts as the evidence has already been exposed and can no longer be used in a court of law. How to fool the masses!

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Oh Yes – Almost Forgot;
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Just took a look at the RC stream . . . unbelievable. None of these unprincipled clowns could hold down a job in the private sector.

This just proves to me the absolute bias of the media in Australia. Unfortunately the not so bright left of this world clutch onto this type of media reporting... We wonder why Australia is in a mess ???

This just proves to me the absolute bias of the media in Australia. Unfortunately the not so bright left of this world clutch onto this type of media reporting... We wonder why Australia is in a mess ???

I'm waiting for Wilson to be asked: "What position did a relative of yours hold in Thiess?"

That old bag is still trying to derail the RC.

Is JuLIAR in the Country? heard she is in America

totally agree

or Gillard we trust.

And not one word on the 7.30 Report last night on the ABC.What an absolute crock of shit we have as a National Broadcaster in this country!

agree mate. The Melbourne Age Thursday - not one comment yet they say in a piece on page two that Geoff Shaw the rogue State MP "may get suspended from Parliament" Facts are he did get suspended... Why someone would buy this rag is beyond me...

You gotta love The Melbourne Age Thursday.... Not one mention about the explosive comments made Wednesday at the Royal Commission into Trade Unions . Just shows me how biased they really are.... Absolutely disgusting journalism or lack thereof...

Television in this country is 98% garbage.

This is a link worth looking at its the FACEBOOK OFFICIAL PAGE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF AUSTRALIA from links within the pages there are others where all the demonstrations re budget and student actions are organized ,

Funny how some Television news included a mention of Payments for Gillards renovations might not have been paid for by herself, CH 9 at least mentioned it BUT HOW LONG did it TAKE ? They playing catch up now gutless wonders.