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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


He intends giving a halal certifier the microphone tomorrow to explain how the extortion racket works. Kirralie Smith of rang Mr Smith’s producer, Ian Dodd, to ask if she could present the alternative case. Mr Dodd called her an “idiot” and suggested that she should call in like everyone else if she had something to say.

Media have taken an interest in the recent uproar over halal certification but unfortunately have turned a blind eye to the widespread extortion racket that is inflating prices. 

They have labelled concerned citizens as “bullies” who are harming our export markets.

Ian Dodd and Chris Smith should do a little research before making such outlandish comments. In fact, the opposite is true.

Media have centred their argument in favour of a halal tax on the slaughter of livestock when it has nothing to do with how an animal is killed. That’s a separate animal cruelty issue and should concern everyone.

The question must be asked: Why are processors paying for a service that Muslims demand? 

If I wanted my cow especially slaughtered facing Collingwood with the slaughterman wearing a bikini while juggling black and white ping pong balls, I would expect to pay a little more than normal.

The answer to the question is simple... extortion! “Certifiers” here have direct lines to Islamic importers overseas who will happily drop a note to say the processor’s export orders will be cancelled unless he pays up. 

Naturally the processor pays, with a small something going to the importer who makes the threat. 

There are no fewer than 21 halal certifiers in Australia who work under the Indonesian MUI which governs Australian certification. 

Indonesia in turn is governed by the Saudi Arabian Halal World Council that nets between $2 and $3 trillion per year.

However, since the 1980s the halal slaughter of meat has morphed into the halal certification of practically everything on the supermarket shelves and beyond, including plastics and processed smoked salmon.

When asked how smoked salmon could possibly require halal certification, one “certifier” said he needed to ensure the “chemicals” used to wash down the metal tables were halal. 

He was stumped when it came to the “halal certified” plastic containers manufactured by Scholle Industries of South Australia. 

We have a copy of that contract which is due to be renewed about now.

Of course, once the processor signs up for a renewable yearly fee, with accompanying confidentiality clause, the certifier is not seen until the same time the following year.

Dozens more locally competing, rogue Muslim “certifiers” are rushing to every type of processor in Australia threatening that their export markets will be cancelled unless they pay up. 

We have documented evidence that this is happening right now and at great cost to processors who refuse to comply, including a particularly nasty case in Northern Queensland. 

We also have documented proof that halal money is finding its way, through many tax exempt sham Islamic “charities” in Australia, to terrorist organisations overseas, including to Hamas and the Islamic State in Syria.

What is happening in Australia right now has already been detected happening in Canada where $14.5 million was found to have been channelled to Hamas via sham “charities” that have since been closed down.

Muslim operators have been charged and the scams dismantled.

It seems it will take Australia a little longer to wake up to the Islamic extortion racket if Chris Smith and his producer, Ian Dodd have their way.

It could be worth listening to this halal “certifier” tomorrow, Wednesday, at midday on 2GB. If he is like all the other “certifiers”, he will recommend that all the smaller “certifiers” be shut down leaving the extortion racket to himself.

And it’s a sure bet he will only want to erroneously talk about the halal slaughter of meat. 

It’s also a sure bet that phones will be jammed with callers wanting to slaughter yet another lying Muslim “certifier”...halal complied of course.

The bottom line is that the media still don’t get it.


Surprised why “Christian” Groups don’t insist on a Christian certification!
It is a sin for Christians to consume food sacrificed to Idols (1 Corinthians 8)
Which according to Archeologists, Christians and Jews, Allah is is sheer idolatry and must be rejected by all those who follow the Torah and Gospel.
(In Moslem countries under pain of death they insist that the name GOD be replaced with Allah)
The link to passage our Gospel banning Christians from the eating even touching of such food is below Corinthians 8&version=KJV
At best Halal Certification is a parasitic scam making food untouchable by observant Christians when it is produced.

Q: How did Moslems make food "Halal" before certification?
A: A Muslim can easily make any food halal (permissible) by praying over it (simply by pronouncing 'bismillah' over their meal), just as observant Christians say grace.

Listening to this knob Smith this arvo , 1st having a go at TA and Joe Hockey and the government .Asking the audience about where are the Imams and the islamic community leaders and parents in stopping there jihadists sons going over to the ME to fight in Syria .
Dear Chris why don't you ask your mates Jamal Riffi , Mt Kilani etc ..
Dear Chris, it's the imams in the mosques and muslim schools getting the little jihadists brainwashed and ready to go to the ME . And the parents that live here suck off the Centrelink teat, that HATE all things of the west preparing their sons with their hate filled cult they follow .. Oh yeah -- its a religion of peace ..MY ARSE - It's a religion masquerading as a Hate filled Cult Mt Smith

I'm thinking he's no advertisement for 2GB... and on a personal note here.. today I chose to listen to another station.. i.e. 2UE!.

I actually think Chris Smith is pretty cute. I'd do him and he could do me!

Is dodd the most arrogant p.o.s. that ever walked? - It speaks volumes that he doesn't have the guts, brains or decency to allow educated opposing viewpoints.

dodo, again its all about the inability to recognise times have moved on from Camels to Supersonic aircraft! Its a warm and fuzzy feeling sitting in cave around a fire. Time to move on.

Hadenuff, Im not hopeful that the inquiry with show anything that tells us anything of value. My expectation is it will all be found to be above board and that nobody is forced to pay Halal if they don't want to. This may seem pessimistic but that is my belief.

Groping 2GB host Chris Smith loses job, family

By Richard Clune
The Sunday Telegraph
December 13, 2009 12:00AM


Chris Smith

2GB radio presenter Chris Smith in a park in Balmain after being exposed for lewd and drunken behaviour at their Christmas party. Picture: Dean Marzolla

RADIO host Chris Smith has revealed he is a bipolar alcoholic after being taken off air for a lecherous drunken bender at 2GB's Christmas party.

A remorseful and emotional Smith yesterday also told The Sunday Telegraph that his latest alcohol-fuelled shocker had destroyed his family and could ruin his career.

The 45-year-old father-of-two said he was so drunk on champagne and red wine at the party and loaded on "the wrong antidepressants" that he became a "runaway train" and could not remember harassing four female colleagues or annoying two other workmates.

"I was in a crazy extended drinking mode," he said yesterday.

"That has happened to me a few times over the last decade - I just black out and that's what happened. I'm not saying by any means that that's an excuse. It's not."

The talkback host said his embarrassed and humiliated wife Ali and children had walked out of the family home after learning of his crazed night.

Although he can't remember any of it, he was told he had been "inappropriate" with four female workers - and even tried to kiss one.

Smith said each of the women had accepted his apology. It is understood that one of the women was weathergirl Magdalena Roze.

No official complaints were made about his behaviour, but he was suspended indefinitely yesterday by 2GB owner Macquarie Radio Network.

Smith said he was determined to get help for his alcoholism and save his marriage and family.

"They're probably going though it even worse (than me) because they're just humiliated and embarrassed by their husband and their dad," Smith said, struggling to hold back tears.

"My family's estranged from me at the moment. I totally understand that. It's the right course - my wife has taken the right course and I intend working on that.

Tomorrow, Smith's family leave on an overseas cruise without him. He will look to move out when they return in a week's time.

Tales of drunken misbehaviour litter Smith's past. During a boozy farewell party when chief of staff at the Nine Network's A Current Affair, Smith exposed himself to several women.

It has also been alleged that he fondled the breasts of a senior newspaper reporter while drinking at a corporate function.

"I've had some terrible problems handling alcohol," he said.

"It started about 15 years ago after I'd had some drama at Channel Nine and was demoted. From that moment, it triggered a really severe alcohol addiction. And then I had the dramas that have been mentioned before and then it went out of control.

"I realised 13 years ago that I had a problem and I sought psychological help. I had some long-term success dealing with alcohol, then there were some other problems - about five years ago, I was addicted again.

"I went back to the psychiatrist to try to sort it out and I was diagnosed as being bipolar. If you're bipolar and you have an alcohol problem then you're a runaway train. "Again, that's no excuse, but what I managed to do from three years ago when I was diagnosed bipolar was manage it with certain drugs."

Smith said he was not properly medicated at the party and had consumed too much alcohol.

"One thing I've always said on the radio is that if things go wrong, if you've done wrong, then you've got to man up. And this is excruciatingly painful in more than two, three, four ways, but you have to man up otherwise you can't' move on. I want to move on. You only get one shot at life, it's not a dress rehearsal and I want to move on."

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Wondering did anyone hear Smith today and what he had to say about Halal if anything?

Here is a reply from Tassel with regard to halal. I questioned how they can
succumb to the Muslim skam. The only fish I used to eat was their smoked Salmon until Larry told us it was halal. As you can read, it is all the Governments
fault. I don’t believe that.
Thank you for contacting us again regarding halal certification. We have had halal certification since 1994, it is not a new or recent development. Certification was attained for people of Muslim faith both here in Australia and overseas (exports). Whilst we are aware that fish itself is considered halal, Tassal makes a range of salmon-based products not considered halal due to the addition of other ingredients. We also pay for Kosher certification for similar reasons.
The Halal Certification Authority Australia is independen

Thicksmith & Dodderer. The team to beat.

Chris Smith is bad enough, he hasn't got enough brain cells to line up, but his producer Ian Dodd is a complete prick.

Diddums....have you ever met Tom Sawyer?

Diddums. At least I am prepared to show my face. You would not have the guts and possibly any balls at all. Hiding behind a flower?? That probably says it all.

Diddums. I am surprised - you can read. Then why don't you start and read the history of Islam and you will learn the truth. But I will not hold my breath waiting

Typical response from the LNP. Got mine a few days ago when I sent the Federal Member for Bowman an email. Halal Cert. = extortion. Once again I ask.....What benefit is it to Australia having a muslim invasion???Send all mussos back. Centerlink has enough bludgers

Muslims are expert extortionists. Try saying "no" to a muslim tow truck driver.

Diddims, you are an uneducated fool. People like you will start to scream when Sharia Law rules this country sometime after 2020. For our sake and your sake I hope you are not around.

No. the only illegal bit is that they CHARGE for it. If it was truly a service to their community, they would wear the costs.

Maleny Dairies defied the muslim extortionists, Fleurieu Yoghurt found that Halal certification hurt their business and Cadburys are taking an extra weeks downtime over Christmas. People power.