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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... but Obama is an international soft touch

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When the Soviet Union’s Khruschev attempted to place missiles in the Caribbean, President Kennedy, a Democrat, picked up the phone to Moscow and politely explained if the Soviet ships carrying ICBMs did not turn around and go home the USSR could expect a phalanx of US troops on Soviet soil and a pile of nuclear weapons waiting to be dropped from an overhead flock of B52s.... Khruschev quietly turned around and went home.

The extremity of Obama’s aggression is confined to pointless sanctions on countries that openly and persistently break international agreements and treaties. Those sanctions hurt no-one except innocent civilians while the resident tyrant continues to order the best of Champagne and caviar from France to be flown in on private aircraft.

America's standing in the World has never been at a lower ebb than under Obama. China feels free to do whatever it likes in the South China Sea while the US, despite its military treaties in the area, sits on its hands.

Anyone who believes this latest move by China is not a serious threat either doesn’t read history books or lacks understanding of the Sino mindset. The only missing part in the puzzle is Putin. Where the bloody hell is he? 

The master Russian tactician shares the coast line of the Korean Peninsula in the Sea of Japan and abuts China itself, yet not a word from the Little General. 

China and Russia have no military treaties between them and both are free to act in their own interests. Perhaps Putin is preoccupied with Kiev and NATO's chest-beating. Putin has been painted into a corner by Obama by imposing further sanctions over the conflict on Ukraine’s Eastern border. It is a mere annoyance, but Putin sees it as far more of an immediate threat than China’s expansionism.

Kiev has refused to pay billions it owes for Russian gas. Putin in return has said that he will supply gas on a cash only basis. Kiev’s Poroshenko has promptly tapped the pipeline from Russia and is using Russian supplied energy for free while refusing Putin land access to his fleet in the Crimea. 

Now there’s a better powder keg for you! And maybe Putin is more justified being concerned about stuff a lot farther away from the Sea of China.  

Russia can throw a stone into Japanese territory and it has treaties with South Asian nations, so we can’t expect Russia to enter any conflict against China in the area. And Obama is more concerned with defending the “Black Lives Matter” crew than attending to a growing South East Asian powder keg.

Anyway, Putin is depending on Chinese influence to stem US and NATO aggression on his doorstep over Ukraine

But let’s get fair dinkum here. There is no chance of a serious nuclear threat emerging from any nation involved in the area.China can deter any challenge to its aggression with trade sanctions that would cause more damage than any nuclear bomb. 

It can cripple the US overnight (it holds a major part of the US $20 trillion debt) and it already has large financial investments and territorial footholds in Australia and elsewhere in the area. 

China is too big to fail. It is using its ability to cripple any nation it wants via trade in an insidious, unspoken way. So don’t expect a partially crippled Russia, already suffering from Kiev bastardry which is supported by the West, to take an interest in the South China Sea.

The nation that could have acted to protect the critical trade sea lanes of Australia and its near neighbours was the US. But America has suffered eight years of torpor from the most destructively useless President in US history.

We will need to wait to see how this pans out. China will certainly be able to reign the area as part of a new Chinese Empire with new ownership of resources and sea lanes, and it may be a fair or foul overlord.

Whatever the case, not a shot need be fired. This is a war of exchange rates, trade deals and debt that only China can win.

The rest of the world has been asleep for far too long.


don't forget, Kennedy got assassinated in November 1963. There's a body of opinion that the Soviet Union had a hand in that.

Larry; you sound like a lobbyist for the US military-industrial complex which continually inflames tensions worldwide to stay buoyant. China is hugely dependent on the sea routes through the South China Sea for trade so is unlikely to crap in their own nest. As the major emergent power in the region, they are quite justifiably sending a message to those who previously exercised hegemonic influence: 'Butt out; this is not your part of the world.' I applaud them telling the US acolytes in Canberra to pull their heads in. The West needs to stay uninvolved in the SE Asian region and let the regional nations resolve their differences in Asian ways; as they are well able to do with tolerance and patience.

Traditional American political buffoonery
Bernie Sanders, the champion of American liberalism (…for fools who believed in it…) is now the best Hillary Clinton supporter.
There is an American politician candidate in which you can believe?
Trump? Another Zionist puppet with a very wide mouth…Hear him
Trump: “The only democracy in ME is Israel…”
(here another version of the same speech)
…and here Hillary Clinton…
(here another version of the same speech)
Any difference?

WWIII: Russia Joins South China Sea Dispute As Ally To China And Brunei
Morning News USA previously reported that World War III is brewing in the South China Sea. Japan, Australia and the United States will conduct war games in July in the wake of perceived threats over the disputed land.
Read on -

.... (Peking's pack of perilously-pernicious plundering predators - that so grandiosely calls itself "china") can cripple the US overnight (it holds a major part of America's feral gummint debt) .... Rubbish! And: Rubbish! Peking's predatory pack has its own Kevin-Rudd-like Forty Trillion Dollar "deficit-spending" debt to keep it occupied -- and its holdings of American government debt run about the same as Japan's - about 7.5 - 8% -- or around $1.275 to $1.35-Trillion.

Matthew 5:17-18

17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.
The Law of Moses was given to point people's minds forward to Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah-to-come. Once he did come, the Law's purpose was fulfilled, and it became obsolete. It was not destroyed, but superseded by a higher law, the law of the Gospel. It is disingenuous to suggest that the morality of christianity has anything to do with the PRESCRIPTIVE old testament's historical record of jewish conquests etc. that is the old chestnut of moral relativism that the islamists try to push.

cinerama’s comment is how it is, her , Margret Whitlam and other socialites would have their charity events that were nothing more than all day piss ups in double bay making out they were doing something good.
These people are what is wrong with the show, more money than brains, one of her cleaners was knocking of her jewellery for a year before she became aware of it.

What is it with Liberal leaders from Sydney, Turdbull , Baird , Hewson ,all about as sharp as a pint of custard ! Thank Christ that Tony Abbott broke the mould , hopefully !

I am at once disheartened and hopeful that, the many great comments on PP, Guido Fawkes below, to name just one, will eventually lead to a positive outcome for a Secular Democratic society, but it won’t be in my lifetime, the future of Sovereign Nations is debatable.

Why am I disheartened?

Because of all the compelling statements and restatements, by all of “us”, of the barbarous mendacity of a global cargo cult, the predictability of the self-interested venality of ALL elected officials, the virus that is the CORPORATION, we NEVER DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY WE NEVER NAME, WE NEVER SHAME WE NEVER PUNISH THOSE RESPONSIBLE for their “crimes against us, humanity”.

Until the incentives of “no accountability and no punishment”, for corruption and society destroying acts, are replaced with dire consequences and severe punishment, for the guilty, their associates and enablers, nothing will change.

Forget the “RuSe of Law” …. Laws only apply to you and me, we who obey the law and never to those who wantonly and wilfully disregard them.

That change will come neither be disputed nor avoided, all we can do is prepare for the inevitability of change.

So until we as a Secular Democratic society CHANGE, through OUR WILL and FORCE OF ACTION and PUNISH the corrupt practices of the corrupt, make corruption and subversion a life ending consequence (as it has always been, until the last few hundred years) nothing will change!

Once even a few are held to the “ultimate account” the rest will, for a time anyway, reduce their corrupt practices…. A fair bet

I believe that most, but not all, people are though first and foremost, self-interested most are also well intentioned towards mankind.

Societies have always, EVENTUALLY dispensed with the virus of the “few wanting to subjugate the many” by forcefully ousting the “few” ….. but it takes a long time for the many to take action and the “transition” is always very very painful …

The never resting Pendulum of all human activity travels its course from one extreme to the other, only passing through the middle point, but never resting there. And that too is part of our Human Condition …. Nothing lasts for very long and nothing is permanent.

We, the masses, are revolting …. (both literally and metaphorically and also in our actions and our demeanour) but we have always, eventually, awoken and taken the required action and I rest assured that this will happen once again.

So silly Fkn Turdbull spoke to NZ PM about Nice WTF , I know Key is in France BUT what does he think we have hundreds , if not thousandx of Public Servicd types in Paris and London for? Perhaps we can sack half of them and rely on our mates with the foosh and choops.

Astonished at the similarity between the Esplanade in Nice and our St Kilda Esplanade , divided road , palms and white buildings of same architecture and age .

A number of so called terrorism experts on Australian TV today. Empty and meaning less words about the latest attack in France. Insane comments lacking logic and truth. These people deserve much ridicule.

I am flabbergasted that the German people still have not organised and mobilised . Their Patriotism and Nationalism must be questioned. Merkel , the Middle East Motivater , Must Move back to Mecca .

If Cloive Palmer could do it so should anyone else be able to..if it is their money.

Being of a "certain" age when ones days to come are lesser than those that have passed I am appalled at some of the ;locations for the new Pokeman madness. Only those with no sense of history or common sense could have used Arlington National Cemetery or Auswich as locations for the game. It just shows that the present generation have no knowledge of or respect for those who died to keep us free.

We must all remember that the French , with whom we have a special relationship , were the first to ban the Burqua .

Go girl GO. I enjoy the gym four mornings a week with the body builders (oooooh) and old farts who do their best to stay among the living.

I wonder when the froggies will adopt this idea ? Muslims murder non-Muslims confident that if they die, they'll get access to "paradise" and 72 virgins to rape in the hereafter. Muslim clerics make even more extravagant promises, claiming that dead killers will receive all sorts of added benefits. Muslims who have killed (other Muslims) or committed adultery will still get an express ticket to paradise if they die while killing non-Muslims. As long as he doesn't come into contact with a pig. There's a long history of people fighting Muslim Jihadis by wrapping their Jihadis in pigskin or shooting them with lard bullets. US soldiers did it not all that long ago in the Philippines.

Years ago I wrote to John Howard after his announcement of the gun buy back programme and said to him that a vehicle in the wrong hands could do as much if not more damage than a person with a gun and was he going to ban them also. Well today we see how much carnage a vehicle is capable of doing in the hands of a maniac. This is the new weapon of choice for the Religion of Peace and you can expect to see more of this sort of thing.

Guns and “larger weapons” were discovered in the truck said regional president Christian Estrosi.

As grenades were also found could the "larger weapons" be grenade launchers?