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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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...but is it a celebration or a wake?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If 75 is old then old age has finally caught up with me and I am more confused and frustrated than ever. You see my very best friend when I was a kid was Robert Menzies and later, after having spent an extended time at Canberra’s ANU, I was faced with an antipodal view of life. 

I have never thought of myself as Left or Right because I see things in isolation from these different labels. I will never believe in abortion or capital punishment, I believe that life in all its fickle forms is not for us to judge whether it should be snuffed out or not.

Although I was brought up in a strict religious environment I am vehemently atheistic because I have seen religion cause more unhappiness, destitution and deaths than any nuclear weapon. 

I believe in the monarchy only because Menzies did and most believe it should stay. I also did but see her passing by... it was on Wattletree road and I only recall a flawless complexion. I believe in sovereign borders only because of the mess endured by all without them.

I stood for the Liberal Party only because I could see the damage that Whitlam was causing and I almost won Labor’s safest Federal seat of Fraser in Canberra. (Too close for comfort.) I never saw myself as a politician but I was angry that what Mr (at the time) Menzies had instilled in me had eroded over time.

I wondered at Labor’s preoccupation with free universities, health and education until I realised that heath and education were its largest union base. Higher education for everyone was essential for the indoctrination of malleable minds for future Labor votes... it can be seen today with intolerant university youths led by intolerant post graduates who should be promoting freedom of speech, yet instead are intent on shutting it down... but only when opinions differ from theirs.

This blog was born out of Gillard’s desire to inhibit freedom of the media and astonishingly media, for the greater part, went along with it. I was devastated when The Age, under David Syme started to drift from long-held Aussie values, so I left. 

Yet, when a Churchill Fellowship took me inside the world’s greatest newspapers, I began to understand it wasn’t just The Age that was changing, the world’s media had already changed from providing information with scant informed commentary to providing commentary with scant informed information.

                                A now renovated No 2 Haverbrack Avenue, Malvern

Mr Menzies had a profound effect on me. The Caulfield newsagency was flooded with calls complaining that their morning papers hadn’t arrived. I was held up at No 2 Haverbrack Avenue, Malvern with Mr Menzies, (he jokingly called it, "Have a look Avenue".) 

He would peruse The Age’s headlines, and with me sitting behind the steering wheel of his big black Bentley and he still in his pyjamas and dressing gown, we talked shit about everything that mattered to both of us until Mrs (at the time) Pattie Menzies called him for breakfast. My initial interest in politics was set in concrete.

Somehow his scowling eyebrows and gravelly voice did not intimidate me as it did those opposite. He let me talk about everything I was interested in, and he complained of people he was dealing with and what was coming up next week. 

He loved Carlton footy team and cricket in general and would park at the ground fence probably to avoid boring club bosses. 

My parents would often listen to his radio broadcasts but I never told them of my close friendship with him. No-one knew.

Later, much later, I was drawing cartoons of him. Some were not very complimentary but I knew he would understand. We both knew the importance of a newspaper’s independent commentary. I was devastated when he died. Later I became friends with other Prime Ministers but none equalled the stature or wisdom of Sir Robert Menzies.

Liberal Party Prime Ministers of today are foreign to the Liberal Party of old. 

                                                  Canberra's Alan Reid

After having lost the confidence of his Cabinet he resigned in 1941. He then returned from the political shadows in 1945 to become Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister, despite Canberra's greatest ever political correspondent, Alan Reid, (above) writing, “... for Menzies, there is no way back in Australian politics.”

Menzies said: “I do not believe that the real life of this nation is to be found either in great luxury hotels and the petty gossip of so-called fashionable suburbs, or in the officialdom of the organised masses. It is to be found in the homes of people who are nameless and unadvertised, and who, whatever their individual religious conviction or dogma, see in their children their greatest contribution to the immortality of their race. The home is the foundation of sanity and sobriety; it is the indispensable condition of continuity; its health determines the health of society as a whole.” There is not a word different he or I would say today. He was no wanker. 

But I wonder if he would bother to order The Age today.


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Interesting post Larry and good on you

I still think Mother Nature will play a big part in our History...she affects our daily lives and every now and then Clears the Palate and starts again with the Basics.But it could be a Tsunami,Volcano,Asteroid, or a simple Virus, We try and Regulate ourselves for short term power,and social order but a Serious event from any of the above will turn any area into Anarchy within 7 days..How much food and water do you have right now,keeping in mind your Fridge,Freezer,stove,lights,heating,water for toilets and washing,internet,television,phone,fuel bousers,Cash registers,credit cards will be unavailable??The Crooks still have guns, what have your got..Remember the Police will not have fuel or communications..Thats is how far you are from Anarchy..

That is a nice testimonial to a great man. I can only say in relation to your atheism, Larry, that I fear you may have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. The very reason we need God to save us from ourselves (and only one Saviour fits the bill) is pecisely because we are so fucked up that we can't even do religion right. The old saying, "the Devil does his best work in the Church" is true. But that doesn't falsify the truth of the Gospel message. You, the broken clay pot, are shaking your fist at the potter. Come on Larry, return to the Truth. Seek the Lord while He may be found. We are all broken vessels. But if we let Him, He will fill us with His love that will leak out of the cracks and touch those around us. Better that than filling our broken vessels with bitterness and regret.

Is Stick insects Toy Boy aware of this? The Criminal Code, 1892, S.C. 1892, c. 29, s. 189.
[Carnally knowing idiots, &c.]
189. Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to four years’ imprisonment who unlawfully and carnally knows, or attempts to have unlawful carnal knowledge of, any female idiot or imbecile, insane or deaf and dumb woman or girl, under circumstances which do not amount to rape but which prove that the offender knew, at the time of the offence, that the woman or girl was an idiot, or imbecile, or insane or deaf and dumb. R.S.C., c. 157, s. 3; 50-51 V., c. 48, s. 1.

The MPs we have now are mostly too young to know what a real PM such as Menzies was like. I am sure Menzies didn't have 60 or more staff such as WWW has. I think Alan Jones said Fraser had 5 staff, when he worked for him. I hope Richo is correct that WWW will be dumped by the end of June, which I read at Bolt's a day or two ago.

Open this and scroll down to page 12 and you can see what Your Government think of you and your welfare...If only they spent Our TAX dollars on US before asking for more Taxes to be imposed to fund the next Snowflake's Agenda....


Saw Turd during question time where the Afghanistan President and Ambassador were present actually saying the words "Islamic Terrorists" more than once. An improvement on the Abbott and Stick Insect cringeworthy "Daesh". For once I dips me lid to the Turd.

Off topic....just thinking that International tennis players who intend to boycott the Margeret Court Stadium at future tournaments they themselves should be boycotted by the paying public and the sponsors. If they lose access to the big bikkies and publicity you will find they won't be rushing to push their leftard views onto the long suffering public.

Heard yesterday that there is movement in the pants wetters in the Libs from last weekend. Peta Credlin says its still on . Last night Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott had a quiet dinner for 2 in Canberra. The next poll may be telling as the Budget is a dud, popularity wise. It fell on largely ,deaf ears.

New post up.

Heard the MAS flt 128 dep 0.30 Mel to KL affair at 1am this morning. Sounded strange from GO. Told DARL at breakfast of my suspicions. Another Multiculturalism coverup, and why is a KNOWN crazy have a passport ?. Now we know , mentally disturbed Sri Lankan student. I will get the guts for you next week. My part time carer is a Sri Lankan and mixes in the community. He loves to talk, thats why he has the job.

Menzies long tenure as Prime Minister was made possible by the great split in the Labor Party and he knew how to make use of it to his advantage.

In the quest for truth and the zest of bringing it out, Global Research introduces to you a number of incisive articles on the Manchester terror attack.
Unspoken questions should now be answered. According to John Pilger, information is being “suppressed to protect the secrets of British foreign policy”.
In the words of Prof. Michel Chossudovsky:
”The established consensus is that the role of a government is to protect its people. That myth has to be sustained. The media’s role is to ensure that the truth does not trickle down to the broader public”.

Bloke who king hit Box Hill surgeon is named as Esmaili... good anglo saxon name, NOT
He has a mental illness court told

I enjoyed your article on Menzies today Larry. I too knew Menzies, as I was a young Constable and for a time I was stationed at Malvern. I knew Haverbrack Avenue as I had been there for various reasons at various times One very minor point Larry and if you don't mind, I think it was a Buick and not a Bentley, as I have seen it at Prince's Park also But still and all, a lovely article. And I agree with you. You know he kept the car even after he retired

Episode 9 Mark Latham's Outsiders up now.

It's time we brought back that great Friday & Saturday night pastime, 'Poofter Bashing'.

Victoria police appear no better than NSW (Lindt café) , standing on the tarmac outside the plane that passengers and crew had already restrained the "accused" bomber, for over an hour. Talk about the inmates running the asylum. Considering options? WTF.