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Friday, 14th December 2018

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COAGulated conferencing

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Anyone feeling sorry for WA’s Colin Barnett? It’s hard not to be really. Here’s the State that shouldered most of Rudd’s and Gillard’s excesses with a mining boom even Glenn Lazarus would have predicted busting at some point. Now that we don’t need poor little Colin and he actually needs us, he’s been told by every other State Premier to go make love to himself.

PM Tony Abbott is sticking to his guns saying the GST is a States’ problem and must be settled by the States. Well, The Pickering Post is sticking to its guns saying that’s still a load of frog droppings... It's never gunna happen.

The GST is a Federal Tax, legislated for by the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth can increase it, decrease it, broaden its base and apportion it. It can even abolish it if that’s its wont. But governments are not known for abolishing taxes.

So Uncle Tony has been talking bullshit. Of course he will eventually have to make a decision and he has only a slim chance of making the right one, which is this:

States’ GST allocations should be apportioned on a per capita basis with the Commonwealth Grants Commission spackling in the holes and smoothing out the bumps. There will always be periods of special needs, as is the case with WA right now.

But if the GST is to be fairly apportioned on a per capita basis then the States themselves should be collecting, by way of legislation, their own damned GST and spending it how they wish.

WTF is the Commonwealth doing even getting involved in this tax? It’s a States’ tax! But a centrist Canberra likes to be seen doling out funds that never belonged to it anyway.

When State Governments overspend, as most including WA will always do, they embark on the annual, cap-in-hand, farcical procession to Canberra crying poor... which has been the case eons before Howard’s GST was even invented.

Despite what Abbott says, the GST is supposed to be apportioned by Canberra! So naturally it has become an open invitation for traditionally wastrel Green socialist-inspired States like SA, Tas and Vic to overspend and then promptly make their cases for even bigger slices of the rich cake... and at every other State’s expense.

No wonder Vic’s Danny boy can afford at least $600 million to NOT build an East West Link. But, like all good car-hating socialists, Danny boy intends spending umpteen billions on egalitarian public transport.

Well, let him collect his own bloody GST and let him pay the ensuing electoral penalty.

WA’s mining bust has just blown a hole in a poorly constructed tax that should have been the electoral responsibility of the State that wasted the brass in the first place.

And while we’re talking per capita stuff, WTF is Tas and WA doing with 12 Senators each? No wonder we get rubbish like the PUP’s deserters happily siding with Labor and the Greens to cripple a duly elected Federal Government!

There is a State somewhere called California, with close to twice the population of Australia, that functions quite nicely with only two Senators, a State tax and a Federal Tax.

And it still adds up to less than ours!


OOPS hit wrong key. I absolutely am pissed off that of every dollar I spend (inc GST) 7 cents goes out of the state. And for what it's worth, Tony Abbott is as weak as gins piss for taking the attitude he has with the GST.

Well the eastern states can go fly a kite as far as I'm concerned. Of my expenditure I will spend as much as I possibly can in ways that I do not pay any GST.

Just watch hinch live and the three fairy god mothers. All toal dickhead and defending muslim and halal products. Now I know why we are fucked.

I don't think so Larry. It's always been known that the West Australians are a little backward. For God's sake Larry, they can't even tell the time mate. When it's 8 pm here in NSW, they reckon it's only 6pm there. Bloody half wits that's why we only give them half GST.

Australia has 76 Senators for every Californian Senator.

Exquisite piece of writing. Thank you Bruce.

you can see why the Vics need to be subsidised by the rest of Australia when they throw away 670million for a project needed but terminated. In the interests of equity that 670million should be subtracted from their GST payment and used to offset the imbalance to the other States.

Israel’s deliveries of weapons to Ukraine to increase death toll – Putin

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One well proven vaccine is a 7.62x54.

I wonder whether or not that moslem bastard on Bolt this morning is "Horse" ?

mc - it was supposed to be passed straight back to the states via the Grants Commission. Not sure how much was.

snowgirl, I agree it is a very fair tax, how ever it should not be used by government to squander billions of $ and not budget at all , as has been the case since it came in Howard used it to help create surplus and the ALP have just done what the ALP does with runs out of it and further into deficit.

Exactly, the meat I get is beautifully marbled and i get the offcuts which I render into soup and dinners for my cats also the offal - love liver and onions....all sorts of old fashioned meals when you buy from a farmer...not to mention the service

MissionChris - yes, that happened. Wholesale sales tax didn't flow through, whereas GST did (and still does), so it can be claimed back by business people. I don't have a problem with GST at all, and think that it's a very fair tax.

Thanks GL for the info re Mudgee Lamb. My dad would turn in his grave to think that his tender beef that he grew had halal tax paid on it. BTW, Mum said that the butcher always gave him better meat, so he used to always buy it. Insisted on a large amount of fat, as the animal was "going forward" ie putting on weight. No feed lots back in those days - farmers fattened the animals in their paddocks, and it took real skill.

Three things that associate themselves with the word 'peace' that makes me cringe and want to get away from them as quickly as I can. a) Islam, b) Greenpeace, c) a 'peace maaarn' dopey.

Oh, and don't get me started and excited about the talk of deradicalisation programs the local muzzies are demanding. At taxpayers expense of course. Go in the door to deradicalisation and out into the next door the mosque, or the local islamic bookstore, or websites. And by the way some ISIS fighters have come back to Australia for a break. Didn't see any big hoo haa about the Feds or ASIO wanting to speak to them like they did to that guy in NT who was fighting with the 'goodies'. You have to shake your head at the logic.

Apologies if this article has been posted it's dated yesterday and mentions a fake twitter account whichich claimed to belong to that of Juneid Thorne from WA and "outed" 160 posters discussing plans to attack people including LP for their "anti-moslem"( morelike anti-anti-australian) stance

Eric Abetz... Clearly there have been some bad eggs that have come into Australia in the past few years..... Talk about PC speech

I was having a little chuckle about our Ms Julie Bishop. I need to point out. The hat looked really Jewish!!!